You Don’t Say!?

This weekend has been incredible and incredibly busy!

On Friday night, Matt and I had a “stay-in date night”, and we watched some movies online while snuggling on the couch. It was awesome, and we really needed it.

Saturday afternoon we had a couple of friends over. Seth has been Matt’s friend since they were young teens, and the guy is a riot! His wife-to-be, Mir, is also really awesome. Hanging out with them is great! We hung out in the livingroom and caught up with each others lives while Nolan napped, then when he woke up we all took him for a walk outside. Nolan absolutely loves Seth and Mir, and we all had a blast playing outside in the snow like little kids. There may have or may not have been some snow bank tossing, and weak attempts at snow fights that only didn’t work because the snow is too powdery. It was still fun! We came in and had some hot chocolate, then decided that we should have dinner together and maybe get our drink on after Nolan went to bed.

We went to Seth and Mir’s house for this, though, because they had a bunch of booze left over from the holiday and all the board games. Matt and I still haven’t even thought about buying some board games yet, but we really need to. After I packed Nolan’s overnight things and some snacks and grabbed a lasagna out of the freezer, we all piled into Mir’s car and drove to their house. They live about a 20 minute drive away, in a charming small town.

When we got there, we fed Nolan some dinner and hung out in the kitchen while the lasagna baked. We tried to put Nolan down at his regular bedtime, but he just wasn’t having it so he ended up hanging out with us until 8:30-9pm-ish.

He had a blast exploring Seth and Mir’s house, but finally went down without a fuss at 9. Mir and I had some wine and watched Grey’s Anatomy while the guys drank beer and also watched Grey’s Anatomy, then we hard some odd banging noises coming from upstairs so we went to check on Nolan. He was still awake, and had been so quiet because he had gotten into Mir’s jewerly drawer and pulled out all her necklaces, then found a screw driver and was banging it against the dresser.

Awesome, huh?! So we moved the play pen away from the dressers and made sure there was absolutely nothing the kid could get into, then went downstairs. Within a couple of minutes he was out cold, for good this time, and we decided to start playing some board games.

We played Scattergories and this other hilarious board game that I thought was called “You Don’t Say?!” {hence the title} but is actually called The Game of Things. Honestly? Those are two must-have board games, and I’m buying them ASAP! Especially The Game of Things. Board games are extremely handy to have around, especially if you ever want to entertain guests πŸ™‚ plus, Matt and I love playing a good board game!

After we got bored of those games, we decided to play a couple rounds of Scene It on Xbox before retiring for the night. Also another game that I want to someday, very soon, get for our collection!

I went to bed around 1:00pm, with Matt following shortly after. We stayed in the guest room with Nolan. At about 2pm, Nolan woke up completely upset and kept trying to crawl out of his play pen. I picked him up and all he wanted to do was cuddle in bed, on my head. He would not go back into his play pen, so I sent Matt downstairs so he could get some sleep on the couch, fully knowing that the single bed we were both cramped in wouldn’t fit the 3 of us.

I slept with a baby basically on my head. Nolan wouldn’t have it any other way. Finally, when he was really asleep, I moved him off my head and beside me. This was the first time Nolan had slept in a bed with me since he was 9 months old. Nobody told me that sleeping with a 20 month old is next to impossible, he kicked and shoved so much when he wasn’t trying to sleep on my head that I barely got any sleep at all!

Nolan, on the other hand, loved sleeping in a “big boy bed”. I’m seriously thinking we need to invest in a toddler bed soon. I’ve got my eye on this little number from Sears, although Matt is still holding out firmly for a race car bed…I just don’t think that’s going to happen. They’re a lot more expensive and I’m not entirely in love with the look of them.

Anywho, back to the weekend festivities…Seth drove us back into town so that we could make our breakfast date with Matt’s brother and his wife. Matt had a quick shower, then headed over to Darren and Nat’s. We had a really yummy brunch – Nat made bacon, scrambled eggs, raisin bread french toast, pancakes, and had a yummy assortment of fruit out. It was delish!

Our visit lasted for nearly 3 hours and it was awesome watching the kiddos play together. Darren and Nat’s son is 9 months old, but he already weighs 7 pounds more than Nolan, I think Nolan is a little taller though. In any case, it’s hilarious to see them play together. Aaron got a riot out of Nolan, and laughed his chunky little butt off every time Nolan did something remotely amusing to him {which was every 2 minutes}. Nolan said a couple new words today; couch and cousins, both flawlessly. I got in a lot of girl chat with Nat, while our silly husbands played some new Wii game that Darren got for Christmas. It was a lot of fun!

We came home around 2pm so Nolan could have a nap, and Matt and I also had a lay down. My boys are both still sleeping, but I’m up because I was really thirsty and just couldn’t sleep anymore.

So yes; that was our weekend thus far. It was tons of fun, but I think we’re going to have a relaxing, chill night. It’s a leftover/anything night tonight, so I don’t even have to worry about cooking!

I also really think that we need to make more time to see Darren, Nat and Aaron. We all always get so caught up in the day to day thing, but I’m really thinking that we must pick at least one day every other week to hang out with them. Sunday brunches could become a lovely regular thing, I definitely wouldn’t turn down bacon every Sunday! Plus, it’s super good for Nolan to be around other babies – even younger ones. He’s great with his little cousins πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, I have the girls so I’ll be heading to bed early. Luckily my schedule isn’t as wacky as it was before and I won’t have to be up nearly as early. I’m excited because Nolan loves to play with T {the 3 year old}, and he’ll now have a regular playmate 3 days a week, whether or not I have the car. Awesomesauce!

So, how was your weekend?



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6 responses to “You Don’t Say!?

  1. We’ve had a good weekend so far. We played Rock Band with the kids last night. We have a lot of board games, but no real friends around here. 😦

    • I know how hard that can be! When we first moved here, I didn’t know anybody and Matt did. I’m super shy and awkward in new social situations, so it’s taken me a bit to make friends that I am comfortable with!

      Hopefully you meet some stellar people soon! I know it helps make a home feel more like home ❀

      And also; that sounds like a super fun weekend!

  2. Sounds like your weekend was good! I’m jealous of your brunch and your board games…this post made me realize just how long it’s been since I’ve played a board game! My son doesn’t sleep well in strange places either. He sleeps well at home or at Gramma’s and that’s it. Also, we put him in a big boy bed just last month and it’s been very successful, although I wouldn’t recommend it until Nolan is actually attempting to climb out of his crib. Most mornings when I get Landon out of his room it looks like a bomb went off in there haha.

    • You need to play a board game woman, and quick! lol.

      Ugh, I do understand the not sleeping well….I love my own bed best, but common, sleeping ONLY on my head? What the hells? I can get wanting to sleep with me in the bed, but ON MY HEAD? lol. My kid is ODD.

      Matt also wants me to hold of ~ for some time ~ on the toddler bed. But I just want to have it bought and on hand just in case, you know?!

      And I sort of thought that maybe trying the toddler bed for naps during the day would be a good idea.

      But what do I know! I also need to start introducing the potty, since he know recognizes when he’s going etc.

  3. scattergories is basically my favourite game EVER! i really need to invest in some board games. they are so much fun! your weekend sounds jam packed and super fun! ❀

    also, matt WOULD want a race car bed for nolan. SO funny! those things are the cutest. although the one you have your eye on is ADORABLE and super functional. and it would match everything in his bedroom!

  4. Megan

    The Game of Things is soooo fun. It’s just too hilarious – lots of laughs to be had. πŸ™‚

    Stay-in date nights are awesome. Glad you guys had a good time.

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