Mirrors & Shelves

Right now, I’m obsessed with mirrors. Especially really cool mirrors, like these ones that I want to buy from Sears sometime in the near future…

I want to get at least one of those for my bedroom, maybe even both because I totally love mirrors like I said.

This weekend, I dug out the mirrors I bought about a year ago. They haven’t been out of their box since we moved from down south to up north. Matt didn’t want to hang them at his dad’s house – probably because he had a sneaking suspicion we wouldn’t be there as long as I thought we would…and look at that, he was right! I hung them all by myself too! Matt was out helping his friend build a shed, so I got to choose where to put them and everything!

Yes, I totally deserve a hero cookie. For reals.

I hung them in the in the place where I originally put the frame with our wedding photos. I felt they were too small for that space. I’m going to buy a frame that will hold 5x7s, or move that frame into a different room. Matt and Nolan both really liked the mirrors – Nolan kept pointing at them and clapping, so I guess I did a good job. Matt definitely wants to pick up some more of the same kind to make the mirrors go all up towards the corner, and I think that’ll look sick so I’m on board with that idea.

I’ve also been oogling over this shelf, also from Sears:

I know I originally mentioned that I wanted to maybe do a family photo wall in that corner above the TV, but I’m thinking that might look a little awkward. And this would be nice, because I could put anything from small picture frames, small plants and vases on it 🙂

And, while we’re on the topic of things I want to buy for our home…

I’d love a new couch, and maybe a chair too! I love this chair and this couch from Leons…the chair because its super cute and a small addition that won’t take up much space but still allows for extra seating, and the couch because it’s 800 bucks AND has a sofa bed – which we’ll need, because our livingroom doubles as a guest room! We were talking about getting* a sectional with a chaise, but it would eat up too much valuable space in our tiny apartment, so yeah.

And I’d also really love to invest in a new carpet – you know, after we buy the chair and sofa. Whenever that may be 😛

AND; if we’re talking about what I want, and if this is a wishlist…might as well add these two:

These end tables and this coffee table from Ikea!!! LOVE.

I’m a fan of gray and black, with splashes of royal purple or turquoise or teal. Even red!

But we probably won’t be getting these things (the chair, the couch, the end tables and coffee tables, and that rug) for a very long time, and we’ll probably change our minds on what we want again.

*I’m being delishional again; we won’t be furniture shopping for a LONG time. Still, it’s harmless to dream right?



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11 responses to “Mirrors & Shelves

  1. Blaine

    I am totally adding that cool shelf and the sofa and chair to my wishlist! Very cool!

  2. Want, want, want!

    I so can’t wait to start shopping for stuff for my and Mike’s place!

  3. You are doing exactly what a young wife is supposed to be doing: dreaming. It makes it that much sweeter when we actually get to purchase something that we LOVE and is gorgeous and just the right item for that particular space.

    Love the shelf… I may have to add that to my wishlist now lol.

    The chair is super cute, too!

    Keep on dreaming… eventually, the time to make it reality will get there! =)

  4. Shruthi

    You know, Eastern cultures believe that mirrors ward off bad energy? A lot of people here in India place a mirror on the wall that faces the front door, so that any bad energy that passes through the front door, especially the envy of others.

    Superstitions aside, mirrors have this remarkable way of adding instant character to a room, whether it’s an illusion of space or some sparkle…

    BTW, I’m loving that couch… 😀

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  6. i love starburst stuff! so retro and awesome.

    i honestly think the lamps would look great with all that stuff you want. you don’t want it to be 100% the same colour, right? browns, greys, blacks, creams, and some blues are totally neutral and can be paired with just about anything! i love everything you want. especially that corner shelf from sears! SO bad ass! i want one!

    and i agree with what Shruthi said- mirrors totally add character to a room. i love any pieces on walls- i don’t think i have a bare wall left in my house, haha!

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