Moving right along now…

Alright, I feel a little better after writing that post. Most of my anger is pushed back into a corner of my mind for me to deal with later. Tonight is about Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, and irritating my husband as he plays that silly Call of Duty Black Ops. Honestly; I think my husband might have an addiction to this game…I honestly don’t know the appeal? It’s loud, obnoxious and I’d rather not listen to him shoot people. But, I’m not a gamer, so yeah.

Today I really wanted to take Nolan to see a Remembrance Day ceremony. I know, some people think he’s a little too young…but I don’t think so. They are never too young to learn to appreciate veterans and what they have done for us. However, I had to travel 1.5 hours (2 with construction) away for a doctor’s appointment regarding my mysterious bleeding disorder. We got there, waited in the waiting room only to find out that the doctor wasn’t going to run any more tests because I have already been tested for ALL the major (and known) bleeding disorders out there, and the results were negative. Basically, he said that because the other people (from Sick Kids, when I was like 7) couldn’t determine what bleeding disorder I had, it was pointless to do all the same tests because the results will not have changed. He believes my bleeding disorder is directly related to my connective tissues, and to keepΒ  carrying on like I have been carrying on (receiving a dose of DDAVP before surgical procedures). He left it at that. So basically I wasted our entire morning to hear that he wasn’t going to run any more tests and to just stick to the same old thing I’ve been doing since my first surgery.

Nice, huh?

I was hoping we’d be able to find a Remembrance Day ceremony in the town we were in, but the construction was so ridiculous that Matt didn’t want to waste other moment in that town. So we headed home!

Nolan and I spent the majority of the afternoon outside, since it was beautiful out. We played ball, and “soccer” with the child that our neighbor watches during the day. Nolan had a blast, and so did I…I honestly really love having a backyard.

We just did simple grilled cheese for dinner, since we didn’t bother taking anything out. It was yummerific though, Matt always makes the best grilled cheese! And yes, if you’ve been reading my posts on Facebook (or Twitter), Matt does do the majority of the cooking in this house. Mainly because I’m sort of too lazy to, and he enjoys cooking. Matt likes to wear my flirty aprons and “narrating” his own cooking show.

I know I need to step up my game though and get back in the kitchen a little more. I have no qualms with cleaning the house day in and day out, but lately I’ve been weaseling even out of my offers to cook dinner. No more! Tomorrow I’m making fish and chips. From a box, but still. I need to get back in the game! I remember writing that I was so excited to finally have a kitchen that I would enjoy cooking in – and I do enjoy cooking in it, I just haven’t enjoyed standing for long periods of time lately. But, alas, it’s time to get over that and deal with it…

Which brings me to my next topic; which I actually wrote about last night but didn’t publish (because a certain little somebody woke up) and now it’s sitting in the draft folder, and probably will continue to sit there until I empty it.

It was so beautiful too, so raw and beautiful.

But the gist of it is; I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of feeling exhausted after one quick outing. I need to step up my game in all aspects of my life. I need to get in better shape, not lose weight per say but get healthy. I need to eat better, toss out all the candy and crap in my cupboards and start eating food that is good for me. Because if I carry on the way I have been, sitting on the couch evening after evening consuming handfuls of candy, so much candy that I end up losing my cell phone underneath all the wrappers, well…I can’t imagine I’ll be looking pretty smoking down the road. I know if I continue down the sugar-filled path I have been on for my entire life, I will end up with diabetes and suffering from obesity. For reals. I need to first and foremost quit my bad eating habits, and I also need to work out more…in ways that won’t destroy me.

I’ve called a certain somebody (my awesome cousin Karen) that I admire so much for her healthy lifestyle and zest for life and begged that she be my new life coach (she said yes!). I want that, I want that zest for life. I do love my life, my husband and my child, but I want more energy for them. I want to feel good about myself, I want to be proud of my body. I am not fat, I know that, but I’m also not enjoying my flabby stomach, thighs and butt. I want to tighten and tone, but seriously; most of all…I want to feel good.

So, yeah. Karen is emailing me tips on how to get started. And burning me some good work out videos.

So, let’s see how long I can do this for, shall we? πŸ˜‰



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6 responses to “Moving right along now…

  1. Blaine

    πŸ˜€ You sound upbeat and motivated. I like it! Eating less candy is something I need to work on, too, though it’s slowly throughout the day, not really all in one go… Just as bad, I’m sure.

    Fish and chips from a box isn’t as bad as you’d think, you know. There’s even some healthier fish out there, there’s a multigrain one I really like. The breading is a little bland, but with lemon or hot sauce, it’s fantastic! πŸ˜€

  2. ignotus mulier

    what’s the DDAVP do for you? when i was little and i took it nasally it would run down the back of my throat and taste gross. blech. i hear you on the cooking issues. but it is so nice when you can pass that little chore off to the hubs πŸ˜€

  3. Hey,

    I haven’t commented here in a while. See that lots is happening… I know that you will deal with it… as for food and exercise… you should try out yoga – it will also help you calm down mentally..
    Get well soon Jess. Good luck πŸ™‚

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