Scrubbing Baseboards & Decorating for HALLOWEEN!!!

I’ve been super busy this morning, & I’m only just sitting down now! I’ve been cleaning the hell out of my house; seriously, I even scrubbed the baseboards. My dad is coming to visit, & he’s picking up Nolan & I to go down to his place for the weekend {!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!}. I want the house to be perfect, plus I wanted to do a little Halloween decorating!!

I bought all of my Halloween decorations from…The Dollarstore! Barely spent over 12 bucks for it all. Of course, when we get our own house, I’ll be making it look like a haunted house every Halloween, but for now this will do & I’m quite happy with it! We’re not even done yet, I have a ‘creepy drape’ that I’m going to hang on the porch railing & some pumpkin lanterns, but I’m waiting until a couple of days before Halloween because I don’t want the weather to ruin it. But here is what we have so far!

Creepy spiders & spiderwebs! They give me the heeby-jeebies, even if they ARE fake…

Originally I wanted to fill the pumpkins with leaves but we don’t have any in our yard {wrong trees} & I didn’t think stealing from the neighbors would be appropriate! So I just used newspaper. & the witch cracks me up!!

Banner says ‘Happy Halloween’

Window decorations! 🙂 I love the stickers!

And I finally found a purpose for Matt’s Halo mask!

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the Halloween decorating turns out! Only 9 more days! So excited 😀

{Also; have I mentioned I am ridiculously excited to spend time with my family down south this weekend? I can’t wait to see my dad, sisters, & grandparents! And Matt’s mommy of course 🙂 I also can’t wait for work tonight, which is surprising…I know! But my dad is supposed to come in for dinner, since he’ll be just getting into town around the dinner hour & I’ll be working 😀 YAY!}



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4 responses to “Scrubbing Baseboards & Decorating for HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. i love the decorations! so cute. and the cobwebs on your picture frames and such. such an awesome idea. i’m soo not creative and never would have thought of that. maybe once i have kids i’ll be more into halloween again, heh. have fun down home with the folks and famjam.

  2. The decorations are so fun! Have a blast with your family. I’m so happy that you get to spend the weekend with them.

  3. Omg I so know what you mean about the spiderwebs. They didn’t creep me out until we put spiders in them!!

  4. spoooooky!

    lookin’ good mama.

    also, i totally laughed when i saw that witch.

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