Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween with your families!


We went over to my sister in-laws for dinner, we had hopes of dressing the kids together and taking their pictures. Well, Nolan’s baby cousin needed a nap and Nolan himself was not really having it; in fact, those were the only ‘good’ photos I got out of the entire batch. In all the other photos, he’s looking away or running off to play with something.

He was tired, and cranky, so we decided to hit up a few houses. Nolan loved the getting treats bit, but he hated leaving each house, and to top it off it was REALLY chilly out. Nolan hates being cold, so he started to put up a fuss and we called it a night.

Here is Nolan’s loot from tonight;

Not bad eh? Considering we only did 4 houses. However, we took pity on his stash and snuck him some more candies. Hehe. Perhaps next year we’ll have better luck with trick or treatin’!

When we got home from Nat & Darren’s, I made Matt carve the pumpkin – because yes, he HADN’T YET! I love it; it’s hilarious! Next year we’ll take more time and be more prepared. I sort of lost my gusto for Halloween thanks to recent events, and to being so exhausted and sore all of the time as of late. So next year; more preparation.

I have some not so happy news to share; I no longer work at the diner. It was becoming too much for me, I was unable to move after shifts and I was miserable due to the pain. My boss saw it in my expression and the way I carried myself. While I was still friendly with the customers and worked hard, I was in pain and it was clear. It was a struggle to get through each and every shift. We had a chat after today’s shift, I was going to tell her about my upcoming appointment with my bone specialist {and the possibility of another surgery}. I have also been considering telling her it’s too much for me, but I was afraid to do that. I loved working at the diner, my body just didn’t. But she brought the subject up, and asked if I was pushing myself too much. I told her that I felt like I was, that I was so sore after each shift it made it hard to do my other tasks and to fulfil my other roles.

Not to mention, disability docked me for each dollar I made, so I wasn’t really getting ahead with that job. I was working so hard and working my body into the ground for nothing really. It sucks, because I really liked the people I worked with and getting out of the house each day and making money made me feel good, but it didn’t make my body feel good.

So yet another job lost after a little over 3 months. Chronic pain freakin’ sucks.

But anyway; I still hope y’all had a good Halloween and sorry for the little rant! 😦




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7 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Blaine

    The pics are great! Super cute. 🙂

    Sorry the diner didn’t work out. At least you can still go in for coffee and to visit! I’m sure it will be fun to be there, with Nolan, or some friends and relax instead of work, in such a fun environment. 🙂

    Too bad I don’t live closer, or I’d go there with you! I’ve never been in a diner, they all seem so cool, and such awesome food.

    Hey – you should recommend that one to the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives place and see if they’ll come up to Canada and check that one out!!!

  2. Sorry about the diner thing but really with all the split shifts every weekend it’d be almost too much for me too.

    I think it’s the right decision for now.

  3. This is going to be way too long of a comment, so I’m emailing you instead. Nolan looks so cute!

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