Flash Back Friday & healthy baby steps

Those photos were taken what seems like a lifetime ago, but are really only about 2 years old. Pre-baby days, pre-pregnancy days. I can’t even tell you exactly when they were taken, but I know it’s during out “early days”. We hung out basically every day, spending it all having long conversations about anything and everything. We got to know each other quick, because we weren’t affraid to hold back.

I love that we weren’t, I love that we were able to admit early on that we were in love. And I love that we’re still in love, despite all the crazy things we’ve gone through…accidently and unexpectedly getting pregnant, getting engaged, getting married, all before “most people” move in together. And the fact that we don’t even give a rats ass that we didn’t follow the “timeline” we were supposed to is just awesomesauce.

I love us ❤


Today is “day one” of my quest to get in better shape and health. I’ve actually eaten breakfast today: normally I don’t. Eating breakfast is super hard for me to do. I don’t know why, but it’s difficult to eat before 10am. And I know, this is bad. I must eat breakfast almost as soon as I get up. I’m working on a glass of water now, and I’ve had peanut butter toast. Not much, not that healthy either (since I only have white bread here), but hey, it’s a start! Karen said in order to not get frustrated and give up, we have to take baby steps.

My baby steps for this week:

  • Replace all my sugary drinks with water. Usually I’ll have several teas and pops or juice throughout the day. Now any time I am thirsty, I’m simply going to drink a glass of water. I’ll focus on drinking the “proper” amount of water once I’ve learned to replace all sugary drinks with water 🙂
  • Eat breakfast every single morning with Nolan. Usually I just feed him and I don’t eat until after 11. It’s not good. So, even if it’s just a piece of toast with peanut butter, I’ma gonna eat it!
  • Stop bingeing on junk food. In fact, I’m getting rid of all the Halloween candy we have. No more temptation!
  • If I get hungry at night time while watching TV or online, I’m going to eat healthy snacks, like carrot sticks. No more chips or popcorn.
  • I’m going to get out every single day for at least half an hour of activity (like going for a walk with Nolan).

So yes, my baby steps! I am excited to start working out, but I am pacing myself. It’s not good to dive in all at once, and I’d like to focus on getting all the yucky out of my diet and eating habits right now 🙂 then I can start actually eating right (cooking good foods, buying whole wheat pasta, rice etc). I left “stop eating so much cheese” off my list because that one will probably be even more difficult then cutting candy out, believe it or not! I cook with cheese in practically everything, and it’s got to stop!

I’m not sure if I can cut out my condoments just yet either, but that’s okay…it’s not on my “list” so I’m not discouraged. Baby steps, right?!?



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11 responses to “Flash Back Friday & healthy baby steps

  1. ignotus mulier

    who doesn’t love cheese?!? but… you don’t necessarily have to give it all up. if you buy block cheeses or even cheese slices you can usually buy a lower in fat alternative usually for the same moolah and to be honest i’ve never been able to taste the difference. i don’t think you’d notice especially if it was combined in another dish. god for you for taking those baby steps. the water one will be HUGE for you. i always feel sooo much better (read: less tired, more energy)just by getting enough water and less other crap liquids. which reminds me… i’m about due for a beverage overhaul again… now i’m thirsty. love my brita pitcher. glug glug glug.

  2. i normally drink water over anything! i don’t have juice or soda in the house… the only other beverages i have are either beer or wine (not healthy, but i’m a lush, whatever!) it’s really easy. also, i buy really good tea i don’t need to add sugar or milk to!

    i only buy skim milk and whole wheat breads and pasta. i love fish and vegetables. i eat about ten almonds, 1 low fat baby-bell cheese and a yogurt every morning for breakfast. for lunch i either have a sandwich or low fat/organic soups. i generally eat really well…

    my problem is carbs. i could eat cheese and bagels and pasta til the day i die and be totally okay with it. so when i get home after work and i’m tired and lazy, all i want is a box of mac & cheese, or a tuna casserole (that has tons of veggies, but also tons of pasta and cheese).

    or on a really bad day? i order a pizza with jalapenos and feta and dunk it in jalapeno cheddar dipping sauce and then i get mad at myself because all my pants are too tight.

    i’ve gained like, 15lbs and i look and feel terrible. being a girl is HARD. and no matter how much i eat small portions of healthy food a few times a day, or walk EVERYWHERE… i love to cook, i enjoy eating as a social thing, and also… my biggest problem is beer.

    it has always been beer.

    it used to be almost 1 fourty of malt liquor a day, if not more. so i really screwed myself there.

    i stopped drinking during the week, and i’ve been better, but still.

    woah. this was actually gonna be a comment on how cute those pictures are, and how happy i am that you’re taking those baby steps!

    … i love you? hahahah.


    • aww I love you too Elle! and we’re the same…carbs carbs carbs. I love pasta, I don’t want to give it up. In fact, once I use up all the pasta we have (because I am NOT throwing away good food), I’ll be buying whole wheat pasta from here on in.

      Pasta is my vice, and cheese. Candy and chips and pop if we have it.

  3. If cheese is wrong I don’t wanna be right!
    Plus, it’s dairy. AND, it’s protein.
    Nope. I could never, ever cut out cheese.
    But it’s always good to start eating better, so yay!

  4. Blaine

    Yay for not holding back in the face of true love! Chris and I did the same thing, knew most everything about each other within about 12 hours. 🙂

    I don’t think there’s a set time line people have to follow, anyway. Just follow your heart, and you do good.

    As for healthy snacks, it’s hard late at night, or on lazy days, to convince yourself to do the work to peel veggies, so every day or two, cut up a bunch to keep in the fridge. If you put them front and center, you’ll see them everytime you open the fridge looking for a snack! I used to do this, and keep forgetting to do it again.

    I believe more in ‘everything in moderation’ so maybe just cutting back on the cheese for your next baby steps? If you cut out completely stuff that you love, it’s hard to keep going!

    • Well I’m trying to break my snacking habit late at night anyway (since it’s not really GOOD for your body to eat past 8pm). So I’ll be drinking water if I get hungry, and eating smaller snacks throughout the day. Good idea on the veggies in the fridge suggestion!

      And I’ll wait and see how I feel about cutting out cheese hehe.

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  6. Sounds like a great plan! I’d love to get some carrot sticks and ranch dip mix in my house, as well as some other fresh vegetables. Fresh broccoli is really good with that dip, too. I’ve been craving fresh fruit and veggies. (Please, please, please let me get paid on Tuesday!)

    I typically drink one coffee in the morning, and then drink water and/or Gatorade throughout the rest of the day.

    I can’t give you any advice on the working out part at all, because it’s been a few weeks since I went to the gym. *whistles innocently*

    • I was all excited to eat some carrot sticks and ranch dip the other day, but APPARENTLY our carrot sticks were off! Poopers. I hear ya on the getting paid front, only I KNOW I have to wait until the 19th for any moneys 😦 sniff.

      I’d rather work out from home than go to the gym because A) it’s cheaper and B) it’s more comfortable for me!

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