this weekend

My first weekend as a ‘unemployed bum’ was pretty swell, if I do say so myself. Friday was full of fun adventures; I took Nolan out for lunch for the first time by myself, & had a blast. Friday evening, Matt’s good friend Nic {he was our best man} was in town so we went out for dinner.

Dinner was full of conversations, jokes, & good food. After dinner, we came back home so that Matt & I could do our nightly routine with Nolan. The boys headed out for drinks with a couple other friends and I stayed in watching Vampire Diaries {HOLY SHIT WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE!}, then received a text message from a friend of mine; Melissa {she used to date Nic, Matt’s best friend}. She wanted to know if I was up for hanging out, I told her to come on over and she did. She brought a friend of hers, and we sat at my little kitchen table drinking coolers {& beer} and talking about random crap. It was nice to meet another person from this town, and to see Melissa again.

They left around 11pm, & I went to bed. The next day, Nolan and I spent hanging out with Brittany & Serena. We had a long over due play date, and I was hoping that hanging out at my place for the day would help Serena when I watched her today {it didn’t, but more about that later!}. It was tons of fun hanging out with Brittany, she’s one cool gal and I can’t wait for her to get her blog up and running! Saturday night, Matt, Nolan & I went over to Matt’s brother’s house for dinner. Matt and his brother went to Canadian Tire while Nat & I took the babies {and the dog} for a quick walk around the park. It was pretty chilly out, & I was super sore so we didn’t go far or stay out long. Still, the fresh {cold!} air was good! Dinner was yummy, and it was awesome getting to hang out with Nat & Darren and steal cuddles from my little nephew! Nolan was super good, despite the fact that we kept him out two hours past his bedtime!

Today I picked little Serena up, I was supposed to watch her all day so her mama could get some things done. Well, this little miss was NOT at all happy that her mama didn’t come along with her, and she made that perfectly clear. I called Brittany to see what she wanted me to do {Serena was SUPER upset, I think it’s because Matt’s scary looking with his Movember look lmfao}, and I ended up taking Serena home & bringing Nolan along. We concured that I must see her more before she’ll be cool with hanging out with us without her mama 😦 in other words; I fail epicly as a sitter! And I must schedule more play dates! Which I totally don’t mind doing. Serena is a cutie-pie, her mom’s awesome, and Nolan has a wee crush on the both of them 😉 hehe.

This afternoon was a super lazy one for us; and this evening too. But I’ve been a busy girl all weekend so I’m fine with resting!

I don’t think I babysit at all this week, but I might…still waiting to hear back about it…my only plans thus far are a possible coffee date with Nat tomorrow {if she doesn’t get called into work}, a play date with Brittany & Serena, and a doctors appointment on Wednesday. Other than those things, I’m going to FINALLY fold and put away all the clean laundry that’s waiting for my attention, and super clean my house because it’s in dire need of a cleaning.

What are your plans this week?



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3 responses to “this weekend

  1. Blaine

    It’s not sucking as a sitter when the kid wants their parent, that’s just the kid wanting the parent! Not your fault at all, hon!

  2. Wow- you were busy! Sounds like fun stuff, though, so that’s good!
    My weekend should’ve been more fun but dealing with girlfriends and their loser boyfriends is not always (ever) fun.
    And you know, most kids aren’t happy right off about being left alone – but eventually, they do get over it. I think her mom should drop her off and LEAVE, no matter how hard the kid is crying. (My mom has been the director of various preschools for over 30 years – seriously – 5 minutes after the parent leaves, the kid is FINE. At any age!) Not a fail on your part at all!

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