Another week (or two?) in BlackBerry photos…

Rocking my dad’s hat!

Don’t mind me, I’m just giving my mom a HEART ATTACK while I dance on the coffee table…no big deal.

Getting a little R&R while watching Yo Gabba Gabba

Snuggling with Daddy (and Kevin the bear)

Nolan was deeply upset to discover that ALL his puzzle pieces are missing but THAT one piece…(I wonder who’s to blame?)

Snuggling with Daddy while watching Chugginton!

I caught Nolan using his “Busy Ball Popper” as a chair…snort.

Trying on hats at Sears!

Matt; playing a drinking game (not sure what it’s called, but I won it…or lost it, depending on how you look at it).

Sketch and I, cuddling. Or rather…me forcing Sketch to cuddle with me haha!

Nolan; loving his new “house” haha.

I suppose we were bound to get some sooner rather than later, this is the `North Pole`. but…waah!



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2 responses to “Another week (or two?) in BlackBerry photos…

  1. i honestly cannot wait to hangout so i can devour nolan’s cheeks (AND YOURS TOO BABY! I LOVES YOU!)

    also, what the ACTUAL fuck? you have SNOW! wahhhh 😦

    all those pictures of nolan and matt together make my ovaries hurt. let’s get pregnant together? i’m sure that won’t give dan a heart attack at all.


    i’m all jacked up on coffee and i haven’t started working yet, can you tell?


    • I cannot wait until you devour my cheeks too…wait, what cheeks are YOU talking about? *shifty eye*

      We do have snow! Its wet and mushy snow, but it’s snow!

      And yes, YES TIMES A THOUSAND haha! Move to N.B?

      I could tell, spare some coffee for me? With creeeeeeam? NO. I’m on a diet! BE STRONG!

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