Yesterday’s News

Yesterday was a super busy hectic day. In the early AM, I had an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with my right ankle and my right hand. I’m losing mobility in both quicker than you can say my doctor’s super long ass name (seriously, it’s like 14 letters). I have a lot of difficult walking up any kind of hill, and opening juice/pop bottles or Nolan’s sippy cups. Writing (by hand) gets more and more difficult to do each day. I wrote out our Christmas cards yesterday, and after doing just 5 my writing got sloppy and my hand killed me. Of course, I powered through because they needed to get done, but I’m sure none of our family members and friends will be able to read my writing – especially the people who got done last.

I had already gotten my x-rays done prior to the appointment so that the consult would go quickly and I wouldn’t have to run around and wait. We still had to wait (something that Nolan is not very good at). Taking a toddler to a doctor’s office is pretty nerve-wracking, especially when it’s not a “kid friendly” enviornment…you know, no play room, no toys, the bright orange and yellow “biohazard” container full of used needles on the floor. Yup; definitely not kid friendly. And Nolan has been super cranky lately, as he’s cutting his molars and sick with a cold/cough. So it wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience for me – or the other patients lucky enough to wait with me. It’s a good thing Nolan is super cute. He might have been fussy and whiny – but when he smiled the entire room lightened up. (At least, until he started screaming to get down again…).

Anyways; I think next time that I have a consult with a specialist for myself, I might leave Nolan with a sitter or family member (depending on if I can find one). It’s just not fair to him – since he can’t play or explore, or to anyone else really.

That aside, the appointment didn’t go as I hoped. I was hoping he’d give me a surgery date and I could go on with my day. Instead, he told me there was nothing they could do about my ankle – it is already fused together. Which basically means I don’t have a space in between my ankle bone and leg bone. BUT; this isn’t going to prevent me from walking, it just makes things a little difficult. My hand…well that’s another story.

My doctor is sending me to see a hand specialist in Toronto because my hand issues are a lot more complicated than I thought. There is a bone in my wrist that is pushing on ligaments and other important tissues. You can’t see it from just looking at my wrist, but you can definitely see it on the x-ray – it’s HUGE. My doctor won’t operate on it, because it’s too risky – which is why he’s sending me to see a hand specialist. He hopes that the hand specialist will be able to give me happier news.

So the bottom line: no immediate solution for the issues I’m having with my wrist, and none at all for my ankle. No surgery any time soon, and I have to wait patiently to hear about the hand specialist. It could take anywhere from a month to six months.

Sigh. Oh well.

After the appointment, Nolan and I went Christmas shopping, and then I took him out for lunch at the diner because I needed a pick-me-up. I love mommy/baby dates! Nolan is such a handsome gentlemen 🙂 although he DOES flirt with the waitresses in front of me…all the time…hmm. My little Cassanova!

The afternoon was spent with me wrapping presents and filling out our Christmas cards, and moving furniture around in preparation for us to set up the tree tonight! I’m so excited it’s ridiculous!!!

And last night, I went to the movies with my friend Miranda and two of her friends. We saw Burlesque…and I have to say, I loved it! I know, the acting was a bit dull at times but I loved the dance scenes! I was a little naughty, too. Before we went to the movies, Miranda and I went to the mall and I purchased a new pair of winter boots. I feel bad, because we don’t have a lot of money to spare and these boots cost me $78 and change but, they keep your feet warm until -40 degrees F. I’m told I’ll need those in these Northern Winters. I don’t doubt it for a minute; my feet were already freezing in my old boots at just -10 degrees F. Plus, I’ve had my old boots for two and a half years. I think I outgrew them a year ago, but continued to wear them because boots weren’t on my list of priorities.

These are my new boots! And while they may not be “fashionable”, I love them! They are Kamik -40 boots (sorry about the blurry picture…yay BlackBerry camera?). They keep my feeties warm and they are comfortable, so very comfortable!

So yeah; yesterday was pretty good, despite the disappointing news. Today is a blah day; the weather is crummy (it’s raining) and my little man is still sick. We’re going to run some errands in the afternoon (see: grocery shopping) but other than that I’m just hanging around cleaning and doing laundry. Epic huh?

I’d very much so like us BOTH to get better so we can go to play group and have friends over.



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9 responses to “Yesterday’s News

  1. The boots look warm and comfy! Bulky snow boots are actually “in” right now here actually… so are raining boots (does that name even exist?). It rains a lot here so they’re pretty useful. My aunt gifted me a pair of Ugg boots last year and I love them, they’re so warm and comfortable… but so expensive…

  2. ignotus mulier

    them boots is actually preeetty cute. where did you get them? i’m a function over form kinda girl anyday but i like those for both. good to -40? that sounds good to me. sorry about how your appointment when yesterday. will they be sending you to sunnybrook? i’ve heard good things.

  3. Shit. That really sucks. I wish they could do something other than tell you you have to wait. *hugs*

  4. Blaine

    So they can’t ever do anything for your ankle/foot? 😦 That really sucks. I hope it’s not too painful/uncomfortable.

    I bring a shitload of stickers whenever we go anywhere, and if Eric gets fussy and playing with a toy while we stroll through a store doesn’t help (or if we are at the doctor’s office) then we give him some to stick all over. Sometimes I stick them on my face to make him smile, and he can pull them off to put wherever else he wants (he’s usually in the cart for this, or stroller, depending) and even if I look silly with a dinosaur sticker on my forehead/cheek/nose/ear, I don’t care if he’s happy. lol #theshitmomsdohuh?

    Hope the hand specialist can give you better news.

    *And those boots look nice, who cares about fashion when you need your feet to stay warm!!!

  5. I’m not sure what your stance is on TV for Nolan but…

    I have an Ipod touch where I put things like Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora on so the little one has a bit of entertainment on the go (even in child unfriendly places). It makes waiting in doctor’s offices a whole lot easier even if it’s only for a few minutes… I know you have a Blackberry so if you can put some videos on that it may make your life easier.

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