Highlights & Stuff

What a weekend. It went by entirely too quickly, if you ask me…and I spent most of it wallowing in self-pity under thousands of used kleenex. Or rather, used toilet paper because I’m too cheap to invest in actual kleenex (well, I was…but now Nolan has a runny nose so guess who has a brand spanking new box of Puffs Ultra lotion? Yep, he does). That’s right folks, I’m still sick with a head cold…only now it’s a head cold, throat infection and ear infections (both sides, WOO!).

So; it was a “crappy” weekend in that respect. Barely being able to breathe or go 2 minutes without blowing my nose wasn’t exactly enjoyable. But this weekend hand some pretty swell highlights…like:

  • getting to watch Happy Feet during our movie date on Friday night! I love that ridiculously cute movie!
  • watching lame Christmas movies by myself Saturday night with the cat for company (Matt was at his friend’s house for an Xbox gathering to play COD).
  • bawling my eyes out at the end of The Family Stone and then calling Shannon crying because I’m that cool (seriously, don’t ask me why that qualifies as a “highlight”).
  • talking to my best guy friend (aside from my husband that is) on the phone for an hour because we were both bored and wanted to complain about certain family members (his parents are going through a divorce).

And then there was today:

  • a lazy morning spent with all of us in our PJs, watching reruns of Glee on Coegco On Demand.
  • the breakfast Matt made: hashbrowns and scrambled eggs – yummy.
  • home-made cafe mocha.
  • long afternoon naps (on everyone’s part).
  • random, nearly pointless trip to Walmart after everyone woke up (we needed kleenex, juice, and power steering fluid for the car – so it wasn’t entirely pointless…right?)
  • our “coffee date” at McDonalds (free coffee FTW!)
  • the delicious steak dinner Matt made

So yeah; all in all, this weekend wasn’t too bad…as far as weekends when you’re sick go.

I have to go to bed early again tonight, because the girls are getting dropped off at 5:30am again. Tuesday is going to be another busy day; I have a consult appointment with my bone specialist. Hopefully I’ll get a surgery date so I can move on with my life instead of wondering how I’m supposed to plan our holidays when I don’t know if/when I’ll be having surgery. I also hope to finally go and get a little more Christmas shopping done.

We saw a bunch of stuff that we really want to get Nolan at Walmart for Christmas. Of course, we’re going to just pick a few things and get him that. We can’t afford to spoil him and frankly, he doesn’t need to be spoiled with material objects…he’s spoiled with LOVE!

Speaking of my little monster…I do have a few questions for other mama’s of kids who remember the toddler stage….

Nolan knows what “no” means, he knows it very well…but he refuses to listen. It’s much more fun to continue to do the thing that Mommy (or Daddy) said no to. Time outs don’t seem to work, and neither do firm talking-tos. I’m at my wit’s end for how to get him to listen to us. He’s generally really good when we’re out at someone elses’ house, it’s just mostly at home. Any suggestions?

Also; he hasn’t been eating enough lately. He refuses to eat meats, veggies, and now he is refusing eggs. He’s only happy when he’s getting toast, bread, or pasta. I have no idea how to stop him from being such a picky eater, or how to encourage him to eat more. Everything I try fails. I’m going to try to puree the meat sauce with his pasta before giving it to him (because if he sees pieces of meat, he will pick them out) but I have no idea how I’m supposed to get him to eat meat with all his meals. He’ll happily eat fruit, so at least that isn’t a struggle. But I’m getting super concerned about the whole refusal of all meats. He just tosses it on the floor, and then gets angry and refuses to eat anything when we try to encourage him to eat the meat. What can I do to stop this behavior of refusing food and throwing it on the floor? Again, the firm “no’s” don’t work. Neither does taking the tray away. At meal times, my little monster gets creative and if he’s told no (or if his tray is taken away) he shoves his fingers down his throat.

It’s so frustrating because he’s such a sweet, constantly smiling child and he’s such a joy to have around. But when he wants something, or when he wants to do something (or not do it, in the case of eating properly), he is just so damn stubborn.

And I’ve gotta say; if this is punishment for me never eating liver for my parents when they wanted me to, I’ve gotta say…it’s a big excessive! At least I ate everything else!

Tomorrow, Nolan is going to have to sit in the stroller and deal with it. My back can’t take carrying him that far in his heavy winter gear, and he won’t keep his mittens on long enough for J to get on the bus safely. I can just predict the amount of complaining and fussing he’s going to do!



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13 responses to “Highlights & Stuff

  1. On the “no” not working: Its a phase, with Nolan. I know it sucks hearing that, but there’s honestly not much you can do. You just have to be consistent.
    On the eating: is he cutting molars? That could explain not wanting to eat something that requires chewing. Will he eat the foods that don’t require much chewing? It could also be a texture thing. Or an asserting his independence. My kids (5 & 7) did that around Nolan’s age.
    With his gloves: do they carry any of the types that are attached together with string? They used to have them (I Haven’t seen them in YEARS here), and they were awesome, because it was hard to remove the gloves πŸ™‚

  2. Not a lot of helpful advice on the eating dilema except this: my doctor’s advice has always been to aim for a balanced diet over the course of a day, or even a few days. He doesn’t have to eat every food group at every meal. For me this took a lot of the pressure off. You may have to continue to introduce a food over and over and over and OVER and it may be rejected for a long time before he eventually is willing to try it. Or you could try some other sources of protein like beans? I don’t know. It’s a hard one. My kids didn’t like meat a lot either when they were at Nolan’s age.

