Facebook has made me develop a twitch in my left eye.

For two weeks now, my friends on Facebook have been unable to comment on or like any of my posts – status updates, links, even photos. They can only write on my wall. No, my account privacy settings haven’t changed – I even played around with them. Bottom line is everything should work like it did last month, but it doesn’t. I’ve tried to contact Facebook’s support department, but they don’t seem to have one. I reported this “bug” several times but never get a response. I found a “support group” called Friends Can’t Like Or Comment which is just full of people experiencing the same weird thing I am. Frankly, it’s annoying. When I post something to Facebook – whether it be a status update, a photo, or a link – I’m doing it because I want the feedback. So friends not being able to comment or like any of the stuff I post really takes the fun out of Facebook.

Apparently, several people [in that group] have been experiencing this bug for weeks now, and nobody seems to be able to get an answer out of Facebook. It’s really irritating. And I know, some of you are wondering why this is such a big deal – and it’s not, not really, but it’s incredibly irritating and frustrating.

So irritating and frustrating, in fact, that I went back to my old Facebook account, the one I decided to delete in January 2009 because I wanted to start fresh. I still have most of my Facebook friends from my old account (and am trying to re-add people I want), so it’s not like starting all over again, again. I didn’t want to do that. I would delete the other account entirely if I didn’t have so many pictures and videos I want to keep. It really sucks that Facebook is a lot like a scrapbook of memories for me, but it is what it is.

I guess the only perk from going back to my old old account is that I’ve found tons of old photos of me, and remembered a lot of fun experiences with friends.

Here are a few of them:

Outside my old house; JD and I were having a photoshoot, because that’s ALL we used to do in our spare time.

JD & I. I have no idea where we are, or what we’re doing. I look drunk though.

With my friend, Katlyn, during a random get together. Probably from early 2008.

Definitely early 2008; just after I got my lip pierced.

2007: the year I graduated high school. I look so young! It was only 3 years ago LOL! So much has changed…

2008: my 19th birthday: first time at a bar. I miss that shirt. A lot.

JD and I: photobooth love at the mall. Probably 2008.

March 2007: at a Blue Jays Game.

So, the flashback has been enjoyable, but I’m frustrated with Facebook still. The lack of help is the most irritating thing of all. The fact that this is still happening after a few weeks is just plain ridiculous. With all the millions Facebook makes, you’d think they’d be able to have a decent help department.

(Although, there is a theory that this is a Facebook “test” of some sorts…in any case, I’m not cool with it!).

After Christmas, I’m going to spend some money on myself and get a Flickr Pro account, then I won’t have to worry about losing all my photo memories. Facebook has shown me just how unreliable it is for what I use it for. So, Flickr Pro account here I come!

Facebook, you suck.

But I still love you.



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11 responses to “Facebook has made me develop a twitch in my left eye.

  1. Facebook is notorious for their “help department” not being helpful. Also, you can’t actually delete your account; they only let you “deactivate” it. I have so many issues with Facebook, I’m getting ready to delete everything out of my account and deactivate it… but I can’t, because I run several pages for clients. GRR.

    It’s definitely not you, though. They really suck. From all of the constant changes and weird bugs — a few of my clients have gotten stuck in this weird account validation loop — you’d think they were a bunch of high school kids just screwing around. They really don’t seem to have any idea what they’re doing. And, I just found out that they’re selling our information, and that’s why you can’t completely delete your account. I could go on.

    Anyway, I’m sorry this is happening. It’s complete bullshit. I say just backup all of your pictures and burn them onto a disk every month, that way no website or service can ever cost you your memories.

    And at least you still have your blog and Twitter for feedback, right? (;


    • Yep, you definitely can’t delete your account, cause if you could I wouldn’t have my old one lmao. I HATE that they are selling our information, and I hate that I’m so addicted to Facebook and probably couldn’t not have it…BUT, I’m not gonna use it the way I did before (as my album place, etc). I’m gonna get that Flickr Pro account. I can’t cut Facebook entirely out of my life because it’s how I communicate with a lot of my friends šŸ˜¦

      And you’re right, of course!!! It should be enough, but you know me šŸ˜‰ haha. Social networking JUNKIE!

      • I hate that they won’t let us delete our profiles, too. It’s our information; we should be able to delete it!

        It’s ridiculous that so many of us use it to stay in touch with people, and they know that and take advantage! I’m sure I could probably get along without it, but like I said, I have to have some sort of Facebook account because I need to manage clients’ pages.

  2. Flickr Pro is seriously the best purchase I’ve made in awhile.
    Another *decent* free for now suggestion is Photobucket. They do have size limits, and bandwidth limits, but as long as there’s no nudity, they won’t delete (or disappear). And it’s easy to get a second/third/forth account šŸ™‚

  3. Blaine

    You’re making me wish I used my flickr account more… Hmmm. It would be devastating to lose all of my uploaded photos/videos in the sense that I enjoy going back and re-reading the comments and what not.

    My Aunt has something set up so that when she posted new stuff to her flickr, it posts to facebook so people can go look. I should look into that and just start posting to flickr again…

  4. holy crap! you look so different/young… but obviously you’re SUCH a babe! meowza!

    ps- stoked that i can like/comment on your stuff again..


  5. I haven’t had the problems that you are, but they just updated to a new profile, so maybe try the now old/newer one and see if it’s working again if you revert to the new version of the profile.

  6. For photos I use Shutterfly. You get a free website for pics too. šŸ™‚ I’m using that now instead of Facebook. I just have a small album of pictures up so people can get a small look at my life.

  7. I love looking back at old photos – it’s like bringing past happiness to life.

  8. The first picture of us, is at McDonalds and yes, we were both drinking. lmao. šŸ˜› I went into my old account this morning, and totally found old old pictures. It’s awesome looking back most times. šŸ™‚

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