Can it be spring yet?!

I know, I know, it’s barely even winter yet! We haven’t even set up the Christmas tree yet, or had snow fall that stuck around for longer than a day. But thanks to a certain somebody I’ve discovered a new website with plans on how to make all sorts of lovely furniture pieces and now I am salivating for spring when we can actually do the projects that I’ve picked out. Yes, that’s right…I’ve finally taken the time and cruised through Ana-White’s website and found tons of projects that I just can’t wait to get started with Matt!

If we had the work space, we’d be doing it asap, like this weekend. But we live in a smallish two bedroom apartment, and the weather is not warm enough to do these kind of projects outside (without your finger tips falling off onto the frozen ground, anyway). So Matt told me to wait until spring. BUT I CAN’T HELP BUT SALIVATE OVER THIS SHIZNESS!

Ten projects I can’t wait to start this spring:

Project #1 on my list: The Modern Farm Square Table.

Matt wants to add a few inches and make it just a little bit bigger, but it would be perfect for our little apartment! And, at $20 (estimated from the site, maybe a bit more in Canadian), you can’t go wrong! I know I could just sand and refinish our current table, but it lacks the character that this table would have. And how cool would it be to eat dinner at a table that you made every night? WAY COOL!

Project # 2: Basic Vintage Crate Toy Boxes

I think these are so cute, and a cheap alternative to the bins I’ve been looking at elsewhere to store some of Nolan’s smaller toys. I think they’d look adorable in Nolan’s bedroom or in our livingroom! (much cuter than the plastic tote he has now!).

Project #3: Parson Style Desk

Even if we don’t really need a desk, I still couldn’t help falling in love with this cute piece. It could go in our livingroom (underneath the floating shelf) or in our bedroom, underneath the window. Either way I can just picture myself sitting there with my laptop and paying bills! I think it would make paying bills a lot more fun! I would love to paint this antique white, and give it a rustic look.

Project #4: The Tryde Coffee Table.

Love love love! So warm and inviting 🙂 we’d probably stain it darker than this. Matt is a huge fan of dark stain; the darker, the better. I still want the wood grain to show through though!

Project #5: Tryde Side Table

Love this for the same reason I love the coffee table 🙂

Project #6: Storage Crate

I think a few of those would look super cute in our bathroom. And they’d make nice holders for random things too!

Project #7: The Cube Tower

I mentioned earlier today that I wanted to buy another bookshelf. Ideally, I’d want one in our bedroom…but I can’t seem to find one that would fit in the limited space we have left. This bookshelf would fit perfectly! I am excited to make it 🙂 we’d probably paint it black, or “rustic” black (you know, a little faded) to match our bedroom furniture and the stuff we will be getting in the not so distant future.

Project #8: Simple Stackable Outdoor Chairs

Come spring/summer, I’m going to want to sit outside more. And we’re probably going to want to entertain a little bit too. So these simple stackable chairs look like an affordable (and adorable) solution for outdoor seating.

Project #9: Open Toy Chest

Even if we’re going to make little bins for his toys, I’d still like to make him an open toy chest, with his name on it. No word of a lie: Nolan has a lot of toys and I’m constantly cramming them into an overflowing plastic bin or on the crowded shelves of his book shelf.

Project #10: Rolling Cubbies

The above image is from Better Homes and Gardens, but Ana White has plans for a knock off version for way less. This is really cute; I love the seating on top of the cubbies too. A little place to sit down and put your shoes on! Plus, this looks way stronger than the current wooden shoe rack we have – I bought it from Walmart and it’s already sagging in the middle. Nolan likes to climb on it, and it can’t support his weight – so obviously, it can’t support my weight. I would probably have Matt alter the plans (make it longer or taller or something) so it could fit more shoes. Never the less, I really love this idea too!

PLEASE NOTE: photos pictured above are taken from the Ana-White website.

I’d also like to thank Ainhoa from A Little Bite of Everything for suggesting the Ana-White website to me. I’ve found enough projects to keep both my husband and I busy from spring on and I couldn’t be more excited! Heck, maybe we’ll see if we could borrow Matt’s brother’s workshop to do a few of these projects sooner rather than later, hehe.

I’d also like to thank Ainhoa for commenting on my blog so I could discover hers! It’s a gem and it’s added to my blogroll and reader because I love the things she posts about; she has great taste! ❤

Let that be a lesson to all you lurkers; COMMENT! I’ll probably love your site, and I can assure you that I’d love to hear from you!!

So, what projects do you have planned over the next little while?



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6 responses to “Can it be spring yet?!

  1. Aww, thanks!! I’m glad you liked Ana’s website (and mine, too, hah). I’d love to make a ton of projects, too, but I’ve been so busy lately. The Stackable Outdoor Chairs are my favorite…

  2. Oh I forgot, the couch you asked me about is the Manstad from Ikea,
    We bought it in the As-Is section for about 40% off. I love it because it’s a sofabed and it has storage, too!

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