big hair & flirty aprons

As far as Monday’s go, today was pretty awesome! Nolan and I decided to just stick around the house. I had a lot of cleaning to do, and Matt had my car so we couldn’t really go anywhere anyway. I tried to catch up on laundry – the monstrous pile in our bedroom was making it rather difficult for night time in the dark bathroom trips – but I still have a couple more loads to do. At least I got that dryer OUT of my livingroom! It’s currently sitting on the street, and I could really care less about it. I mean, if someone wants to take it and try and use it…be my guest! I am just tired of looking at the damn thing, and tired of waiting for the guy from the local applicance store to come by and see if they want to buy it off us {seriously; I called them early last week and was told it would be a day, it’s been nearly a week…}.

So, I cleaned, did laundry, and played with Nolan. We had a yummerific lunch; grilled cheese sandwiches and cherry tomatoes with grapes for dessert! Nolan was a little piggy, and ate all of his sandwich, several cherry tomatoes and a small handful of grapes. He was exhausted by nap time and went down without a fuss. I basically just chilled out online, stuffing my face full of rockets. {Seriously; rockets are the bees knees!}. Then I did my hair and makeup, so that I could feel ‘pretty’ when Matt came home. {And also; cause I was a little bored}. I finally figured out how to use the Bump-it {& I know, I can already hear you guys making fun of me!! haha} so that was pretty sick.

Nolan and I did a mini webcam photoshoot before our dance party; my two favourite shots:

Then we rocked out and danced around for nearly an hour. It was hilarious watching Nolan shake his little booty! I tried to take a few videos, but for some reason whenever I try to take a video my camera fuzzes up beyond belief. So, no videos 😦 but I did snag a super cute picture of his lashes, lordy are the long!

After Matt got home from school, I had to run a few errands. When I got back, we both decided to cook dinner together. It was a blast! Matt even helped me model my flirty aprons!

We made the yummiest chicken alfredo ever! I’m not really sure what the ingredients are, since we were both tossing stuff in and not really paying attention, but I can tell ya what we used:

  • Four cheese & regular alfredo sauce {1 jar of each..cause we ALL love pasta in this house}.
  • Cream cheese.
  • Red & green peppers.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Garlic. Lots of garlic.
  • Onions.
  • Chicken breast.
  • Noodles {obviously!}.
  • Clubhouse Vegetable & Montreal chicken spices.
  • Basil, Oregeno, Parsil
  • Salt & pepper

We cooked up the chicken first with garlic & Clubhouse Vegetable and Montreal spices. Then we sauted the mushrooms with butter and garlic, then we sauted the red & green peppers in butter. We tossed it all in the sauce and added the rest of our spices {oregeno, basil, parsley} and some salt and pepper. Then we scooped in two healthy tablespoons of cream cheese. All the while we had the noodles cooking. We also made homemade garlic bread!

Nolan watched the entire thing from the safety of the livingroom, and I got some hilarious shots of him trying to get through the babygate to get a closer peak at his dinner…

Dinner was well worth the wait though, we all cleared our bowls and then some!!!

So Monday, you were pretty good.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. Nolan has his 18 month shots {WAAH!} & Matt and I are planning on cooking a roast for dinner. I was going to go to Coffee Group, but Nolan’s appointment falls smack dab in the middle of it! That’s ok though, there’s always next week!



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5 responses to “big hair & flirty aprons

  1. i love your little family so much!

    you and matt have such a fun, healthy relationship. i love your pictures together. and also i could eat nolan up! those lashes are to die for and that picture of him at the gate made me laugh.

    this was a fun post! i like the pictures of you and matt cooking, and the food you guys made πŸ™‚


  2. Man, I skip a couple of days and come here to 6 posts! πŸ™‚

    Yay for awesome Mondays!!
    Love the pictures. Nolan is ridiculous with those lashes!

  3. nolan is soo cute sitting at the gate. hilarious. your dinner looks fabulous. makin’ me hungry. and yay! i’m excited about the roast… did you take pics for us?

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