sick like a dog

Basically since we left for our family vacation, I’ve been sick. Originally with a cold, but now its developed to the most painful throat infection. It really puts a damper on this trip, I haven’t been able to drink or stay up late 😦 but I’m not complaining, really! I’ve gotten tons of awesome visits in with family and friends.

Nolan also has been feeling under the weather, and the last several nights he’s woken up freaking out around 11pm. He doesn’t want to eat, have a drink or need a diaper change. He just wants more sleep but, I guess, gets mad that he woke up? In any case, we’ve all lost sleep!

I’m not sure when we’re heading back yet. Matt needs to drive the van with our new old furniture up North first, so Nolan and I will stay down here (with my car). Matt would like a few days of rest before we drive home again, so our departure date is up in the air!

Hopefully my throat/sinus infection clears up soon so I can enjoy the rest of our trip. Tomorrow, I hope to fit in a couple visits with some old friends. (If they still want to hang out with me, despite my sickie-poos).
While although I’m having fun here, I miss my computer! Posting from the Blackberry is fine and all, but it cramps your hands if your write too much!

I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays! Can’t wait to read about your adventures!


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