My beautiful sun;

This morning, Matt and I woke up to the sound of Nolan singing and giggling. It put us both into an instant good mood. We both got up and Matt got ready for school while I got Nolan up for the day. I love how happy he is after a good nights sleep, always smiling and happy to see us. We ate breakfast and Matt kissed Nolan & I goodbye, then Nolan and I snuggled on the couch for a bit, watching TV while I woke up some more and had my tea.

We decided that today was a perfect day to go to playgroup, since we have both been cooped up inside all week {what with me nannying and stuff}. But low and behold I could not find a pair of pants that fit Nolan. 12 months is too short {yet they fit perfectly around his waist} and 18 months is too big all around. I grabbed a pair that somewhat fit and left for playgroup. Nolan was super excited to see the snow!!!

We stayed at playgroup for half an hour, because Nolan’s pants kept falling down. Because they did this, he’d try and yank them {and his diaper!} right off. I had some errands to run anyway {note; find Nolan pants that FIT, or a belt}, so we left. We hit up 2 consignment stores and could not find more overalls that would fit, or pants that would fit. I was also searching for a belt. No luck there either. I could order one off the Gap website, but I’d need a credit card – which I don’t have because a silly, pregnant me decided to cut up and pay off all my credit cards. Paying them off was an excellent idea, but cutting them up? HORRIBLE.

Anywho, I was slightly discouraged about this, but still had some more errands to run. I had to stop off at the diner and pick up my pay stub from today and my ROE. Then on a whim, I decided to treat my little man to a nice brunch!

I ordered us a yummy southwest wrap platter, and Nolan got to try baked beans for the first time ever! {I hate baked beans, won’t touch them…but our platter came with a side of baked beans, so I figured he should eat some 😉 heh}

He loved them, and couldn’t get enough of them! He had a blast flirting with the waitress. After we finished, we came home and now my little darling is fast asleep. As soon as he wakes up, I have some errands to run and then we’re going over to a friend’s house for a play date! A friend who is going to start up a blog 😉 so expect a shout out to her soon! Her little girl is so adorable, and she’s really swell too! I’m excited for her to start blogging 🙂 — good gracious I’m such a NERD haha!

Anyways, I need to get some housework done before Nolan wakes up and we leave again! Off I go 😉


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  1. Heather

    These are awesome- started by a fellow blogger-

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