Enough With The Excuses Already!!!

I need to start entertaining in my house more.

I remember back in August {when we decided to move out}, I was so excited to finally have our own place again and be able to entertain friends. We’ve been living here now for five months, and we haven’t really “entertained” anybody yet. We’ve had one or two people over for quick visits, but it doesn’t really feel like entertaining. It feels more like, chilling. Or something.

I had the excuse of “not having enough seating in the livingroom” for the longest time, one futon does not fit 4+ comfortably. But now that we have our new/old couch, I’ve got no excuse. We have tons of space! And it was actually quite comfortable and enjoyable having Seth & Mir over the other day.

I want to entertain more. I don’t want to give excuses for things I want to do. I know we don’t have a ton of space, but we’re also not crowded or cramped. We do have room to entertain, we can have family and friends over comfortably.

Usually, we go over to everyone else’s place if we want to see them.

Which is why I have decided to throw a little get together/brunch this Sunday. I’m going to bake this Hashbrown Casserole, bacon, and raisin bread french toast.

Lord save me. I hope I don’t screw this up! I have no idea if Matt will be working or not, but regardless…I’m doing this. I need to get over my fear of “hosting”, after all…I have tons of birthday parties in the future to host. And really, we have our own place, so why not?!


I’ve fallen in love with somebody. He’s a little hairy, okay…a lot hairy, and totally adorable. His name is Mavric and he’s a collie from the local humane society. I want to adopt him already, and I haven’t even met him. I spoke to the lady on the phone, and she said he was a super friendly lovable dog but needed some obedience training, he is house trained though. No problem, Matt and I are good at obedience training.

Matt’s been longing for a dog for quite some time, and so I have I. Only he wants to get a puppy, and I’d rather adopt an older dog. This dog is the perfect “middle ground”, he’s not quite young but he’s also not old.

We obviously haven’t decided to adopt or not yet, Matt hasn’t even seen his pictures, but we’re discussing it tonight.

{And please, reframe from “oh don’t do this until you’re better situated”, cause that’s just bogus people. The right dog is the right dog, and if he’s the right dog? We’ll make it work! Besides, with my now-income, we’ll be more than okay to adopt a doggie.}

So, yes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a grocery list to right out and a house to clean before my little charge arrives for the day. Happy Monday 🙂



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10 responses to “Enough With The Excuses Already!!!

  1. Entertaining is fun! (except when you’re stuck cleaning a mess afterwards haha) but seriously, you should totally do it more often. Also, the menu sounds good, have a fun time cooking!

  2. i LOVE hosting! …especially brunch! please take pictures of the feast 🙂

    also, i’m totally a dog person. dan and i both want a dog but he only likes small dogs, and i only like big dogs. he wants a pug (what the fuck, dan?), and i want a sheperd mix (like i used to have). so silly. i’m totally going to come home to a retarded little puglet in our living room one day, i know it.

  3. the hash brown thing sounds good minus the sausage (i cannot abide sausage) and we’re doing the same thing too this week. our couches come this weekend and then we’re FINALLY all set for real deal entertaining! which is perfect timing cuz once the baby is here we will be having a lot of visitors. and i won’t be wanting to go over to other peoples places for visits for a while. or ever we’ll see. lol

  4. Yay dogs! I want a dog too, but we can’t do it right now. I grew up with a shepard/border collie mix and I LOVED her!


    I want to see pictures of Mavric! That will be so awesome for Nolan to have a dog to love on!

  5. Your baby will love growing up with a dog! I wish I could convince hubby to let me get one.

    Good luck with your brunch, sounds delish.

    • *wails* NO DOG!!! Landlord said absolutely not. I know they can’t REALLY prevent us from adopting a dog {since no pet policies are void} but I don’t want to cause a rift in our relationship.

      I hope the brunch will be delish! We’ll see…bahah. If it’s a disaster, I could always make Matt run to Tim Hortons and grab donuts LMAO

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