Cause he’s awesome.

The last few days have been…snowy. So Nolan and I haven’t left the house much. Cold white snow is awesome and all, but not THAT much of it…there’s so much snow that when you set your toddler down to play he disappears in a snow drift.

We did have to leave the house yesterday, for a doctor’s appointment. Nolan is doing very well – he’s above where he “needs to be” developmentally speaking, and he’s growing great but we need to fatten him up, just a little bit. Nolan is a very picky eater, so this is going to be a challenge! I’ve had better luck sneaking in meats thanks to my blender, though! Now there’s a trick I wish we had learned earlier…sigh. In addition, the lucky kid gets to eat more milkshakes (with powdered milk added for the proteins), and cottage cheese too.

You know what’s really frustrating? Trying to buy fatty foods now a days. Right after hearing that Nolan could stand to gain more weight (and getting a suggestion paper on how to sneak more proteins into the foods he DOES and will eat – totally helpful!), I went grocery shopping and had the hardest time finding fatty foods. Or at least whole foods. Everything was “low-fat” this and that. It was incredibly ridiculous! But I found some stuff, so we’re good!

We also got out for a little bit today….we went to my neighbor’s house for some lunch and a play date! I love watching Nolan interact with other kids. He’s the sweetest! So, that was fun. Then we came home, I found an awesome package at my door and Nolan had a nap. Then I scrubbed the hell out of my stove and researched winter tire options because apparently our little town has the most snow in Ontario…and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

{HOLY SHIT: those Canadian Tire commercials that say “winter happens fast” are right. I totally feel like this happened in the blink of an eye, even though it didn’t.}

And now, some super cute photos of Nolan over the past little while, because I love them and you love them and he’s awesome.

I really have no idea how he managed that one…SNORT

I warned him I would post that shit online. NOSE PICKER ❤

“Hey ma! Let’s take ALL the Tupperware out of the drawers!”

Nolan’s new ability: able to climb the kitchen chairs. Add THAT to the resume & we’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Yup, a definite recipe for disaster.

This boy in his mix-matched PJs is my whole entire world. ❤



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8 responses to “Cause he’s awesome.

  1. Even candies are deemed “low-fat!” I’ll never forget the first time I noticed “only x grams of trans fat” on my Skittles. Like, seriously?! Who cares about how much fat is in something? Just enjoy it, and enjoy it in small quantities if you’re concerned about your weight! I say life is short, EAT!

    Nolan is too cute. My sister was a super picky eater at his age, and she eventually grew out of it. Same with my four-year-old cousin. She was just as picky as my sister at that age, but she grew out of it, too. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


    • I remember the first time I saw “low-fat” candy…and I died laughing. If someone’s going to eat CANDY, why the hell would they care if it’s low-fat? Candy is bad regardless (with the amount of sugar). As I always say; go big or go home!!!

      I know, it’s definitely a stage with him, but I want to coax him out of it earlier…I have been concerned about his weight gain (or lack there of). I need to fatten him up just a little bit and then the mommy guilt will go away!

  2. shruthi

    That smile in the first picture is simply killer. Look at him! 😀

  3. ignotus mulier

    the picture of him picking his nose… and your caption… are awesome.

  4. String cheese (whole milk) sticks are great for a fatty yet healthyish snack. My daughter loves them!

    I had my kitchen chairs on my table for weeks because she would climb them at all times… giving me mini heart attacks in the process. Good luck! If it’s any consolation, she no longer needs to be strapped to a booster seat at meals because she now thinks the chairs are a treat… LOL

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