Our Day {Thus Far}

Since we have been out of town since the 17th of December, our refrigerator and cupboards were in serious need of restocking, so we decided to go out for breakfast this morning. We choose the 50s diner around the corner from our house ~ the one I used to work at. I left on good terms {I simply couldn’t physically handle the job, but loved the girls and the atmosphere} so I love going there still. Plus, the food is amazing!

Nolan was fairly good ~ a little whiny while we waited for our food because he was super hungry. But the waitress brought him a colour book, so they both had fun with that…

{even when he’s squinting at me, he’s handsome ā¤ hehe}

Usually when we’re out for a meal, we don’t order for Nolan because he generally is okay with sharing my food or Matt’s…but today, Nolan was super hungry and ate both my two over-easy eggs, a sausage, countless homefries, and a piece of toast off my plate alone. Off Matt’s, he had another egg and some ham. So I think we’re going to start ordering a kids meal for our little pig boy!

Just let me say: I am glad Nolan’s appetite is increasing again. He’s getting over the sickies, and I hope that he continues to eat more! Nothing like a fat baby to make a mama happy!

After our breakfast, we headed to Walmart to get some stuff. Walmart is always a bad idea, you go in for a few things and come out with a lot more than you intended on…but I still had fun with my boys! I saw a Christmas tree I really wanted for only $22 on sale, but Matt reminded me that we just don’t have the space to store anything seasonal right now. {He’s right, of course!}.

Then we went to the grocery store. One of our Christmas presents was a gift card for the grocery store {a fabulous idea, if I do say so myself. Who doesn’t like having their groceries paid for them!?}. By this point, Nolan was super cranky. He was tired of sitting in carts {or a high chair} and just wanted down to play. I let Matt handle paying for the groceries and walked outside with Nolan…holding his little hand…until we got to the parking lot, then I picked him up and carried him to the car.

When we got home, Matt and I put away groceries and the other stuff we bought while Nolan “helped”. Then we opened our new crock pot, veggie steamer, and Corningware dishes {yay for Christmas presents!} as well as Nolan’s Little People Farm. šŸ˜€ Nolan had a snack of yogurt {which he insisted upon: he went to the fridge when I was putting away the milk and grabbed it} while Matt took out the recycling. It’s crazy how much recycling Christmas produces! I can’t remember if recycling is this week or next, but I’m hoping it’s this week.

After all that, Matt went ice fishing with his friends. Nolan and I had a quick lunch of cream cheese on bread {a favourite of his} and I let him drink out of the big boy cup. I wanted to get a picture of his cute little “milk mustache”, but my camera and phone weren’t close and I didn’t want to leave him alone with an entire cup of milk…just imagine the mess that would bring! But I assure you: it was cute!

Nolan had his nap while I cleaned, and when he woke up we cuddled on the couch and watched an episode of Thomas and Friends.

He was a little whiny after nap time, and he’s been chewing on his fingers so I’m pretty sure he’s getting more molars. When, exactly, does teething end? Sigh. At least he doesn’t seem to be in too much discomfort.

He’s also been playing with his Little People farm nonstop since Matt took it out of the packaging, and it doesn’t even have batteries in it! I’m wondering if I could get away with not putting them in, since he doesn’t even know it makes noise and is content to just play with it as is? Yes, I’m a little selfish haha! But the amount of noise all his toys generate is just grating sometimes! Might as well eliminate one, right?!

We’ve had tons of fun today, and I’m pretty exhausted! But in a good way, yanno? I’ve accomplished a lot {it feels, anyway}. Grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, playing with my little man…it’s been a great day! After this post, Nolan and I are going to head outside to play with his new sled. For dinner, I’m planning on making pork chops, side kicks, potatoes, and veggies. Maybe some fish too, if Matt and his friend catch anything. His friend is coming over for dinner, and to hang out with Matt after Nolan’s in bed. I believe they are going to play some video games haha. I’ll probably be going to bed early, since I’m already running on low energy!

So, that’s my day {so far, anyway}. How’s yours? I know many kiddos are back and school, and many people are back at work today. I am thankful that my husband doesn’t go back to school until the 10th, and that I don’t need to work until then either*.

*I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not yet, but I have the girls back again! She decided receipts weren’t important to her, and I’ll have them 3 times a week at scheduled times.YAY!



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4 responses to “Our Day {Thus Far}

  1. ed

    i *LOVE* those rugs!

  2. you are SO productive! you know what i did yesterday other than watch a 9 hour marathon of pretty little liars? i walked across the street to grab toilet paper and side kicks to go with the fish i was making for dinner. i also took a 4 minute shower without washing my hair so that dan would at least want to kiss me when he got home from work.

    epic day off fail! hahaha. ā¤

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