Of good mornings, good friends, & getting knocked down a few notches by the universe.

I rarely wake up happy. Usually because I constantly feel like I don’t get enough sleep. This morning though? I woke up happy. Nolan was still sleeping when I woke up – another odd occurence, usually he’s up at 7am on the dot, or earlier – and the sunlight was streaming into our bedroom. Matt had already left for school, so it was just me. I could stretch out, and take my time waking up. And I did. It felt great! I got up, got dressed and opened the blinds fully: and it was (and still is) beautiful outside. Not a cloud in the sky, just blue skies and sunshine.

I even had time to go about my quick morning routine (pee, brush teeth, toss hair into a pony tail) before I went to get Nolan up – he was still sleeping, so I woke him up with kisses and a back rub. He was a little grumpy (because he hates being woken up, period) but kisses and tickles made him happy 🙂

I sorta fumbled with breakfast. I was going to make Nolan scrambled eggs (his usual favourite morning breakfast), but I dropped a lid from the dish rack onto the bowl with the egg in and it and ended up all over my kitchen floor. Nolan laughed; he thought it was hilarious. I laughed too, and then attempted to clean it…has anyone else tried to clean up raw egg off laminate flooring? It’s not easy, or pleasant…it’s cold and gross and EWWW! So, needless to say…Nolan had toast with cream cheese and jam. 😉

After breakfast, we snuggled on the couch and then I received a super awesome surprise; a package from Cristy!

Yummy herbal teas, and LINDOR CHOCOLATES! This girl is awesome, yes? I’m currently enjoying a raspberry earl gray tea and it is yummy!

Nolan had a blast with the box too!

The box the package came in made an awesome ‘house’ for Kevin the bear!

And, because these photos melt my heart…

Gosh he’s so cute it hurts. Even if he’s been trying my good mood all day. First by refusing the two meals I made him for lunch and ONLY eating bread, second by fighting naptime. Sigh. He’s sleeping now…for the moment, anyway.

And despite the great mood I woke up in, the universe has been struggling to knock me down a few notches. Why does it do that? I mean, I rarely wake up feeling that good, so why does the universe have to spite me when I do? Today’s spite came in the form of letters from the disability office, stating I still owed money. Um, what? Just last week my worker told me that they reviewed our file and we didn’t actually owe as much as they thought we did, and that it was all paid off (dudes; I totally forgot to blog about that! Friday they told me I no longer owed money for the overpayment, that instead they owed ME money for the payment I had made! But I guess the news got lost in the other busy happenings of that weekend…odd!) But, now they’re telling me we still owe $1074? Um, WHAT? WHAT?? Of course, my worker is out of the office until MONDAY which means my questions can’t get answered until next week and I get to fight this mini little panic attacks for the rest of this week and all weekend long. Fabulous. I’m really hoping that it’s an error, and we don’t owe any money at all. It might be likely, since I spoke to my worker on the 5th and those letters were dated for the 4th…so who knows, right? ::fingers crossed::

It just sucks because I’m already stressing about the upcoming holiday season as is, and my stress was eased slightly when I was told we no longer had to worry about paying back the overpayment. So now I’m stressing double time to make up for the weekend of not worrying about it?

At least I have yummy herbal teas & chocolate from Cristy to help calm me down. And back rubs from my loving husband.

::deep breath::

Anyways, so yeah. I woke up happy, and I’m still happy but I’m also panicking when I allow myself to? So I’m trying not to, panic that is. I’m enjoying today, despite the disability stresses. It’s so sunny out! I hope I can get the damn stroller out of my trunk so Nolan and I can go for a walk this afternoon, but that’s up in the air…my stroller is impossible for me to get out of the trunk. And Matt says we don’t need a mini van…PFFF. I love the stroller, it’s like a dream, but storing it isn’t easy. Plus, if we had a mini van I wouldn’t have to take up space in Nolan’s closet when I needed the trunk room because DUH, it’s a mini-van!

But yeah; not loosing sight here, the point of this post was to give a HUGE thank you to Cristy for spoiling me 🙂 And to share lovely pictures of Nolan! ❤ So, thank you Cristy! Again and again!!



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9 responses to “Of good mornings, good friends, & getting knocked down a few notches by the universe.

  1. squeeee! those little jammies are so awesome.

    remember our texts earlier today, babes. you’re an awesome mama and everything will work out.

    and what a lovely gift! lucky little lady.


    – e

  2. Blaine

    I think it’s likely an oversight or error, or it was sent before they talked to you. Try not to worry about it!! I know, easier said than done, but still. No sense in stressing about it…

    Is there no one else than can quickly check your account for you?

    And vans do make life easier, no doubt about that. Strollers are too damn big.

  3. if your having money issues i might have a solution for you. email me some time and we will chat when you have a free minute.

  4. I love those jammies! Babies in jammies are the cutest things in the world.

    Fingers crossed that you don’t owe. I have a few bills coming up myself. Money sucks. Think positive, though, and try not to worry too much. It will be what it will be. ❤

  5. No point in worrying about the money situation. Just drink that tea and deal with it when you can. Don’t let it rob your time of any fun. 🙂
    I hope Nolan isn’t coming down with a cold! Those were the rare times my kid slept in and wasn’t into eating.

  6. Cri

    AHHH! Embarrass me! lol. I’m glad you liked the package, and Nolan got some fun out of it! I AGONIZED over what tea to get you! I’m so bad at picking things out for people >.<

    And I really think the letter is a mistake. So fingers crossed it is.
    You've been such a sanity saver for me, tea and chocolate was the least I could do! ❤

  7. I totally feel you! I spill and break things constantly! Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I scream curses at whatever I dropped or broke. That’s awesome that you can laugh at it and entertain Nolan in the process. ;-). Yay for having one morning of alone time. Every little bit helps. That package looks AMAZING!

  8. P.S. I LOVE your new header with the lady bug!

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