Feeling So Fly

I woke up feeling less than refreshed this morning, probably due to the fact that I stayed up late watching Jersey Shore*. I didn’t get dressed at first, because I missed my alarm and Nolan was awake, so I grabbed him and got him some breakfast. After I fed him his scrambled eggs, I gave him some cheerios and raisins to munch on while I quickly did my hair and makeup and got dressed.

I’m wearing my new sweater and shirt combo that my Papa gave me for Christmas. They are both from Suzy Shier, and I love them. However, the button on the sweater has already unraveled…it’s so hard to find good quality clothes these days! I’m going to sew it back on, of course, because I do love the outfit. I plan on buying more shirts like that pretty blue-green one. It’s casual and comfortable! Plus, I need to seriously consider replacing mostly all of my casual shirts. They’re either way behind the times {as Stacey and Clinton would claim}. seriously beat up, or stained.

I love how casual cute this outfit is, but I love that I can also wear it with leggings for a more dressy-fun look. Thank goodness my sister {who helped my Granny and Papa pick out that outfit} has the same-ish taste in clothes as me!

And for some reason, I really love my hair today. I didn’t even do anything with it, I just brushed it, but it looks so healthy, shiny and it has more red in it than it usually does. Which is awesome! I think I can thank Elle for that, since she bought me fancy shampoo and I’ve been using it religiously because it smells so good!

See?! It’s almost like I dyed it, only I so didn’t.

Yes, Nolan still isn’t dressed. I generally don’t dress him until he’s had his nap, because the boy likes to be comfortable. But still, those dino jammies honestly melt my heart – they are so adorable!

So I’m feeling good about myself, again today, and that’s awesome!

Now, on to some random bullet thoughts:

  • I still really want to go to Winterlude, but I’m worrying about finances again. It might not be a smart time to go, everything will probably be overpriced and I don’t even know if we’d be able to get a hotel without credit cards. I’ve been putting off looking into it because I’m afraid to find out if I’m right.
  • Which brings me to my next thought/worry: our car. It was working great, but Matt tried to avoid hitting a dog and the back end spin out into a snow bank. Now it vibrates when at 100, and he thinks he screwed up the tire balance so we need to get it in. YAY! More money to spend that we don’t exactly really have. Yet anyway. Again, this is where a credit card would come in handy. He had to miss work today, and I’m not sure about tomorrow, because it doesn’t feel safe to drive {especially in snowy weather}.
  • I think I’m finally into Jersey Shore, and it shames me to admit. I just can’t get over their stupidity! I know I shouldn’t fuel their ratings, but Matt is absolutely addicted to this show…if you can’t beat them, join them right? Anyways, I watched the season premiere and I could not believe how freakin’ crazy they all are. They all irritate the hell out of me, but I can’t stop watching.
  • Speaking of season premieres, Teen Mom 2 starts on Tuesday. Are you planning on watching? I don’t know why I watch 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, to be honest with you. I think the shows are a waste of time, completely unrealistic and more than a little scripted. Not to mention, they don’t exactly give young mom’s a good name. For the most part, both shows usually frustrate me. But still, I’ll be tuning in because I clearly have a problem. And I want to see how that fight with Janelle and her mother pans out. In her 16 & Pregnant segment, she definitely didn’t win any brownie points with me for her behavior.
  • I’m excited for this weekend, and possibly getting to hang out with several people. My sister-in-law and I are trying to make plans for all of us to get together, and one of the girls I worked with at the diner wants to stop in. PLUS Matt’s friend wants to get together with the kiddos for a play date. I’m hoping all three of these social interactions work out, I’ve been feeling pretty coped up and bored lately, since we haven’t been able to go to play group.
  • I’ve been on blogging fire lately, and I have no idea why. Sorry for the insane amount of posting I’ve been doing as of late. I guess I just have a lot to say?
  • In four months, I’ll have a toddler. Woah.

So yeah, that’s basically it. Right now anyway 😉

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend with loved ones. 🙂




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18 responses to “Feeling So Fly

  1. man, i told you! that shampoo is freaking addictive. it smells so awesome and leaves your hair feeling soft. i was going to mention how healthy your hair looks in all these pictures!

    i am a jersey shore addict! i have watched religiously since season 1 and dan and i always watch the marathons. they are so dramatic, disgusting, and hilariously awesome and i cannot stop watching! the season premiere of season 3 went exactly as i’d predicted, and it was beautiful. sammi is going to get her ass kicked and the new member… deena or whatever, she’s fucking ridiculous! it’s going to be great.

    also, 16 and pregnant and teen mom are totally addictive. half the teen moms are melodramatic and irresponsible and almost all the dads are douche bags. i’m completely in love with corey and leah… they seem sweet and mostly level-headed. i LOVED maci and caitlyn, too. is it just me, or do the teen moms seem way crazier this time around? janelle seems like a piece of shit- can’t wait to see how that pans out. check it out, i’m being all judgy and shit! hahaha. i could go on forever.

    anyway, you look like a major babe! and figure out when-ish you’d like to come down for winterlude! if you’re looking to come for march, i’d be more than happy to have you guys bunk with us if we get a place with SPACE! otherwise, head down to see us in the spring, and we’ll definitely plan some fun outings for all of us that nolan will really enjoy 🙂

    keep me posted!

