Making up for lost time

I’ve been trying to organize my computer files, you know…get rid of the ones I don’t need, put the ones I want to keep forever in a certain file so I can back them up, that sort of thing. But I haven’t gotten very far in this chore, because I’ve just been watching videos of Nolan over the past little while. It’s been so long since I uploaded a video of Nolan doing something ridiculously cute, so I thought I’d make up for lost time!

Here are a bunch of videos of Nolan! I hope they make you smile, because they certainly make me smile ❤ my little man is a joy, a stubborn joy – but a joy.

Nolan, singing the “Chuggington” theme song.

Nolan, spending some time with his daddy!

You can sort of here some of his sentences here! ❤

Playing with the reindeer that came in the Christmas package from Eddie and Crystal!!

Playing with the reindeer again, only he burps epically 😉

That one is pretty old (and horrible quality, I think I took it with my BlackBerry), but I love his belly laugh and wanted to share it 🙂

I have been having a super serious case of Baby Fever as of late. I know, I know. BAD JESSICA, BAD! But really, he is so amazing and awesome, and I love him so much that I can’t be blamed for this. I blame him; and his awesomeness!



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5 responses to “Making up for lost time

  1. Blaine

    LMAO. Matt and Nolan dance the exact same way Eric and I do…

    I love the way they basically faceplant into the couch to get up on it. 😀

  2. ignotus mulier

    your kid is cute and hilarious. that is all

  3. Oh, those are adorable! And even though you didn’t get the box in time for a tree last year, at least he can enjoy the reindeer this year!

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