New Years Day

Today was…fairly decent. There were moments that sort of sucked {like me breaking my mother-in-law’s homemade, one of a kind sugar bowl, and a silly petty argument} but the good moments far outweighed the sucky ones. Some small insight to our day:

Nolan; snuggling me. He rested on my lap & watched TV for all of…2.5 seconds! heh. Still, I treasure these cuddle moments! Even if they end all too soon!

Laying in my arms. He actually stayed there for 5 minutes! {he was getting tired}

Favourite picture that I took today! Nolan’s super huge grin, and squinty eyes. Nana was offering him some juice when I broke out the camera hehe

Cuddles with his daddy!

Honestly? I am so blessed. I know that, I’m reminded that every moment of every day. My son is simply amazing; his personality is so bright and bold and beautiful. He’s a jokester like his papa, stubborn like his mama and generally just a happy kid. By nature! Even when he’s sick he’s smiling 98% of the time. I love it. Even if he does test waters {um; A LOT}. Didn’t I mention he has his mother’s stubborn personality? Heh.

And my husband is pretty rad too. Sure, we have our moments {doesn’t everybody?} but Matt is very attentive to both Nolan and I, he treats us like gold and he works super hard and loves us to the moon and back and then some. So basically? I hit the family jackpot πŸ˜‰

After dinner tonight, Nolan was absolutely hilarious. I wish I had taken a video of his antics! I was sitting in the rocking chair, and he kept backing away from me with a huge silly grin on his face and then he’d run into my arms and giggle. After about 5 minutes, he got bored with this game and calmly walked over to me. He looked up at me those big blue eyes and said “baafff???”, then started to take his pants off. He said “baafff?!” again and ran towards the stairs {Nana’s bath tubs are upstairs}. This is the first time he’s actually asked for a bath. Usually, we’ll start getting him ready for his bath and I’ll tell him he’s having one and he’ll repeat “baafff” but, like I said…this is the first time he’s asked for one.

And it completely blew me away. What a beautiful start to a new year! A reminder that my child is learning and growing so much each day. He’s looking more and more like a boy-child and less and less like a boy-baby.

His Nana lives right in front of the train tracks, so every time he hears the train coming he pumps his arm and says “WOO WOO?” and runs to the back sliding door to get a better look at the train. He loves trains. He got a small wooden 3 piece train from his great grandparent’s and when we were watching Chuggington Boxing Day morning, he grabbed the train set from his pile of toys and started playing with it as he watched the show.

Isn’t it funny {and completely sweet} how little things like that can completely blow your mind and leave you in an emotional puddle of your own happy tears? Yeah, my eyes well up every time he learns something new or does something for the first time.

So, yeah…many lovely aspects for today…but I was a complete emotional wreck which just seemed to intensify the not so great parts of today. But oh well!

I’ve got my hopes set on something, and I really hope that we can go. I am dying to go to the 2011 Winterlude. I’ve been dying to visit O-town for quite some time, ever since I got jacked out of my grade 7 trip. Our school canceled the trip because they were worried about tourist attacks, as 9-11 had unfortunately happened at the beginning of 7th grade. {Note: every time I mention 9-11, I pause and take a moment of silence for all the lives that were lost. It still breaks my heart that so many lives were tragically lost 😦 pause with me?}.

Anyways, so no trip for our 7th grade class, and my curiosity of O-town was sparked. I want to visit the museums, sweet cafes and the shops and all the other tourist spots! I even have a tourist guide πŸ˜‰ hehe.

So I’ve made my wish very clear to the hubs! I think it would be absolutely remarkable to take Nolan to see those ice sculptures. And maybe, just maybe {if we really like it!} we’ll make it a yearly family thing πŸ˜€

Added to my list of goals: save enough money for this trip!

{Which reminds me: we need to save up some money to invest in some actual luggage bags}.

Fingers crossed! I SO WANT TO GO!


P.S. Since New Years Day is only for another few hours, I wanted to do this little thing I just saw on Heather’s blog, Being Myself Tonight: she wrote about things she’s leaving in 2010. I think it’s a fabulous idea; and I’d like to say that I am also going to leave the negative behind ~ whether it’s directed at myself or someone else. I’m going to leave behind any resentment I’ve had towards the people in my life, and move forward with those relationships. Basically; ditto what Heather said {except for the weight loss thing, because I haven’t lost any weight haha – although, I’d like to!}.

What are you leaving behind in 2010?



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8 responses to “New Years Day

  1. That is a good idea! Leaving resentment behind in the past and start fresh and move forward with “stuff”. I may have to try this, although I am sure it will be hard for me. I hope I can do this though, because then this year will start fresh and no hate towards anyone. πŸ™‚ Good Idea.

  2. Those are great things to leave behind! Especially with some of your situations! You can do it! *hugs*

  3. You DID hit the family jackpot! Happy New Year sweetie!

    PS: Great idea leaving those things behind. You’ll be happy you did.


    i woke up new years day to a picture of nolan wearing those and despite how hungover i was, and how drunkenly sleepy dan was i actually skreeee’ed, woke him up, and told him to look at your beautiful baby. he was all “why do you keep showing me pictures of this baby”, and i’m always like “UM, DUDE, HE’S THE BEST BABY EVER, THAT’S WHY!”

    i seriously have the biggest crush on your family. gimme, gimme.


    • Love his rocket jammies, but he’s beginning to grow out of them 😦 yay for growing, boo for growing out of the rocket jammies 😦 sniffles. HAHA, they aren’t for sale sorry…today anyway…haha! You’ll soon have your own beautiful family and we’ll soon be doing baby swap pictures via bbm ❀

      *so get on with the baby making stuffs.

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