    /end novel


    • I hope Corey & Leah get back together, I know Leah was a bit of a doucher to him but he was a good guy. I can’t wait for Tuesday! We’ll probably be BBMing each other going OMFG.

      Wasn’t that fight between Sammi and like EVERYBODY epic?! I died!!!

      I so hope we can go, I’d love to visit you! If not THIS February, then this spring for sure. I want to buy some Ikea stuff and visit Babies R Us for Nolan’s birthday 😀

  2. I love the sweater shirt combo! Those types of long jacket sweaters are my favorite! Teen Mom is sickly addictive as is 16 and pregnant. You don’t want to watch but you can’t turn away. But yeah, so scripted!

  3. Kim

    You look nice once again! I used to love jersey shore but I can’t get in to it anymore. I will however be watching Teen Mom. That show is like my crack. I shouldn’t be watching it but I just can’t stop myself. It is full of crazies and they do it on purpose to sucker us in. In an interview I read one of the girls Ebony was saying they didn’t want her on Teen Mom because she was didn’t have enough conflict and was too normal.

    • Thank you Kim! And it’s my crack too. And I believe that, Ebony had her head on pretty straight…
      The drama IS what makes the show though, unfortunately. If only there was an actual inspirational, educational documentary about what young moms do go through WITHOUT the extra added drama. Sigh.
      But, in the meantime…I’ll be tuning in LOL!

  4. Love that shirt! You look so cute and comfy. I love longer shirts like that, that can be used for different outfits. To think I used to hate longer shirts when they first came out, and now I can’t live without them!

    Sorry to hear that reality TV has gotten its hold on you. There might be chance for recovery… (; I actually can’t say anything, because I used to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathons. Sometimes mindless television is actually soothing, as crazy as it sounds. I do prefer more complicated shows, but there isn’t anything on TV right now that interests me. TV kind of sucks right now. I really miss Dollhouse and The Walking Dead. Sigh. I’d like to start collecting the different Shotime shows on DVD, like U.S. of Tara, Weeds, and The C Word. I also want Nip/Tuck, since I’ve only seen up to season 2. How I love that show! And I’ve missed way too much of Burn Notice, but that’s on DVD too, so once I get financially stable… *fingers crossed*

    I hope the car stuff doesn’t end up costing too much. I have to admit that I still need to fix my back right brake. NOT the best thing to be driving with when it’s snowing… but at least my insurance and registration are good, right? Sigh. I wish things weren’t so expensive. Or that I won the lottery. I’d share with you guys!

    • I love how it covers your butt and avoids those awkward “crack” moments when you bend down haha.

      The things we’d do if we were financially stable! hehe. I hope it doesn’t either 😦 we need new brakes as well.

      In that case, I hope you win the lottery too!

  5. You look cute! I love that sweater.

    As for needing credit cards for things, couldn’t a bank card work? I have a bank card with a visa logo and I can use it like a credit card but it just comes out of my bank. I don’t know if they do things different in Canada but I’ve never had problems using my debit card instead of credit cards for anything (hotels, online purchases, etc).

  6. I’m so feeling that this post is all about self-love today. LOL. It’s hard to focus solely on ourselves for a while as mothers, but it is also so important. You look really, really good in that outfit. I love the sweater. And Nolan in those pajamas? Ummm could he BE any cuter?

    • Thank you Alicia!! Nolan’s jammies slay me too. 🙂 It’s very important to focus on ourselves at least a little bit, so I’m trying to get back in touch with that. It’s been a while since I did anything for strictly ME! Of course, buying Nolan new clothes and stuff makes me feel good too but then I feel bad because I look so scrubby compared to him LOL!

  7. In 4 months, I’ll have a 2 year old as well and I really can’t believe it. By then my daughter will be 8 months old. I’m also sad to say I watch Jersey Shore. I practically yell at the TV the whole time I’m watching and I’m fairly certain I kill about 100 brain cells with every episode. Nevertheless, I’ve seen every. single. episode. SO looking forward to Teen Mom 2. I’m particularly psyched about finding out more about how Leah and Jenelle are doing. Happy Saturday!

    • Haha we also have similar tastes in trashy TV! Jersey Shore, Teen Mom! BAHAH.

      Janelle is crazy, so I’m interested in seeing how THAT pans out. I hope Leah was able to fix things with Corey, I thought he was a good daddy and guy.

      Happy Saturday to you as well! 😀

  8. Kelly

    As horrifying as it is to admit, my current reality addiction is “You’re Cut Off” on VH1. Spoiled lil rich princesses whose mommy n daddy have had enough – suddenly living like us real folk. I think most of us who WERE teen moms have a secret interest in the Tern Mom/16 & Pregnant garbage… Even though we all know damn well that is NOT reality!!! Now that I’ve shared my shame, I’m going back to my “You’re Cut Off” marathon…

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  10. Litzia

    I love to see Teen Mom hahaha and sometimes Jershey Shore, although I think they are crasy and a bunch of morons :p but sometimes a little simple fun its good to see, a guilty pleasure 🙂

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