Pictures of Our Christmas Festivities

A little late, I know, but it’s better to be late than never! I love these pictures!

Nolan watching my sister’s dog, Amiga, outside on Christmas morning.

The two loves of my life! Both tired 😀

And again {I know, your ovaries are aching. SORRY}

My sister Kate and I, showing off our new house coats!

Watching the two babies playing ❤

Amiga: out for yet another pee break, and the babies 😀

I am very sick in this picture, and I look very large. BOO URNS. But my husband is handsome beyond belief 😉

Little man: having his sippy cup of milk ❤

Candid shot: mostly legs, but Shannon & I are shown with our little ones. I am teaching Nolan how to work his new Little People’s Bus! He loves it 😀

Eating yummy layered jello! {so want to try was good and pretty…when it wasn’t smashed all over his tray haha}

I’m really glad that we got to spend so much time with our families down here. I miss them a lot when we’re home. The only thing I would trade about this trip is the fact that Nolan and I were sick for a larger chunk of it 😦 I would have liked to fill that time block of being sick with more visits with the people we love best!

I also wanted to share these photos of my wonderful Granny’s Christmas dinner set up and decorations. Honestly, I idolize this woman…I was completely blown away by all of the tables {there were three of them! and our family is nowhere NEAR finished reproducing haha}. Her tree is always amazing. I hope that one day {if I ever get the balls to, that is} when I host a Christmas dinner, I can make my home look that festive and beautiful.

Isn’t she something else? She did that set up {the tree; obviously} well before we arrived. My Granny is super amazing, just ask Karen ~ we share the same Granny 😉 we’re lucky that way!!

{Also; THAT is the kind of Christmas decor I adore and the look I hope to achieve next year!!}

Another super awesome part to this trip: the “send off” lunch at Shannon’s house 🙂 all my sisters were there and so was my dad. Dad made us sandwiches and bought a New Years cake. It was a really nice visit before we left, and Nolan really enjoyed playing with his cousin. He’s such a ham, I love it!

Nolan has this new “camera face”: he makes it every time I bring out a camera. Isn’t it awesome?? I think so 😉

ANYWHO; this post is seriously exploding with pictures haha! And I’m not really done, there are still a ton of pictures I want to share from the holidays.

Also: I will be taking pictures of my new living room couch and set up 🙂 swiiiiiiing! This will happen after I organize the Christmas presents and clean 😀 {so, it might take a few days…I have a LOT of Christmas presents to take out of the box for Nolan – boy got spoiled!}

PLUS I got a crock pot and I’d really love it if y’all could email me* yummy {fool proof} crock pot recipes, I’d be very thankful because I’d like to try it out tomorrow 😀

*my email can be found in the sidebar under “about” 😀



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8 responses to “Pictures of Our Christmas Festivities

  1. love the photos…i didn’t take anywhere near enough pictures, but in my defense i forgot my camera at home and only had my blackberry so…

    what kind of crockpot recipes were you looking for? i have about three cookbooks that are specifically crockpot…i can send you some recipes, but would be good to know what kinds you would like?

  2. love the house coat. looks just like mine. is it from lasenza >? looks like you had a great time.

  3. nolan’s jammies are SOOOOO cute! sounds like you had an amazing christmas holiday, love!

    also, dude… kitchenware for presents? THE BEST.

    my parents bought themselves a new slowcooker so i got their old one. i also got a red kettle from gam-gam and a super high tech beautiful coffee machine from dan.

    the best thing to make in a crockpot is chili! i made some recently. i don’t normally follow recipes, i just throw ingredients in and hope for the best. the chili turned out perfectly- check out my blog for what i put in it. also, i made fucking delicious scallopped potatoes in the crockpot. you can find suuuuuper easy recipes online. just type in “slow cooker recipe for… ” and type in whatever the hell you wanna make, and it’ll come up.

    • okay i found the entry with the chili…

      “on friday i got home from work and made AMAZING chili as a surprise for dan when he got home from work at 11 that night. i didn’t really follow a recipe, i just know i used the following:
      2 big cans crushed tomatoes
      1 medium can tomato paste
      1 green pepper
      3 celery stocks
      1 can kidney beans
      1 can chickpeas
      1 can mixed beans of some sort
      a good handful of chopped up mushrooms
      extra lean ground beef
      – i browned the beef in a frying pan, drained the fat, and then threw it in the slow cooker along with everything else. i added the following dry spices: basil, oregano, parley, black pepper, garlic powder. i let it slow cook on high for about 6 hours, and then i bowled the chili and grated some old cheddar and put it on top. i ate mine in about 8 seconds flat, dan had plenty of leftovers, and my parents even dropped by to pick some up. everyone said it was delicious! definitely glad i made this on a cold, winter weekend.

      NOW YOU GO! “

    • I really want to get one of those fancy one cup coffee machines that make everything. I want the bar code one!!! In the meantime, I’m good with my coffee pot and my tea kettle lol.

      MMM scallopped potatoes! I haven’t had those in forever!!! And thank you for the tips {and the recipe}; you are bomb! xoxo

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