Stellar Wishlist

So my beautiful and talented friend Mandy now has an Etsy shop where she’s selling her wonderful handmade jewelery pieces. Remember Mandy? She did our wedding photography, and made me these super awesome earrings. She randomly set me a beautiful wedding book that I will cherish forever and always amen. I have several of her pictures hanging around my house too. Mandy is, simply put, a remarkable young woman. I am so lucky to have her as friend, she really is amazing! Not only is she one of the kindest and selfless people I have ever met, but she is very talented in photography and jewelry making ~ go check her photography website and Etsy shop for proof, her work speaks for itself!

Anywho, I now have a wishlist for Mandy’s shop on Etsy…check it out!

1. Steampunk Watch Gear Dangle Earrings. Mandy made these earrings out of vintage watch pieces! So stellar, I want so bad I’m halfway ready to click “buy” on Etsy even though I know I should probably pay my bills first hehe ā¤

2. Steampunk Vintage Watch Parts Necklace. Again, made with vintage watch pieces! Need this to match the earrings šŸ˜‰

3. Steampunk Goldtone Locket. I’ve always wanted a locket ā¤ hehe

4. Recycled Film Earrings. Totally rad to wear on movie date night, no!?

I’ve batted my eye lashes at Matt, and hopefully he’ll take the hint šŸ˜‰

Mandy’s new to the Etsy world, but as her shop grows I’m sure my wishlist will too! Head on over and check it out: she spends so much time working on each of her pieces and you won’t be disappointed!



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2 responses to “Stellar Wishlist

  1. your friend mandy is quite talented! i loveeee the locket you have listed… lockets are my favourite, especially in gold.

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