not part of my plan…

Being away from home with a toddler is usually – at most – tiresome. You don’t have ALL your gear, or all his toys. You don’t have the comfort of knowing that yes, you CAN make 2 or 3 meals for him to eat if he’s being picky because you’re not in your kitchen.

Being away from home with a toddler while you’re both sick is utterly exhausting. I have no patience, or energy. This is not the vacation I had in mind.

I’ve muscled through Christmas and visits with family and I did enjoy myself, but we’ve been down South since December 20th and I’ve been sick that long. Of course, its gotten progressively worse. I now have a touch of the flu to add to my growing list of ailments. I’ve spent the last two days in my PJs (after the errands I ran yesterday, I mean). I’ve had to cancel visits with my friends, which I was really looking forward too. I haven’t even called a few of them that I was planning on calling, because I don’t want to get them (and their gorgeous kiddies) sick.

So, yeah. This sucks. I’m thankful I got to come down and spend Christmas with my family but I am so over being sick. I just want to feel better and enjoy what’s left of this visit.

Tomorrow, I need to somehow find the energy to pack up all our gear and go to my sisters house for two days. Matt is up North for the night (he’s driving back tomorrow, but won’t get here until – at earliest – tomorrow afternoon), having dropped off our new old furniture and Christmas presents, so I’ve been without his help today and will be again tomorrow. So that should be fun. I am looking forward to hanging with Kate though.

We won’t be leaving until Sunday, I think. Matt wants to stay in town for New Years. I guess it doesn’t matter where I am, because its highly unlikely that I’ll be feeling up to it. Or have a sitter, for that matter. Frankly, if I’m still this sick, I’ll want to go home as soon as humanly possible.

Well, enough whining…how are your Christmas vacations going?



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4 responses to “not part of my plan…

  1. I’m sick too, so I totally feel your pain. I have a sinus infection. Saline spray has become my best friend.

    Other than that, things are pretty good. I don’t have any deadlines with work, so I basically just check my work email in the morning, and so far there hasn’t been anything too involving. Today I had no emails at all, and my new client canceled our meeting for tomorrow, so I’m pretty much on vacation now. It kind of sucks, since I’d have liked to get this new project started next week (the sooner it starts, the sooner I can finish and get paid), but on the other hand, I’ve been whining that I wanted a vacation, so I should just shut up and enjoy it. 😀

    I hope you start feeling better so that you can enjoy your vacation!! ❤

  2. I agree with everything you said about being away with a toddler. It’s so hard! Hang in there woman! Feel better, being sick and having a kid is so hard. :(.

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