Oh the weather outside is frightful

We’ve been getting pummeled with snow today, it hasn’t let up even a little bit. I have absolutely no desire to leave my house at all today, despite the growing list of errands I need to run and things I need to pick up. It’s just snows heavier every minute that goes by!

Our porch…covered in snow!

Snow covered road & the neighbors drive way. Some of our outdoor decorations (the wreath that is slowly making its way down the railing, lol)

It just occurred to me that we are leaving to visit family in Southern Ontario in less than four days. Four days. I still haven’t finished our Christmas shopping yet, or gotten the winter tires on the car yet (Matt was supposed to do that Friday, but his teacher gave him two more make up assignments so he instead worked on those). The winter tires will be put on the car tomorrow at some point (for sure) and the Christmas present for my brother-in-law will be picked up at the same time.

Then I just have to worry about Karen’s boys, little gifts for our parents and grandparents, and a couple more things for Nolan. I want to get him a few books (since I haven’t yet! GASP!) and a couple of Melissa and Doug toys. He loves puzzles, and stacking toys. He already has a few but you can never have too many puzzles or stacking toys, am I right?

I also wanted to bake goodies for our family members, but I’m not too sure if that’s a feasible idea or not, what with the limited amount of time I have before we leave. In any case I want to try, and I was going to run out to the grocery store today to pick up ingredients I don’t have. However, with this snow, that’s just not going to happen today. Unless I make my husband go when he gets back* from studying with the wolf pack**

This week I still have to pack and finish Christmas shopping – and braving the mall right now is a challenge, what with all the last-minute shoppers. It’s always crowded, especially on weekends. So I’m not really looking forward to that…

Plus I’ll want to super clean my house for when we’re gone. Which means I really need to get on Matt’s back about taking that box to the Salvation Army. Not only is it an eye sore, but it’s taking up TONS of valuable space in our tiny bedroom. SIGH.

Question: does anyone else obsessively clean their house before leaving? I love coming home to a clean house!

So, this week is going to be incredibly busy. I constantly worried that I’ll end up forgetting something, I just hope it isn’t super important. Like the presents. Or the stockings. Or Kevin the bear and the giraffe (if I forget his stuffies, Nolan will NOT SLEEP AT ALL). Obviously, to prevent this from happening I am making a packing list…let’s just hope I don’t forget to look at it before we leave!!

Anyways, here are some web cam pictures of Nolan and I from today; this is how we’re killing time! (please excuse the mess that is my laundry nook…it’s a laundry day***).

He crawled up on the chair behind me so he could point at the laundry shelf & talk about how messy it is haha.

He is just so sweet and funny!



Big Grins!!!

Then I taught Nolan how to take pictures on the web cam!!

He loved it!

Nolan and I don’t have any plans at all for this afternoon, and it’s glorious! I’m going to start dinner in an hour or so, and in the mean time we’re watching Christmas specials and playing with Tupperware!!! WEEE!

*It’s apparently really difficult to study with a toddler in the house, and I’ve been doing laundry all day long too, so poor Matt couldn’t concentrate. Plus I am NO help whatsoever when it comes to blueprint reading and Math!

**The “wolf pack” is Matt’s college group of friends ~ that’s what they call themselves. They’re really great guys, and equally as determined as Matt is to get good grades and graduate – yet they still manage to fit in a little fun. They’re also his work out pals.

***Seems like every day is laundry day in our house. Sigh.



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10 responses to “Oh the weather outside is frightful

  1. Blaine

    I’m one of those last minute shoppers, too, but only because we had smaller paychecks the last few, and Thursdays will allow us to have the extra money to spend. YAY for being caught up on bills enough to have Christmas present money! lol

    My plan for Thursday (since my list will easily fill 3 carts, including the groceries I need to buy…) is to go early and try to get as much done with Chris’ help as I can. There’s one thing I need to buy without him knowing, but I don’t know if I will be able to. If Eric starts acting up, I’ll be dropping off Eric and Chris and going back out by myself, so I *might* be able to get out again by myself. lol

    I *want* to make my Mom’s cookies, this year, BUT, not sure if I’ll have the time/energy/desire. lol Plus, I always eat at least half of them. 😀 DELICIOUS!

