Thank You

I really love blogging because of all the friends I’ve made that I otherwise wouldn’t have made because the distance is too great. These people are seriously amazing, and I’m happy to know them and communicate with them on a daily basis. I love reading about their lives, their adventures, their thoughts on random things. I love hearing their opinions on my thoughts. I love the community that blogging builds. I love the way that it makes you feel less isolated.

As a stay-at-home-mom, I don’t really get a lot of social interaction {aside from my husband, that is haha}. Especially now that my car is busted and it’s the middle of winter! The absolute worst time for your car to have problems. I’d love to go on a long walk to Zellers with Nolan {it’s a couple blocks away} but the roads and the snow just makes it dangerous to do so. Dangerous because I’m klutzy on any day, throw in a little ice and snow and you have a recipe for disaster. And also: there are a lot of people in this town that can’t drive worth shit.

Take the dude in the Dodge Charger for example, the reason my car is now sitting as a lawn ornament in our drive way until Matt can either pay to get it looked at or fix it himself {by welding the broken exhaust}. He took up both lanes and Matt had to go on the shoulder to avoid hitting him, thus damaging our exhaust even more so than it was before {that same day, he swerved to avoid hitting a dog and rattled something loose…January has been a shit month for car luck}.

So…yeah. Needless to say, I don’t get nearly enough social interaction {in real life}. That’s why I’m entirely grateful for this blogging community and all the friends I’ve made. The connections are totally strong, and it’s a shame we all live too far away because I would so love a thousand coffee dates, play dates, writing dates etc etc with all of my girls!

So I’d just like to thank you; each and every one of you. Even the new friends I’ve made in the past few weeks alone. You make it easier on me, being so far away from my family and friends.

Thanks for the connections, the smiles, the conversations.

Thanks for being one of the solid reasons why I continue to blog.




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8 responses to “Thank You

  1. Karen in Oz

    Thank You for having such an awesome blog 🙂
    I am seriously going to start a blog this coming week. It will probably be the most boring blog but I guess I will never know until I try 🙂
    Sorry about your car. I loathe anything going wrong with the car. My DH and I have only 1 car at the moment and it is hard. I always fear it will break down and we will be left with no car.

  2. lol you dont need an exhaust. lol. most of the cars i have owned have done with out the exhaust pipe and muffler lol

    • Actually, you do. Driving around without the exhaust can kill your engine sooner. You’ve gotta take care of your cars, then they last longer 🙂 so no driving the car until it’s in good condition again. I need my baby to last another 5 years at least.

  3. You’re welcome, and thank you in return. I love being a part of the mommy blogger community. It’s a great way to find understanding when you just don’t think anyone does.

    And yes…where you live…LOTS of crazy drivers. I would suggest using public transit to get around but I spent a lot of my winter up there, waiting over an hour out in the cold for the bus that was ALWAYS late (mainly the Hornell and Birchaven ones). I wasn’t yet a mother then so it was just me freezing my ass off/getting pneumonia.

  4. Dude we should take notes and compare Oregon drivers with Canada ones but drivers here SUCK. It rains like half the year but they freak out when it does and forget how to drive. ::facepalm::

    And you obviously know how I feel about my blogging friends (from my rants over BBM alone..haha). But seriously I wish we were closer! 😦 Maybe one day we shall meet up and it will be AWESOME!

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