Wearing Purple

Today, Nolan & I are wearing purple to show our support for the 6 boys who committed suicide due to their sexuality. It shouldn’t matter who you love, your family & your friends should never put you down for it. Differences are what make us all unique. I support this cause because my heart aches every time a young life is lost to something that could have been prevented. Our children shouldn’t be dying because of their sexuality, because they’ve been bullied so much that it’s the only way ‘out’ they see.

I have a message to the high school kids out there {who probably don’t read my blog, but on the off chance…}: things get better, they really do. Hang in there, you are loved.



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2 responses to “Wearing Purple

  1. I couldn’t find anything purple for D to wear today, but I am wearing purple! And I took new pictures and made them purple and set them as my twitter and facebook picture. I agree. Things DO get better. It doesn’t matter “who you were in highschool” because when the real world hits? Everything is different. And everyone is different. 🙂

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