The Mood

I’m in a mood. I know I have every reason in the world to be extremely happy and carefree – I have a beautiful, healthy child and an amazing husband. I suppose, in that aspect, I am extremely happy and carefree. My son and my husband both bring more smiles to my face than I can count. Like today, my boy walked over to me with a small situation: his toy ball was stuck in a cup, and he needed my help. He said “Peefs” and I freed the ball from its prision and handed it back to him. He said “thau” and walked back to his toy box to continue playing. That? Had me grinning stupidly for half an hour, because my boy had said his “please” and “thank you” without any prompting from me, because he wanted my help. Holy awesomesauce.

But, the mood…the sad, blah mood, was still lurking underneath and it poured to the surface every time something not so awesome happened. Like when I grabbed Nolan for some snuggles, and he decided that instead of kissing me, he would bite my lip. Hard. Like, my lip was numb for 10 minutes. He also did not cooperate with his time out for biting. Every time I turned my back, he’d jump down off the chair and run over to try and bite me again. The hell? Not normal Nolan behavior. We’ve both been feeling under the weather though, so I guess I can’t totally blame him. If he’s feeling anything like I am, I can definitely understand why he’s bitey.****

My throat is coarse and sore, and my energy is next to none. Pretty crappy. I’m coughing like a smoker and I don’t even smoke. It isn’t pretty.

I’m lacking in motivation these days, too. I’m still cleaning the necessary spots – the kitchen, the cat box, the bathroom – but my “huge” cleaning projects haven’t gotten done because I have no desire or drive to do them. My bedroom? Is still a mess. The laundry nook? A disorganized mass of crap. I need to go through our bedroom closet and get rid of the junk we don’t need anymore or don’t have space for (like that damn drum set for Rockband that Matt brought home because someone else didn’t want it…grr).

I better find the motivation, and fast, because my older sister Kate is coming up for a visit this weekend! I hope I can get the smell of stale beer out of my sofa before she arrives.

Now for my “diet” update:

I’m still drinking tons of water, perhaps not as much as I should but hey, I’ve made tons of progress! I barely drank any water at all before. Like maybe one glass a week? Yeah, it was bad. And we’re no longer putting cream in our teas or coffees anymore ~ we’re just sticking to plain old 1% milk. I’ll admit, I really miss the taste of cream in my coffee! But my ass doesn’t miss it. I think I’ve lost some weight, but I’m not sure because I don’t own a scale. Tomorrow I’m going to go to the neighbors to weigh myself, and when I was at Nat and Darren’s the other night, she took my measurements. They are as follows:

Chest: 37 inches (ooo yeah! And I wasn’t even wearing the good bra that makes my boobies look super hawt either!)
Waist: 35 inches
Hips: 38 inches

I hope that by watching what I eat and exercising more, I’ll keep my chest size and just lose some inches off of my waist and hips! But, I know how it goes…weight in the boobs is the first thing to lose. Why is that, people? Does that even make SENSE? It’s just a cruel joke, designed to make me feel sad for losing the boobs that I FINALLY now have.

I’ve had some minor set backs, but I’m not giving up. I’ve come a long way. Last night, we were eating popcorn and watching a movie. I had a glass of water and Matt had a glass of orange pop and it looked so good that I asked for a sip and I took one and guess what? It didn’t really taste all that good! I was enjoying my water more!

Um, and I guess I must confess that I have been diving into the chocolate bit a little more than I’d like to tonight. But I have a heart hurt, and you know, chocolate helps with that? (I know, I know, not a good excuse!).

I haven’t really been “getting out” much lately either. The weather has been crappy and, as I mentioned aboved, I’ve been feeling crappy. Both emotionally and physically. But tomorrow, I’m sucking it up and taking Nolan to coffee group because we both haven’t been in well over a month and that? Just isn’t cool. Plus they’re going to visit a new store tomorrow and I want to check it out – which means we’ll be walking around town (which counts as exercise, yes?). Nolan will have a blast playing with other kids too. So win/win right?

When we get home, I’m not going to let myself sit down. I’m going to power clean this place until it sparkles like it belongs in a Mr. Clean commerical because I am tired of the mess. Mess makes me feel choatic inside, and feeling chaotic inside isn’t helping with the mood I’ve been in lately.

****If any of you have suggestions on how to deal with this whole biting stage and not cooperating with time outs, I wouldn’t mind hearing from ya. For reals. I have bruises on both arms and now my lip from this little monster.



