The Trip: Minus all the drama & bullshit.

…which I’m not even going to get into, because I don’t want to live in a place of negativity like certain other people. I’m moving on with my life, & I’m thankful for all of those wonderful people in it who are kind-hearted, spirited & just good.

The drive down went by fast, we made a stop at a local statue place so Dad could buy a statue for his new house. Nolan & I took a picture, because the place was pretty awesome & we both loved it…

I wanted to buy a few statues, but as we live close to a trail that gets tons of traffic {some of it being kids with stupid ideas for ‘fun’, aka ruining other people’s property} I knew it wasn’t a good idea. Maybe when we get our own house one day. But it was still fun looking at all of the statues, Nolan had a blast changing all of the price stickers around!

The first night at my dad’s house wasn’t too eventful, we hung out talking & I made dinner for everyone. Pasta, cause that’s my speciality. We stayed up late talking about everything. Sunday was hectic, because we were going to my Granny’s house for a birthday party for my Dad. Karen was there, which was an awesome surprise!!

Dad’s birthday party was full of laughs, conversations, & good times. Nolan got to test out the little tricycle that Papa & Granny bought, he looked so adorable and grown up sitting on it! And later on, we all {as in, my sisters, Karen & I} jumped into Karen’s car and took off to the grocery store to buy two items, it was comical.

Dinner was amazing, as per usual. I love Granny’s cooking, & I miss it a lot! And her, she’s an awesome, hilarious lady!! And my papa too! And my sisters, and my dad. Basically, I miss everyone!!! 😦 but I’m so glad I was able to escape and see them all for a bit, despite the other drama.

Monday my dad, my baby sister Josephine, Nolan & I all went out for lunch and to do some shopping at the mall. We had a blast! I hung out with a couple of friends from high school, and stayed out until 2am chatting and drinking coffee. Tuesday I was supposed to leave, but shit happened & I ended up staying an extra night. Wednesday morning my dad, Jo, Nolan & I headed back up North on a road trip. It was a super long drive on the way back. I just couldn’t wait to be home & in Matt’s arms. The stuff I’m not writing about was hard to deal with, & I just needed him to hold me & let me cry.

I had to work that night {last night; Wednesday night}, but ended up having to leave. My stomach was killing me, I couldn’t leave the bathroom. I know stress does messed up things to you, but really stress? Can’t I just get through a 3 hour-long shift and bring in some money? Please? I was also supposed to work at the diner tonight, but they didn’t need me because they’re training someone & they’d have too many hands. I’m relieved, because my stomach is still messed up, & my guts still hate me. Hopefully I can calm the hell down by Saturday; I work 9-2pm, and I do not wanna miss it. Working keeps you busy!!!

Luckily, I was able to do my other job today. Nannying. I sort of seriously sucked at it, because my stomach was still a mess, but T wasn’t feeling rambunctious today anyway, she was exhausted too.

After T’s mom picked her up, Matt, Nolan & I headed off to the mall to just get out of the house & hang out. We ended up arguing with Bell for over 2 hours because an agent {or whatever you call them, customer service rep} told Matt he would put a credit on our account so we could get a new phone {since we were ready to cancel and cut our ties completely}. Well, he didn’t put a credit on our account & instead put us on a NEW contract in which we would pay $35 a month for the first 6 months in another 36 month contract. Matt called back, irritate, and the guy told him ‘it would save us money in the long run’.

‘How’s it supposed to save us money in the long run? WE DON’T EVEN HAVE A PROPERLY WORKING PHONE!’ was Matt’s response. It was pretty ridiculous, I mean…they thought that they could lock us in for another 36 months, then I wouldn’t be entitled to any credits and therefore no possibility of a phone upgrade for another 3 years.

So, he forced them to put our account back to the old plan we had {with 13 months remaining} & to just leave it be, since they refused to credit us for anything without renewing our account {which I think is absolute bullshit, by the way}. Guess I won’t be getting a new phone! I would send mine off to get fixed, but it would take 6 months & I’d have to pay for my plan AND have a crappy loaner phone that costs $25 a month. Bullshit, I’ll deal with the constant battery pulling & hair pulling.

For now, anyway.

But yeah, this post wasn’t supposed to be about my telephone company issues…but yeah, that was the {summery; good parts only} of my trip, & I guess what I’ve been up to since I got home.

Regular posting will resume tomorrow.



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4 responses to “The Trip: Minus all the drama & bullshit.

  1. We have had terrible experiences too with Rogers. Our contract is up next summer and then we are DONE. FOREVERRRRRRR.

    Nolan is kick ass on that tricycle! I loved my tricycle as a kid. it stayed at my grandparents house and I would live on that thing when I’d visit them ;D

    I’m glad some of your time down south was fun! ❤

  2. Blaine

    Omg, Nolan looks so much older in that picture (of him on the tricycle!)

    Sucks about the phone company issues, seems they are all out to screw everyone. I think the ONLY possible way to get anything done with them is to insist on a manager, and then scream and cry and take up their time until they just do what you ask, pretty much.

    Hope the stressful stuff eases up soon.

    Just try to let go of things you can’t change, you don’t need this kind of stress, if it’s nothing you can do anything about, anyway. Good luck, hon.

  3. buhhhh.

    i just texted you. i’m glad you had fun (minus some bullshit).

    next trip? TO SEE MEEEE! we can watch movies and go shopping and cook and get drunk off wine in our jammies and listen to bad music we pretend not to hate and everything else that is fun and awesome!

    love you.

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