A Lifetime of Happiness

I received the most wonderful package today in the mail, from my good friend Mandy. I eagerly opened up the package and pulled out the little note, grinning like a fool as I read what she had to say (and giggling at her little P.S. Smarties are cooler than Rockets 😛). She made us a beautiful photo book of our special day!

I’m not gonna lie, I was so thrilled with it I started to cry – happy tears, of course! She did such a beautiful job on it!

The photo book with the American Smarties Mandy sent us! (Matt doesn’t get any, cause HE drank all my cherry Dr. Pepper)

The first page!!!

Getting ready 🙂

Getting dressed 🙂


Photos from the ceremony with our vows and my wedding flowers!!

Love it. ALL.

“A Lifetime of Happiness”

Didn’t she do an amazing job? She captivated the entire essence of our wedding. I love this photo book, so much. I’m so spoiled by Mandy; not only did she do a wonderful job as the photographer at our wedding, but she’s gone above and beyond everything I expected! A photo book? I am the luckiest girl in the world 🙂

And the Smarties are pretty fantastic, too 😉

Mandy: you rock. Seriously! I couldn’t ask for a better friend!


(And anybody in the Michigan area looking for a good photographer, I totally suggest Mandy and then some. She’s awesome!!!)

Dear Mandy: why can’t we live closer to each other? 🙂

Photography by Mandy Getschman



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10 responses to “A Lifetime of Happiness

  1. apandorabox

    loved loved LOVED the photobook!!!

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  3. Oh, that is gorgeous! She did a really nice job with it (and the photos, of course)!

    And mmn, Smarties! 😀

  4. Wow! She did an amazing job on the photo book! YAY Mandy! And now you have a beautiful keepsake for your wedding day 🙂

  5. Haha I’m surfing the internet while in class and the teacher is lecturing but OMG I’m grinning ear-to-ear cuz I’ve been dying to hear your reaction to it!

    Miss you lots and enjoy ❤

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