Of Winters Past & Winters Present

Last night, my hubs had a friend over and we were talking about our kids and sledding and winter fun. Then we got to talking about our childhoods. It {obviously} brought up a lot of great memories ~ for me anyway.

When we were small kids, my dad used to build a skating rink outside our house every winter. One year, he attempted to help me build an igloo {but seriously, it’s harder than it looks!}. When we got a little older, he made a man made pound near the creek for us to skate on. My Papa also spoiled us, and in his back yard he built the coolest runway for sledding ever. All of the neighborhood kids would use it when we weren’t there, but he built it for us. He kept maintaining it, even when we weren’t visiting for a while, for us so that it would be ready as soon as we got there. Dad saw how much we loved the big hill Papa made for us, and he made one for us too several winters in a row in the front yard.

The home I grew up in was located on a very large property, so my dad was able to do really awesome things for us like building us ice rinks and sledding hills.

I am so thankful for everything those two wonderful men did to ensure that our winters were full of fun activities. I didn’t {at the time} know of many other kids who’s dads and grandpas did stuff like that for them.

So let it be known that my Papa and my Dad rock!

But then Matt got to talking about all the stuff he wants to do. He wants to build epic sledding hills for Nolan, and I just know he’ll be going down them too! He wants to build ice rinks and club houses. And I know he will. Maybe not right now, as we don’t have the space…but when we get our own house, I know he’ll do just that.

That’s the not so awesome part about renting. You can’t really be free to do super awesome stuff like that. I mean, I don’t think our landlords would be totally stoked if we build Nolan a club house or a skating rink. I’m not sure how they’d feel about an igloo but, like I said, those things are damn hard to make. I suppose they’d [probably] be okay with a snow fort, but those are super scary. I always fear that they’ll collapse…probably because one DID collapse on me when I was a kid. Luckily, I was near the top and was able to get out, but it definitely scared the crap out of me {and so did my parent’s speech about how deadly dangerous snow forts are…sigh}.

BUT, we can still have fun! Yesterday, I took Nolan out in his new sled while Matt was ice fishing. He loved it!!

Sorry that picture quality sucks so much, I had my camera on the wrong setting, but that smile is priceless!

We had tons of fun outside, but I was exhausted! I ran up and down the small hill outside our house like 30 times, and Nolan still didn’t want me to stop! It was awesome!

All this just reminds me that I need to invest in a proper snow suit for myself and Matt. And I need to get Nolan a bigger snow suit too {preferably a one piece}. He’s getting a little too chunky for his current one! No wonder, it is size 12 months and he’s 20 months. My little man is small dude, but he’s growing! Matt also needs winter boots…

AHH. The expenses, do they ever end?

But yes; where was I? My childhood rocked, my dad and papa are amazing, and we’re going to make Nolan’s childhood super amazing too. 😉

What’s your favourite childhood winter memory?



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2 responses to “Of Winters Past & Winters Present

  1. such a cute post! nolan looks so excited!

    i think it’s awesome that your dad and papa did so many fun things like that, like build a rink and stuff. doesn’t your house back onto a park/open space? it’d be interesting if you talked to some fellow neighbours who also have kids and see if they’d be down with the idea of a little skating rink for the kiddos. i remember my aunt lived across the street from a park and some fellow neighbours made a rink every year… just used snow as the boarders or whatever.

    when i was a kid we lived in my granmpa’s house while he was working in china for ten years. it was a big house in the suburbs. my brother and i used to make snow forts at each end of the front lawn… they’d have super tall walls and seats and ice slides and everything, and we’d have snowball fights from our own forts. SO awesome. i can’t even remember the last time i played in the snow.

    • He was so excited! He absolutely LOVES his sled, hehe.

      I think my dad and papa are super awesome ❤ I'm lucky! and yes, our place does back onto a trail BUT all the neighbors are older so they won't really be cool with an ice rink LOL! It sounds like a great idea, for a neighborhood full of young kids.

      OOO snow fights! Can't wait for those hehe

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