Dear sinus cold; p’off.

Exhale. So, we somehow managed to pull it off. Even with the afternoon coffee and cake visit at my SIL, Nat’s, and even with me panicking thinking I was not going to get everything finished…we somehow did. Almost, anyway. There is still the last-minute things to pack – the toothbrushes, my makeup bag, Nolan’s baby monitors and stuffed animals, and a couple of his toys. We still have to load the car, but Matt’s going to do that first thing in the morning, since it’s pitch black outside.

I am so excited to see my family! It’s been too long. It sucks being so far away from everyone, but I do love this town. In the past year, it has become home. I’m comfortable here. But I miss being around the corner from my sisters, Matt’s mom and my dad. I miss that so much. It’s hard now, because when we go down it’s only for a little bit. I know that we’re gone for a while this time (from tomorrow – the 17th – until the 28th or 29th), but it still doesn’t feel like nearly enough time to see everyone I want to. We have a lot of family members, and I would ideally like to fit in seeing some close friends too, but who knows if that will happen? Already our schedule is jammed packed and we aren’t even there yet.


I’m not really looking forward to the massive House Hop we’re going to be doing, either. It’ll be great seeing everyone and spending time with them, but it’s a lot of work to move all the baby gear and our gear around. For the first few days, we will be staying with my dad. Then we’ll be going to my sister, Kate’s house for two days, then to Matt’s mom’s house for two days, then to Shannon’s for two, then back to Kate’s and maybe back to Kim’s. Holy hops, right? But it will be worth it to get to spend time with each and every one of those people 🙂 plus, we won’t be underfoot too long at each place. I’m always scared of becoming a nuisance when I stay over at someone’s house for a significant amount of time. And I know, they are family and don’t care, but it’s hard to shake that mentality.

My dad has scored some furniture for us, so Matt gets to drive all the way back home with it, unload, spend the night here (because to drive a full 8 hours plus in one day is kind of hard), then drive back down South. I’m excited to have a comfy sofa and chair, even though it’s not exactly modern or “hip”; but it won’t bruise my bottom!!!

The futon was a great savior from sitting on the floor, and I do wish that we had more space in our rather small living room so that we could keep our “guest bed”, but it is going to go back to its original owners: Matt’s mommy! I’m so very grateful that she let us borrow it.

ANYWAYS, the coffee and cake visit at Nat’s house was super awesome. I always love hanging out with Nat and Darren and their little one. Nolan and Aaron are hilarious together; they have such fun! And Nolan is such a smart little bugger, poor Nat had to put him on time out so many times because he kept touching the tree*. But he wowed us all with his intellect. Darren put up a baby gate to keep the kiddos in the living room, and Nolan started pointing to the kitchen and saying “wanna go through!”

I have no idea where he learned that one. I mean, I talk in complete sentences to him and always have, but I can’t ever remember explaining/teaching the “going through” concept. It’s like he’s teaching himself!

So, that was adorable. It’s been a while since we saw them, so Aaron was now crawling and he has the cutest “war cry” ever. Nolan just didn’t know what to do with him; Aaron is a pretty big boy (he weighs 25 pounds!), so getting rushed by Aaron at sort of made Nolan uneasy. He kept giving him this look.

I, unfortunately, forgot my camera. I did take a few pictures of the kiddos ripping into their Christmas presents on my BlackBerry but the quality seriously sucks. {Note to self: FIND AND PACK CAMERA}.

So yeah; today was pretty stellar! I hope when I wake up tomorrow, this sinus cold is gone though. I can’t imagine having it for the next week and a half…traveling and staying with family while being sick? Not so cool. But you can’t cancel Christmas over a little cold!!

*My sister suggested having the “house owners” of wherever we were visiting implicate the rules, since Nolan has such a difficult time listening to US. It worked! He listened to Nat very well. He did try to disobey her a few times, but she put him on a time out and he graciously did the time for his crime. Then he hugged her and carried on playing away from the tree.


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One response to “Dear sinus cold; p’off.

  1. I so empathise with the sinus cold. I’m suffering with it now and I have to dance at my best friend’s wedding. Hate it.
    Get well soon and have an awesome trip!

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