Highlights from 2010

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? 2010 was full of amazing memories and milestones. There was some bad in there, of course…not a year passes with complete awesome, there is always a price to pay. In this post I want to highlight all the great {and bad} aspects that 2010 brought for me.

  1. The move up North. This was a terrifying yet liberating move. I have always lived at least 5 minutes away from my immediate family, so I wasn’t sure at all how I would do moving 4.5 hours away. It was scary at first, but I became more independent and self efficient. I still miss being 5 minutes away from my sisters and dad, but we won’t always be this far apart!
  2. My parent’s split. This isn’t one of those “good” highlights of 2010, but rather one of the things that has had a huge impact on me. I truthfully didn’t see it coming, and their split shook the foundation of what I knew and what I thought I knew, but I learned a lot from their experiences and believe that Matt and I grew as a couple from this. I never really blogged about it before; because it wasn’t my story to tell. But I guess it’s “old news now”.
  3. When we became “Debt-Free”. Thanks to our move up North, we were able to work off all of our consumer debt. This is one of those greater parts to 2010! We celebrated by buying a truck for Matt and getting married…which brings me to my next highlight….
  4. Getting married. Even though both of our parents were going through separations, Matt and I choose this year to get married and I’m thankful we did. I waited so long to walk down the aisle into his arms, and it was everything I ever imagined and more! I will always have the fondest of memories when I look back on our wedding day 🙂 it was perfect. The best part? We’re MARRIED! He’s my husband now 😉
  5. Matt starting college. I am so proud of him, he is doing amazing and just flourishing. He is learning something that he loves to do, and I love that he loves it so much. Watching his face light up as he talks about the welding projects he’s doing just makes my heart flutter! We are lucky that he enjoys the profession he has chosen so much!
  6. Moving out…again. At the beginning of 2010, we moved in with Matt’s dad and step-mom to get out of debt. In September, we moved into our first apartment up North. We’ve had two apartments together prior, but that was back when we didn’t know our ass from our elbows and were just “playing house”. Having our own space again is just…amazing. It’s allowed us to grow as a couple, and as a family. Sure, money is a lot tighter, but it’s worth it.

And then, of course, there is the every day things that I am thankful for: each day with my beautiful baby boy and my handsome husband, the food in our cupboards and the clothes on our back. Our home, our family and our friends. The opportunities that we’ve been given, both individually and as a family. I love everything about our lives together. I love the little moments that humble your soul, like when Nolan points at his Nana’s dog Bison and says “GO Bizon!” or when he tells me he loves daddy more.

2010 was amazing; 2010 taught me a lot about family, friends and love. 2010 brought so many beautiful and wonderful memories with my wee family. I just know that 2011 will be just as awesome! In 2011, we have these wonderful things to look forward to:

  • The arrival of several new baby beans! {not us, unfortunately, but hopefully we will be ready soon!}
  • My husband’s graduation from his welding/pipe fitting program!
  • Moving back down south to be closer to where the majority of our family and friends are {um; maybe. I’m back and forth about this. Matt will support me on wherever I want to go, but I love so many people in both towns! It’s a hard decision!}

As well as all the lovely surprises that will surely happen!

And of course, I’ll be blogging about it all 😉

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!!! ❤



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6 responses to “Highlights from 2010

  1. “as well as the lovely surprises that will surely happen” lol. hopefully a second matt and jessica baby? im rooting for a yes. and if not…then MOVING HOME so I can visit you! lol.

  2. It’s been a crazy year for both us. Next year will be full of awesome too!

  3. I loved this post! I’m going to copy you. Heh.

    I’m so glad that moving away helped you guys. There’s nothing like forcing yourself into a situation. You really do gain a lot from it, and accomplish much more than when you felt comfortable. It really works for, like, everything! Taking that first step is scary, but well worth it, and I’m glad you guys got so much out of it. Whether you choose to stay or move back, you will still be able to visit your friends and family. I can totally understand the dilemma, though. Whatever you choose, it’ll work out. ❤

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