Cutest Little Cowboy in the West…I mean North

My awesome friend Caitlin and her husband send us a package today, full of goodies for Nolan and I. I’ve only pulled out a few things from the {giant} box, because I got side tracked by these bad boys!

Aren’t they totally rad? Nolan now has his own pair of cowboy boots! He absolutely loves them and has been dancing around in them for the last 20 minutes.

Howdy Partner! I’m just walking around in my super rad boots!

Need help moving this box, ma’am? I’m a cowboy, you know.

Rootin’ tootin’ cowboy boots!

Care to join me square dancin’ ma’am?

These are so fun!

Little cowboy heartbreaker {those jeans SLAY me! so cute! Also from Caitlin!}

Pleasure dancin’ with ya ma’am!

So, yes…cute overload, am I right?! I absolutely love those jeans on him. They’re from The Children’s Place and I absolutely love the quality. Much better than Nolan’s Walmart jeans…they are thicker and more durable. Plus, the belt loops are large enough for the belt he got for Christmas, should he need it {but he doesn’t because they fit perfectly}.

All he needs now is a little cowboy hat {which we’re keeping our eyes peeled for!}. Matt has decided that we are totally buying Nolan a Woody action figure this weekend, just because we both think he’d love it {since he loves Toy Story and talking to Woody on his Toy Story couch}.

These boots bring back a lot of funny memories for Matt. When he was a little kid, he had a pair of cowboy boots much like these ones {only his were powder blue, if I remember correctly from the pictures Kim – his mom – has} and he was completely obsessed with them. He wore them every where, even when they were much to small for his feet, and wouldn’t accept any “new” cowboy boots as a replacement for the outgrown ones.

I wish I had a picture of little boy Matt wearing his blue cowboy boots, because that’d just be adorable!

So thank you, yet again Caitlin, Matt and your sweet baby boy who has outgrown these awesome boots and clothes!

Note to my readers: See, my apartment isn’t ALWAYS obsessively clean. During the day when Nolan is up and playing, it’s a freakin’ disaster. Especially if Matt was the one playing with him while I slept in. Matt and Nolan = messes of gigantic proportions.

P.S. Today Caitlin’s husband Matt leaves for his deployment, and will be gone for a year. I don’t know how they both do it, but I’m entirely grateful for the sacrifices that Caitlin and her family make. It can’t be easy, in fact I can only imagine how difficult it is. So if you could send some prayers, positive vibes and good juju towards Matt and his fellow soldiers, and strength towards Caitlin {although she has bucket loads of her own}, that’d be greatly appreciated.

And Caitlin, I’m here for ya girly. When you need someone to chat with, or rant with, you know where to find me.





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16 responses to “Cutest Little Cowboy in the West…I mean North

  1. UHM!!!! CAN I JUST SAY IM JEALOUS!!! I want a pair of cowboy boots for D!!!! SO. BAD! lol. Soooo freaking jealous!!!


    he obviously KNOWS how handsome he looks in those boots. plaid? jeans? COWBOY BOOTS?! … he’s the best dressed little fella’ in town, i reckon!

    brb, must. make. child.

    xo πŸ˜‰

    • my mom and I are sitting here dying laughing about the child-making comment. oh my goodness!!

      • hahaha! glad i could make you laugh.

        jess and i talk over bbm every single day, so i often get pictures of nolan being a heartthrob. the lover and i are waiting to make our own offspring, so in the meantime i get to live vicariously through jess’ perfect little human.

      • Bahaha aww thanks Elle!! and I also died Caitlin, in fact I almost peed myself AND spewed hot tea all over my laptop. She’s a riot baha

    • Hah! Nolan always has that must. make. child affect on people. Including myself. Sigh. HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY?!? lmao. This kid does NOT stop being cute.

      And thank you!!! I love that outfit lol. Plaid on babies is just so damn cute! {and men too…rawr}


  3. Ohmigod. Nolan looks SO cute. Eff. Find a cowboy hat, stat.

    My friend’s boyfriend is also being deployed, next month. They have a 15 month old and are so worried that he’ll forget who daddy is. It must take so much strength to have a family and live the military life.

  4. My dear, sweet friend…I’m so glad I could brighten *your* day with that box. (We’ll call it Nolan’s birthday present, too, yes? shipping would kill me to send anything else so soon!) But most importantly, I have to thank you – for taking the time to mention us. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but just the simple fact that you care enough to tell all your readers touches my (cold.dead) heart so much. My mom had to walk away when she read the end of your post, and I cried. Again. I’m no hero, and by no means am I bold enough to say this isn’t hard. This is his “part time” job, for crying out loud!! But we’ll get through it – because we have to.

    And to Danielle – tell your friend to keep pictures of Daddy everywhere, show them to the little boy every day. And if they can at all afford it or find a way to make it happen, to try video chatting, as well. It’s amazing for baby AND for Daddy, getting to see each other and hear the other’s voice/chatter.

    • Now I’m crying! I didn’t mean to make any of you guys cry 😦 but honestly? I can’t even begin to shape the words right now on how much I respect and admire you – and all the other military families out there – for your sacrifices and what you do. Honestly? I couldn’t do it. The fact that you do, every day when he’s deployed, makes YOU {and him, of course} a hero.

      Great advice for Danielle’s friend, by the way! Making sure to show the baby pictures of their daddy is SO important. Maybe she could even take a video of his daddy saying “good morning, I love you, I miss you every moment of the day, I’m proud of you” or something? Kinda of like a “Good morning, good night” video to watch together? If they can’t afford the video chat?

  5. Karen in Oz

    Oh gosh….. Soooooo adorable πŸ™‚

  6. Those boots are KICKIN’
    I had a pair of red ones that I was obsessed with when I was a kid! I miss them still! Nolan makes some great faces! πŸ™‚

    Sending lots of love and prayers to Caitlin and Matt and their family! It’s a big sacrifice and I appreciate and am so grateful for it ❀

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