Tuesday Cuteness!

Last week, I was on fire with posting literally three times a day. I know, I’ve posted 3 times today, but it’s different…the need to write feverishly without clause has sort of subsided…for now. I probably should have saved some of those posts for this week, because I’m certainly not feeling as…wordy. I suppose that’s a good thing. I’ve spent less time on the computer, writing, and more time cleaning my house and just…playing.

It’s been bitterly cold the last few days {I’ve complained about it enough though}, so Nolan and I haven’t really gotten outside. And that’s okay, I’m not worried. We’ve been having tons of fun inside, building forts and play puzzles, reading books and even folding laundry. Nolan absolutely loves folding laundry!

Today I had the girls, and after T and I got back from walking J to catch her bus to school {Matt stayed home with Nolan so I didn’t have to bundle him up}, we rented Toy Story 3 because I’ve been dying to see it. I loved it! It’s the perfect ending to the 12 year trilogy I love. I honestly really need to buy Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon because I loved them both. Nolan did too! He especially loves the Toy Story movies. I’m going to need to seriously keep my money away from Walmart and away from buying Nolan the Woody and Buzz action figures because that’s a little unpractical and the only reason why I really want to buy them are so I can play with them ~ Nolan could actually care less whether or not he has them. That’s got to be the coolest part of having a kid, getting to play with toys again. But yeah, very unpractical…especially since I priced them out at Christmas and holy crap nearly 50 bucks for an action figure? WHAT?

Anyways, I took a couple of super adorable Nolan videos that I am happy to share 🙂

There he is eating an apple like a big kid for the first time ever {pictures of said “milestone” can be found here}. I honestly love how he squishes his nose when he takes a bite. So cute!

I took that one tonight, after Nolan had his bath. He and Sketch played “peek-a-boo ATTACK” for like 15 minutes. Nolan never got tired of the game, but Sketch got very bored with it and sauntered off to the kitchen to stuff her fatty puma face.

Nolan’s giggles seriously light my entire world up. I love how happy he is, all the time! Even when he’s being a brat, he’s still got a huge happy grin on his face.

I love it!

So yes, that was our day! Now that my little man is in bed, I’m watching a re-run of Glee and killing time before Teen Mom 2 starts! Tomorrow I don’t have the girls, so Nolan and I are going to have a lovely just the two of us day {with Matt in the morning, since he doesn’t have classes until 11am}. Yay for Wednesdays!

Hope you all had a Happy Tuesday!




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6 responses to “Tuesday Cuteness!

  1. Toy Story 3 is like the best movie ever! And Nolan is so CUTE!!!!

  2. Nolan needs to come teach Landon how to eat an apple the big boy way.

    All the Toy Story movies are definitely classics.

    Last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was a little boring I found. Wish I would’ve gone to bed early and just waited to watch it on MTV today. Yeah…as if that’d actually happen 😉

    • Nolan definitely loves to mimic me, and when he saw me eating an apple he couldn’t resist trying it – then found out he loved it! He could bite something hard, AND get food 😉 lmao. And I totally would, if we lived around the corner 🙂 by the time we’ll be in that neck of the woods next, I’m sure Landon will already know how to eat an apple the big boy way!

      Yeah, I also found Teen Mom 2 boring. BUT, I was irritated by Kailyn and Jenelle’s mom!!! So at least there was a tiny bit of drama.

  3. My mom dug up one of my brother’s buzz figures from way back when the very first Toy Story came out. A new set of batteries and it was still good to go! “Buzz Lightyear to the rescue” “To infinity, and beyond!” “I am Buzz Lightyear” etc. etc. (lol I can still recite the entire track of sayings, we played with those a LOT as kids!) This was back when Squirt was maybe a year old. He had never seen the movies, but fell in love with Buzz forever. This Christmas between me and my MIL he got all 3 Toy Story Movies and absolutely loves them! A worthwhile investment!

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