    Oh man, you just reminded me I need to drop off a bunch of stuff to the local store here that takes donations. Plus we’ve got some stuff Chris has to run to a dumpster… hmmm…

    “Question: does anyone else obsessively clean their house before leaving?”

    YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I get more stressed out trying to make sure it’s clean before we leave than I do about making sure we pack in time. Chris hates it, but we’re so tired when we get back, that I just don’t want to find moldy dishes on the counter/sink/dishwasher and old food in the fridge, the house smelling of old garbage, dirty toilets, etc. You know what I mean, so my little rant was redundant, but STILL. Yes.

    We make a big enough mess hauling everything back in the house, that I wouldn’t want to trip over toys and be annoyed by smelly dirty stuff. 😦

    Put a note on your door reminding you to check the list before you go. My list is always made about a week before we go when we go to my parents house 7 hours away, and I usually think of about a dozen things to add to it. I should really just type it out one of these days, so I can have most of it on there, and just add in little things that change (new stuffies/toys, etc.).

    What mess are you talking about in the laundry nook? I see detergent up on the shelf… please don’t say you seriously consider that messy? lol

    Eric loves taking photos of himself on my cell phone. The only issue is the quality – it’s crap. (The VGA camera one the screen side so he can see himself, anyway. The other one is great, but he can’t see himself. First world complaint, much?)

    That’s great that Matt has the WP, probably easier to keep on the right path and stay motivated when a bunch of others have the same POV. 😀

    What is *with* the sheer amount of laundry there is in a small family of 3? Seriously? It’s insane how much laundry we do here, too. :S

    • It’s also SO glorious coming home to a clean smelling house and clean counters/tables, no pressure to do anything but unpack and unwind!

      I have to wait until we get snow tires on the car (Matt’s supposed to take it in today) before I can venture in this great white stuff to get my shopping done. Plus, I need him to shovel the driveway! The snow is WAY to heavy for my weak self to shovel, plus I’m not “supposed” to haha.

      I honestly don’t know what’s with the amount of laundry a family of 3 has…good luck with 4!!!! I’m *almost* done laundry, I just have to do our sheets…although I’ll probably wait until the day before we leave, that way THEY are clean too for when we come home 🙂

  2. That’s a LOT of snow! If it snowed half of that here, everything would paralyzed for weeks, haha… oh and I always clean before I leave for a few days, too. I think it’s horrible coming home after a long trip and having a messy house!

    • Oh yes, it’s a lot of snow, but our town is still kicking it in high gear. The folks in this town are “used” to the great dumpings of snow that happen yearly. It’s only my second winter, and last year was difficult to adjust to – even though EVERYONE said it was a mild winter.
      This one is much rougher, so…yay?!

      I agree with you, I love coming home to a clean house!! Soo nice!

  3. I see pictures OF the snow, but no pictures of you and Nolan PLAYING in the glorious snow? lol. Uhm, wtf? lol. 😛 I *wish* I could come down and see you like I was supposed to be going down on Thursday, but with us having not moving on the weekend like planned, we have to move this week/weekend, as well as an xmas party with C’s dad’s side of the family, PLUS WE still need to decorate for xmas! 😦 omgosh, too much is going on.

    • Yesterday was FAR too windy to take him outside it – twas literally a blizzard.

      And also; I’m leaving this Thursday anyway (or Friday, depends on the weather), so I guess that KINDA works out. Will you be visiting your parents any time from the 19th to the 28th of December? 🙂

  4. Kim

    I wish we were getting some of that snow instead of the rain and ice we’ve gotten. I want to take my son sledding and build a snowman but we haven’t gotten any snow that has stuck to the ground yet.
    And I always clean before traveling unless I’m in a hurry and waited last minute then I just throw everything in the closet or spare room so I don’t have to see it when I come back haha.

    • That is a benefit to the snow we’re getting, for sure! Only the snow isn’t “packing snow” (it’s too powdery) and Nolan doesn’t have a sled just yet (he’s getting one for Christmas!!). I hope you guys get snow soon, and I hope our snow becomes packing snow so we can make a snowman!

      And I’ll probably end up hiding the mess hehe I figure I’m ahead of the game if all the dishes are clean and the garbage is out. 🙂

  5. Oh man, four days?! I’d be panicking, too. I like making lists to help me feel organized and to remember everything that needs to be done. You’ll be okay. Just take it one thing at a time!

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