30 days ~ {day 6}

Favourite super hero/fictional character and why.

My favourite super hero/fictional character at the moment is Iron Man. No, I’m not a big comic buff, in fact I’m going off the Iron Man movies staring Robert Downey Jr. I think he’s hilarious, and having Robert Downey Jr. do such an awesome job as Tony Stark/Iron Man? Yeah that doesn’t lessen the sweetness of my favourite super hero 😉 I like that he doesn’t fit in with all the other super heroes. For one, his identity isn’t a secret. And he’s completely egotistic and self centered, but then he’s not.

I don’t know, I’m kind of drawing a blank here. I think I picked Iron Man – more or less – because it’s the most recent super hero movie I’ve seen.

I mostly live by the motto ‘be your own hero’. Or try to, anyway. Sometimes it’s hard, there are things I’d love to do that I simply can’t do, and not for lack of trying either. But my husband and son are also my heroes. Matt because he always seems to catch me when I fall {even if we’re in a fight or whatever} and Nolan, well do I really need to explain that one? In fact, I can’t wait until Nolan’s a little bigger, so I can dress him as Iron Man for Halloween…it’s the best of both worlds! {Speaking of which, I can’t WAIT for Halloween! Wait until y’all see what Nolan’s going to be!}

Anyways, I’m just babbling now. 😉

Edit to add: Of course, AFTER I click publish and let things sit for a bit, I WOULD remember that my all time fave super hero is Wolverine! How could I forget something like that? He has knives in his HANDS yo! And he’s hot! And mysterious! I love a man who can’t remember his last name, lmao. Also; one of Matt’s friends thinks that I can grow my bones that way. He came around once after my surgery and thus needed an explaination as to why I was laid up…he somehow decided in his mind that I could grow bone like weapons in my hand – like Wolverine could before the ‘operation’ or whatever you want to call it.

Also; my all time favourite TV show character {right now} is DAMON from Vampire Diaires. Yeah, y’all saw that coming a mile away!

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2 responses to “30 days ~ {day 6}

  1. I just finally watched Iron Man right before Iron Man 2 came out on DVD 🙂 They’re such good movies!!

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