    Re: timeouts – they, like everything else, have to be learned. Most toddlers aren’t going to sit quietly or stand in the corner without a little, ahem, “help”. πŸ™‚ If it means you stand with him in the corner or sit on a timeout chair and hold him there, that’s fine. My personal strategy is not not engage the child when they are in timeout other than to explain why he is sitting there and make sure the amount of time is age appropriate. (Supposedly one minute per year of age.) The goal is for it to be not fun and for them to not get a rise out of you, either sympathetic or otherwise. It should be “not fun”. But it may take a lot of time before he is developmentally capable of sitting in a timeout and staying there himself for the prescribed time. I wish you patience! πŸ™‚

  3. As far as eating goes…he won’t starve himself. I would offer him healthy foods at meals (which I know you are doing) and give him the option for small healthy snacks inbetween. πŸ™‚ Cheese, applesauce, carrot sticks (great for teething too), graham crackers, plain noodles, diced up meat (ham chunks maybe?) and stuff like that.

  4. As for the meat, a lot of babies and toddlers don’t like it, and do become very picky. There are other sources of protein like cheese and beans — my daughter loves chickpeas. Perfect finger food.

    When my daughter was that age I’d just take away her tray when she started playing with her food. I remember posting about exactly this on a parenting forum, and that was the most popular answer and what ended up working for us. Discipline at that age is hardly ever effective; distraction and not providing the situation for them to get in trouble works best (as Dr. Sears puts it, “make it easy for them to succeed.”)

  5. Brittany

    For the food thing, there has been a lot of good advice already! It’s definitely a toddler thing, Serena no longer gobbles everything up eagerly, although she is still AWESOME by most standards, eating veggies and stuff. She’s just more “picky”… I prepare several different finger foods for her, and she gets to choose a couple (independence), she shakes her head no at the rest and I put them away for the next meal. Then she’ll probably eat them later that day, lol. Apparently toddler feeding is totally different from the standards you’ll likely have for “child feeding” (say age 3 and up). I know that I won’t be making 2-3 different meals when she’s older, but I’m not concerned about it right now, she’s not old enough to understand and my priority at the moment is balanced nutrition!

    Your best bet would be the “sneaky nutrition” tactic. My friend actually has a book of recipes about it, the idea is to sneak veggies/fruits into unlikely “favorite” foods, and they won’t even notice! I used a “Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce” recipe from that book… yep, basically regular spaghetti sauce with sweet potatoes blended in (but I made it all home made). She LOVED it! And there is actually a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies with CHICKPEAS, lol! Sounds gross, but my friend made them and you would never know! You should google that and see if you can find any recipes. In the meantime I’ll see if I can borrow the book and copy some more recipes.

    *NOTE* I’d be careful with the raw carrot sticks as a snack. Yes they are great, but I’ve often read that they can pose a big choking hazard. Serena only has 7 teeth so I give her shredded raw carrot, she loves it and it’ safe. For Nolan, maybe make carrot “chips” (you know, thinly sliced round pieces), or small, thin “matchstick” carrots. Just not regular, thick carrot sticks, I wouldn’t advise anyway!

    The “ignoring NO” stage is a pain in the ass for sure. I’m already seeing the beginning of it. If she throws food, I tell her no and take the food off her tray for a few minutes, and ignore her. After that I give the food back and say “No throw”. This has been fairly effective, I only have to do that maybe 1 out of 3 meals now, and usually only once. USUALLY. Barring very cranky moods, teething, etc. Lol. Honestly, I have no idea what to do about the “sticking finger down his throat thing”. That would frustrating and upsetting! If I saw Serena do it, I would probably just grab her hand if there was time and pull it out of her mouth, then hold it (and her) until she calmed down. Physical restraint can be a useful tool if the child is doing something harmful to themselves or others, and can help calm them down. I had a great book called “Happiest Toddler on the Block”, it teaches you how to speak “Toddler-ese”, lol! You can borrow it, might help! πŸ™‚

    • Good idea regarding the carrot sticks!!! The choking hazzard has been the reason I’ve been afraid to give him raw carrots. I’ll try skinny sticks! πŸ˜€

      And sure! I’d love to borrow that book! Did you cook any yummy recipes for Serena with the better baby food book? I’m gonna have to grab it off you soon, my sister needs to borrow it (she’s starting to introduce her 12 month old to “real” food lmao)

  6. You and I are at the same stage as far as our lil ones go so I can only express what I’ve tried and what has worked SO FAR…

    My lil one has her moments as well except after the “No” there’s a well choreographed tantrum. I use the ignoring and after a bit asking her ” are you done? Let’s [insert super cool alternative to whatever she wanted to do]” method and it works most times.

    As far as feeding times, I agree with having a variety of foods available in case he doesn’t eat the “meal”. As far as the meat thing, My lil one goes back and forth. There was a time she picked out the chicken out of any meal, so I was forced to serve it in another way. I made breaded chicken and cut it into french fry like strips and gave her some ketchup and taught her how to dip it in. It became a fun new experience for her and albeit messy she ate everything. As a parent I realize you are forced to get creative and subtle manipulation is your best friend.

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