Awards = smiles and rainbow farts :D

I’ve been awarded two awesome awards by two lovely ladies! Honestly, it totally made my day!

A couple weeks ago, Shruthi awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award. I found out about it when I was down South and made a mental note to blog about it when I got home, sorry Shruthi! Sometimes my mental notes get lost…stupid assistant.

Anywho! Without further ado…a picture of the award!

And, to follow along with the others…five things about me that you may or may not know:

  1. If I could, I would eat spaghetti every. single. day. No lie.
  2. I’m actually a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning. I get worse as I get older. If my house is messy or unorganized, I feel chaotic and anxious and unhappy. So…I clean. Obsessively. Luckily for my son, I don’t mind the mess of toys {if he’s up and playing with them}, but Heaven help us all if there are CRUMBS on the carpet.
  3. I have an extreme addiction to Winners, Home Sense, and Walmart. I love decor, I love buying silly pointless decorations for my home, and that’s why you won’t catch me in ANY of those stores. I’m pretty sure Matt’s installed some kind of tracking device that beeps whenever I get near any of those stores…
  4. I’m in love with all things Ikea.
  5. I am also addicted to Ketchup Chips.

And, now for some blogs I’m totally digging as of late for their honest and genuine voices:

  1. Little Elle
  2. LFTH
  3. The Young Mommy Life
  4. Accustomed Chaos
  5. Random RoRo

Today, I also received another award from Ro! This award is called the Stylish Blogger Award. Me? Stylish? My hearts-a-flutter! For reals, I think this might be the first time someone’s called me stylish! So thanks Ro! I am totally going to put it in my sidebar once I figure out how to do it because clearly I’m a little tech-slow. πŸ˜€

Now, here’s how this award works:

1. Thank & link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!
7 Things About Me
  1. In par with Ro, I never wanted kids. What I mean by that is I never actually thought about having my own kids. I rarely thought about kids, and when I did I always told myself I would adopt.
  2. Sometimes, I purposely listen to sad [country] songs just so I can get all emotional and cry. Three of those songs are: Darius Rucker’s It Won’t Be Like This Long, Trace Adkin’s Then They Do, and finally…Kenny Chesney’s There Goes My Life. You’re welcome. {Yes, all of those songs are about your kids growing up before you know it etc}
  3. Speaking of kids…I want to have another one, right now. Super bad. Like I’m close to jumpin’ aboard when my hubs is sleeping and stealing his man juice because he wants to wait until he graduates like a responsible adult. JUST KIDDING! I’d never do that! Snort!
  4. I also, in par with the above fact, want a minivan. Even with one kid, getting all your crap into a small car trunk is bogus. Minivans save lives people, and sanity. You try fitting my stroller into my Grand AM trunk, thank you very much. It doesn’t work unless it’s in pieces!!
  5. I always steal Matt’s socks. Even though I [obviously] have my own, his are far more comfortable.
  6. I want to go to Ireland for our 5 year wedding anniversary.
  7. I totally dream of being an actress, even though I hate my voice and hate being recorded and hate acting. I just wanna be rich and famous! It’d be totally cool to have people snapping my picture while I’m out and about with Nolan and writing about how awesome we look in our designer clothes and shit. But this Stylish Blogger award is the next best thing! πŸ˜‰

Alright…now for 15 recently discovered bloggers.

  1. Mama Dee
  2. Miss Priss
  3. Mommy Delicious
  4. The Places We Will Go!
  5. Silence and Noise
  6. This is the first day of my life
  8. The Baby Mamma Chronicles
  9. Kristi Maristi
  10. A Little Bite of Everything
  11. The Shh Diaries
  12. A Little Bite of Everything
  13. Freestyle Mom
  14. Boho Girl
  15. Bringing Up Bronwyn

Now, I’ve got a lot of contacting to do!



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16 responses to “Awards = smiles and rainbow farts :D

  1. This post has made me realize how much we have in common. I simply love this blog! I am absolutely with you when it comes to the OCD thing, never thinking about kids, and wanting another baby so bad but now not being the right time.

  2. hooo boy! honoured my dear. Honoured. Thank you! *takes a bow with cheap grin on face* πŸ˜€

  3. Oh how different we are πŸ™‚ I am not a huge fan of spaghetti or ketchup chips – ha! Your # 3 made me laugh – i want another one real bad too πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for the award – i heart you!

    • I heart you too!! and HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE SPAGHETTI! Or Ketchup Chips?! I’m for real when I say to not love Ketchup Chips means you’re not REALLY Canadian. You can pass if you like BBQ, because that’s essentially like Ketchup chips. haha ❀

  4. “…stupid assistant” … i laughed.

    thanks for the award baby! even though i think some of my posts are a little TOO honest, haha πŸ˜‰

    ugh, we have so much in common. and you’re pretty much the only human i willingly talk to all day/night on bbm. please move to my city so we can hangout every day?

    and also, feel free to save up all your money and go to ireland in 5 years… i’ll totally take the week off and babysit nolan! there are millions of things to do in this city, and by that point, we’ll basically be bffs. HAR! HAR!

    love you! xo

    • Honestly, I’m totally gonna fire that bitch. She keeps losing all the mental notes and crap. What kind of assistant does that?

      Nothing wrong with too much honesty!! And yes, we are destined to be BFFS πŸ˜€

      But how on earth are you going to babysit when YOU AND DANIMAL WILL BE COMING WITH US? It’s a requirement, here here.

  5. silenceandnoise

    Love!! Thanks for sending some my way. Winners and HomeSense?! I.cannot.get.enough. We are thinking about moving and I am definitely going to check if there is a Winners close to wherever we plan on moving. That is a big item on the must-have list πŸ˜‰ I mean, winners is a good place to wait until Target opens in Canada in 2013, right?
    Anway, thanks again, pretty lady πŸ™‚ ❀

    • No problem love! And I can’t get enough either, lol. It’s a not-so-grand addiction! We don’t live near a HomeSense, but we live around the corner from a Winners so I get half the dosage.
      Plus, the town where we go for all our “major” shopping has HomeSense. And Carters. OH BOY! Road trips will be happening in the near future, as soon as the snow is gone!

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  7. Kim

    Thanks for the blog love!!! I really enjoy reading your blog I think we have the opposite problem, I like listening to happy country songs and when I want to be emotional I’m all about really disgustingly emo songs haha.

  8. I SO could have predicted the spaghetti one. You are always talking about pasta LOL!!

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