Got My Hair Did!

This weekend was pretty great! Saturday, I worked out in the morning {and boy, am I feeling it now} and in the afternoon, my friend Bruce came to visit us. Bruce has been my friend since high school, and him and Matt get along too so that’s awesome. Matt and I actually took Bruce to get his first ever tattoo!! I haven’t seen him since Christmas time, so it was great to hang out again. We decided to go check out a really nice coffee shop that I’ve never been in but heard great things about. I snagged these lovelies:

A matching sugar and creamer! They’re pretty tiny, but I totally love them because they go with my red kettle!

Nolan: glaring at the sun, in the coffee shop. Haha

After the coffee shop, we went to the LCBO to buy some drinks for that night. I bought Cherry Vodka for me and beer for Matt while Bruce bought beer too. It was comical having Nolan in the LCBO – I was getting a lot of horrible looks. Pff. It’s not like I drink all time time, or when he’s awake. Haters keep hatin’, right?

Saturday night Bruce, Matt and I hung out in the livingroom and drank and watched Jackass. Fun huh? We all ended up crashing early – Matt because he had been ice fishing all day {and had to work in the morning}, me because of my gym workout, and Bruce because of his long drive up.

In the morning, we hung out around the house for a bit and then we headed off to the mall for something to do. I ended up getting my hair done!

I’ve been super bored with it for a long while, so I needed a change. What do y’all think?!

After I got my hair done, we went for lunch. Then Bruce headed off to visit another friend in town and I’ve been cleaning while Nolan “naps” {sings loudly, in his bedroom}.

Matt wanted to have a “fish fry” tonight with some fish he caught yesterday, so his buddy is stopping in for dinner and Matt’s dad is coming to visit beforehand so I’ve got to clean this place πŸ™‚ it’s kind of a disaster!

How was your weekend?



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14 responses to “Got My Hair Did!

  1. Your hair looks beeeautiful. Side bangs definitely suit you. I wish I went to bed early. But I stayed up until 3am. It is now nearly 7pm and I am still hungover. Self inflicted, I know.

    P.S. What’s the brand of this cherry vodka? Eventually when I forget this hangover I’m going to have to try it.

  2. mia

    love your hair like that. It fits you great!

  3. Nice! That cut looks good on you. I’m still trying to grow mine out and resist the urge to cut it short again. Sigh. Being a woman is fun.

    My weekend was… hmmn. Uneventful, I guess. I’ve just been trying to stay positive, and have been job hunting. Fun, fun.

    A fish fry sounds good! It sucks that Mike is allergic to fish, but he tried teriyaki chicken sushi last week and liked it, so we can at least do that together now. I love the way my dad fries up the fish he catches (I can’t remember which kind). Enjoy!

    • Being a woman is definitely fun lol! And thank you πŸ™‚

      I have a thing with fish….I can’t eat ANY fish that still has the bone in it. Bones in things gross me out. I never buy anything with a bone in it and if Matt does he gets to cook it and take the bones out for me without me being present lol.

      SO, eating fish is always nerve racking. But it was good. Until Matt started talking about “things with faces”, and talking to the fish he caught, saying “you sure did put up a good fight”.

      Then I felt sick lol.

      • Hahaha, that’s hilarious!

        I have issues with bones, too, but don’t mind them in fish. My dad taught me a really neat way of removing all the bones in (nearly) one shot. When it comes to chicken, though, it’d better be boneless, or I’m not eating it. (Well, okay, so I do eat it if I have to, like if my mom makes it. But if I have a choice, I stay away from it. I also tend not to eat the whole piece, because of all the veins and stuff. Yuck!) I do like ribs. Those don’t bother me for some reason. I guess I’m a weirdo.

        But hahaha, I’m still giggling at Matt!

      • Ewwww I can’t even learn how to remove bones! YUCKY! That’s a man’s job lmfao. {in this house, anyway!}

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! The bangs look so pretty. Now I want to get my hair done again.. πŸ˜›

  5. “but I totally love them because they go with my red kettle” … AND YOUR CURTAINS! my new kitchen will have a few little red accents- i’m so excited to decorate!

    your hair looks awesome, love! we both got our hurr did this weekend- too bad we couldn’t go TOGETHER. wamp, wamp. i’ve been seeing the same stylist since i was fifteen and she’s SO rad. you’d love her πŸ˜‰

    also, i just read your previous comment, and picturing matt talking to the fish made me burst out laughing. you guys are so silly.

  6. Dani (Dansbury)

    That surprises me that you get dirty looks in the LCBO, I take jax in quite a bit (not that often, but since Matt’s often away, if I go I have to take jax) to the LCBO (or, well, the various liquor stores they have out here in AB, privatized liquor is so much better lol) and I very rarely get dirty looks. But, I think I may look older than you…? I don’t know people are dumb sometimes.

    oh well, you look awesome, and that’s what counts way more than stupid judgmental people.

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