The 2010 Santa Claus Parade

I was ridiculously excited about the Santa Claus parade. Matt told me not to get my hopes up, that generally it was pretty lame, but I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t expecting anything awesome (like the Toronto Santa Claus parade for example), I was more excited about taking Nolan to see his second parade, going on a family outing with my boys, and seeing my little nephew watch his first parade! We met up with Matt’s brother and his brother’s wife, as well as their little man – Nolan’s adorable cousin! It was his first ever Santa parade! Aaron (Nolan’s cousin, who is an adorable little pork chop — and the same size as Nolan) basically watched the parade with the same adorable expression on his face! He made some hilarious faces every time something loud happened (trucks honking, symbols clashing together etc). Watching him reminded me of Nolan’s first experience at a Santa Claus parade!

Last year, we were living down south and Matt’s mom and I took Nolan to see his first ever parade. You can read about it here, but the pictures are long gone from the post thanks to switching servers and all that jazz. However, I do have this one from last year to post here:

See? So little!

And this is from this year:

I’m having an overwhelming case of nostalgia, looking at those pictures of him last year and this year: he’s grown so much! Last year, he fell asleep on the five-minute walk back home after the parade – and didn’t wake up when I took off his snow suit. This year, I can’t move him at all once he’s sleeping or he wakes up pissed off. He also won’t sleep without Kevin the bear and the giraffe stuffies. Oh, and it has to be dark.

Long gone is the baby who would fall asleep anywhere! He is now the toddler who requires certain tricks to fall asleep happily.

Anyway, I’m veering off topic here.

So the parade was a fun little family experience. Nolan watched everything intently, grinning whenever trucks honked their horns or people waved at him. He found it a little difficult to wave in his snow suit, so he mostly just wiggled his arms a bit, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the poor love! Matt and I both nearly died from the cuteness with the local humane society’s float drove by and we saw all the adorable puppies. We’ve also been having puppy fever, as well as baby fever! Not good folks, not good at all. But at least we’re on the same page with the puppy – no puppy until we own our house. When you’re renting, the future is so uncertain and it’s hard enough finding apartments when you have one cat. So yeah, no puppies for us for a while!

Again, veering off topic — someone’s a little flakey tonight.

Matt held him for the entire parade so that Nolan could get a good look at everything. It was so cute watching them together as they watched the floats go by and waved at all the people. I got some great Daddy and son photos too!

We sipped delicious hot chocolate from our thermos to keep warm, but my poor feeties were freezing. I need to invest in some winter boots! There isn’t any snow on the ground yet, but by the time the parade was over I felt like I had frost bite on my toes! I didn’t, thankfully, but they were still cold.

At least my head was warm! I wore the winter hat that Matt bought me a couple of years ago from a head shop down south that we always used to frequently go to because she was a friendly lady who sold the coolest spacers, hats and purses and liked us so much that she gave us discounts! And yeah, that was totally the only reason why we went there 😉

The floats were pretty good, considering the people who made them were generally students or organized activities like gymnastics. Truthfully, I was deeply disappointed by the Santa float…

There was no reindeer. Like at all. Just children sitting on the front of the float and a couple of “elves”, along with Santa. Which totally disappointed me, because I was looking forward to pointing out the reindeer to Nolan and telling him which ones they were. I’m so used to Santa doing the whole “on Dancer, on Prancer” and so on and so forth speech. He did say “Ho Ho Ho” but he sounded totally creepy and scary!

Never the less, we pointed him out to the kids (Nolan and his cousin) and said “There’s Santa!”

Nolan nodded and said “hmm” in response; kind of like his way of saying “oh, so that’s who that is…okay, cool.” I really don’t think he understands who Santa is yet (or cares for that matter), but still – he will soon enough!

I was hoping that the parade would put me more in the Christmas spirit! I’ve made no moves yet to decorate. I’m not exactly looking forward to chasing both Nolan and the cat away from the Christmas tree every 5 minutes. I’ve made a few attempts at asking Matt when he thinks we should start decorating, but the man rarely feels the holiday spirit until Christmas morning when he gets to watch “Nolan” open presents and playing with his new toys. (Let’s be real though, last year…that was all me haha!).

His vote is to wait until December 1st, so we’re doing just that.

We have talked a bit about where we’re going to put our tree. I think we’ve established that the only local places it could go are in the corner beside the couch/end table or in front of the window. The downer part about putting it in front of the window would be that Nolan looses a lot of floor space for playing. The downer part about putting it in the corner is that we’d have to shove the couch and end tables down more, and I can just picture Nolan attempting to climb the end table to get to the tree. Either way; it’s going to be a headache!

But; with that being said, I do love Christmas and I am excited to decorate…I’m just not excited to be chasing my little munchkin away from the tree every 5 minutes!

I am super excited for next week, though! Next weekend our town is doing a Christmas walk and the lighting of the lights down town! I’m excited to take Nolan with Matt! There will be hot apple cider, hot chocolate, hay rides, and Santa Claus (although I’m hoping that he won’t be the creepy one from the parade!).

And I’ve definitely got to get a move on getting our Christmas cards done. We may be waiting until December 1st to set up and decorate the tree, but I’ve still got to get those suckers in the mail! I’ve got no excuses now that our portraits from Walmart have arrived.

OH WAIT, I forgot to post pictures of them!

Since we don’t have a scanner I had to take pictures of the portraits using my crappy BlackBerry camera, and it just doesn’t do them justice! Still; it’s an idea of what they look like, and since we won’t be getting a scanner anytime in the near future, this will have to do!

So yes; today’s post is kind of jumpy and choppy because my wireless keeps giving out, so I apologize for that!!!

Post summary: Nolan is ridiculously cute and even if the Santa parade sorta sucked, it was still an awesome family outing. OH! And Matt makes awesome home-made hot chocolate!



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6 responses to “The 2010 Santa Claus Parade

  1. Those pictures are so cute! AHHH
    I’m sorry the Santa was creepy though. lol.
    Glad you had a good day. And your feet didn’t freeze off into nubs.

  2. My ovaries are kind of crying… Nolan is so freaking cute!

  3. those eyelashes! oh my word!

    not to mention, over-alls + converse? MY OVARIES, WOMAN!

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