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9 responses to “The Mood

  1. Dude, I’ve gained SO much weight when I moved here that I now have D sized boobs. Whoa.

    I’m starting an exercise program this week (today was my first day.) Because I notice that with me when I exercise more I tend to just want healthier things so…trying to get into that habit again.

    Especially since my apartment complex has a gym, there’s really no reason to hop on that elliptical for 30 mins every day.

  2. Blaine

    As for the mood, it’s not like you have to be in a great mood all the time. And since there’s been a ton of s#!t going on lately, it’s more than understandable. If you’re catching something, then that could explain feeling no motivation to do anything. πŸ™‚

    (Oh, and a tip about the beer smell? Could try to blot with vinegar soaked rag, then water, then sprinkle with baking soda, and let sit as long as you can (ie: do it RIGHT after Nolan goes to bed and clean first thing in a.m.). The vinegar should help clean it, and believe it or not, with the smell, and the baking soda will absorb the water/vinegar, and neutralize odors. If there’s a powdery white spot there after the baking soda is vacuumed away, just blot with a wet towel until you can’t see it, and it will go away. πŸ™‚ Hope some of that helps.)

    Re: the chocolate, do you like dark chocolate? It’s higher in antioxidants, and is, TECHNICALLY, the ‘healthy’ chocolate. πŸ˜‰ Everything in moderation!

    “Mess makes me feel chaotic inside, and feeling chaotic inside isn’t helping with the mood I’ve been in lately.” –>>> Ugh. Me, too. I always feel so good after a big project is done (like the pile of laundry/junk in our bedroom, I’ve been working on it, I swear!) but when they keep adding up, I just get depressed. :S

    As for the biting, no idea. I’ve heard consistently saying ‘no’ then walking away/ignoring, especially repeat offenses right away after first ones is supposed to work, but I’m not very good at being consistent lately, so Eric is hitting and throwing stuff like crazy. (Not the same as biting, I know, but still.) Maybe ask some of the other moms at the coffee group?

    • I don’t really like dark chocolate lol, I perfer milk chocolate 😦

      And I will try the tip for getting stale beer out haha. Matt keeps complaining about it, who would have thought? I thought he’d LOVE having his couch smell of beer haha!

      I think today is going to be a cleaning day here, we were supposed to go to coffee group but I thought I was getting a ride and it’s now 10:12.

      I do the same thing – walk away, time out, say no. Nothing works right now! He’s less biting today so far, so there’s a plus.

      • Blaine

        There are some chocolates that are milk chocolate inside, dark chocolate outside, so you get a bit of each…

        I don’t really know many other people that like dark chocolate like I do. I eat the 70% stuff like nothing, and have been eager to try the 85% and 90% stuff I’ve seen! πŸ˜€

        How’s your couch now?

        Eric’s the same way with other things. I try to just ignore his behaviour for the most part. Walk away. Not sure if it’s recommended or if it will help, but the less attention I give to him (spitting, throwing) (other than taking away the toy he’s throwing) the better it seems to work. :S

        Sometimes it’s just an attention thing (when I am really tired or in pain and just want to sit and rest, or when I am doing dishes/cooking). Sometimes, if I can, I just take a 5 minute break to play with him, but not immediately after he does something, and it seems to work. Hard to know until they can express their feelings more, huh?

        I hear that’s not until they are like 3. Yay…

  3. Shruthi


    When my little cousin was in his biting stage, my shoulders didn’t have too much skin, I think it phases itself out. They’re probably just hyper and don’t quite know what to do with that energy and bit people. Not that it’s cool… 😐

    As for you – Yay! to you for the progress you’re making, but do get out more or at least stick to the routine when the mood hits you. These moods can be pretty nasty, I’ve been there. The best way, I’ve found, to deal with it is to just go through your everyday routine. It’s not the best thing or the most immediate source of relief, but sure as hell beats sitting and brooding… I just hope it works for you though…

    Take care…

    • You’re right; that IS the best way to deal with those moods, get out there and just keep doing what you usually do. I haven’t been doing that thanks to the nasty sickness that has overcome me, but I’m feeling better today!!

      And thank you love ❀ you take care too!

  4. I have no idea! Noah is into biting too, and its terrible. If he does bite, I put him in time out and make him say sorry. So now when he bites he immediately says “sowy”. Its hard to be mad at that, ha ha.

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