Plumpy Peachy

So, remember how I wrote about all the things I wanted to do before we left?

I’ve like, barely done any of them. Here’s a wee little peak at my to-do list, chalk full of excuses for some most of it didn’t get done [yet? ever?]:

  • Finish Christmas shopping.Okay, so this is nearly done but only because Matt and I decided that we were not going to buy for each other, or do stockings, because we’d rather save that money. And also because Matt told me that if I brought one. more. thing. home for Nolan, he’d flip shit. hehe. I still have to pick up things for our parents/grandparents, only I ran away crying because  I couldn’t find ANY parking spots left at Walmart, not even in the back forty! I’ll make Matt pick them up later on tonight…
  • Clean the house.Okay, this one is also sorta done. I mean, I still have to do a quick run through and dishes and what not, but I mega cleaned yesterday before my SMIL came over for dinner. So, WIN!
  • Get caught up on laundry. Almost done this too…just a load or two left from the last two days.
  • Check oil, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, etc on the car. Buy extras.Matt’s going to do this. Later.
  • Take the stuff to the drop box. Matt is also going to do this, later.
  • Prepare Sketch’s stuff.JDC (SMIL) is actually going to take her for the week or so that we’re gone. This way she’ll have company, and not be home alone.
  • Pack. There’s a perfectly good reason why that’s not done, promise…I’ve been doing laundry? 😀
  • Drop Sketch off at JDC’s. Matt’s doing this tonight!
  • Load car and make sure everything’s good under the hood. Can’t do this until we buy the crap and pack right?!

So, yeah. I guess I accomplished a little more than I thought I did, but am sort of stuck in this weird limbo of not wanting to do anything but chill out because I know we’re just going to be go-go-going the next week or so. And, it’s not for lack of trying…I have tried to get motivated! I even got dressed up and went out to buy the last minute gifts for parents/grandparents, and couldn’t find a parking spot.

But look! I is all pretty and stuff, thanks to Elle and her plumpy peachy lip gloss gift!

I also did my hair! Originally, I just tossed it up to keep it out of my face while I did my makeup, but then I sorta liked it so it’s staying! What do y’all think?!

I guess I’m not freaking out (yet, anyway) about my to-do list because Matt keeps telling me not to, that we have plenty of time, and I know that two hands are better than one!

Not to mention, I have a sinus cold and it super sucks. Nolan also has it. We seem to be sick now like ALL the time. Fabulous? My sister-in-law thinks it’s my kitty cat, because she has the same problem when she’s around cats – she’s allergic to them, but not in an “obvious” way, being around them just compromises her immune system.

BUT, I am committed to my furbaby (even if she IS a crazy psycho bitch who likes to chew on cords), so I don’t really know what to do about that (if it’s true). Nolan always gets sick from me and I from him, but Matt can’t get sick off either of us and Nolan and I can’t get sick of him. So, it’s sorta good? Now if only Nolan and/or I would stop getting sick in the first place, we’d have a healthy not-sick household!

Anyways, the wee man is up from his nap now, and I should try and kick it into high gear and get cleaning. We’re supposed to head over to Matt’s brother’s house for a little kiddo gift exchange too, so yeah…must kick it into high gear quick times!

P.S. You probably won’t be hearing much from me while we’re gone, except for quick little updates from my BlackBerry (on the days it chooses to work). But no worries! We’ll be back soon!!!


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