Holy cow am I ever exhausted right now!! I’m at the holy-hyper part of exhaustion.

I kicked today’s ass, if I do say so myself. I woke up at 7am, got out of bed, got the little man and myself some breakfast and then got us both dressed. Before heading to the gym, I had to run a quick errand to pay our hydro bill. We were at the gym by 9:45am, and I actually found a parking spot up front! Usually, I have to park in the parking lot on the other side of the road – which I was dreading doing because today was freezing and it was my first day bringing Nolan to the gym with me.

I dropped Nolan off at the little daycare inside the gym and went to put my stuff in a locker. I was totally nervous about working out on my own but it wasn’t so bad! The only “bad” parts were not having someone there to distract me with conversation. I kept watching the clock, trying to power through my workout routine. My workout routine is basically 15 minutes on four of the cardio machines. I skipped the upright bike because my ass still hurt from last time and Matt made me promise I’d take it easier on myself. This is, after all, my first time exercising. I listened to my music and just zoned out, trying to get into it and enjoy the whole “working out” thing. As odd as it sounds…I didn’t enjoy it until I started to sweat. I did feel a bit discouraged by the lack of “calories” I was burning {basically 60 per machine, so only 180 calories}.

But at this point, I’m not doing this whole gym/workout thing to burn tons of calories and lose weight. I’m doing it because I want more energy, and I want to feel better about myself. This is only the beginning, after all, and I’m still a novice.

Anyway, so I powered my way though my workout and then went back to the change room. I was going to shower, but honestly? Public showers totally intimate me. I also didn’t have any flip flops. And stuff. So I skipped the shower, got dressed and went to pick up my little man.

The daycare ladies told me that Nolan was such a little sweetheart. He was gentle with the other babies – most of them significantly younger than he is – and didn’t get upset when any of the other babies cried. Most babies get upset when other babies cry, I guess. Not Nolan! He actually went over and tried to help cheer up each crying baby. How sweet!!! I’m so proud of my little bug! I definitely won’t be nervous about leaving him in the daycare anymore 😉 he’s a champ!

I decided to go to Winners and see if I could buy a sports bra. I forgot the reason why I don’t normally go into Winners: I freaking love it. I spent a ridiculously long time in the purse section, the home decor section, and the kitchen section. I found a lamp that I totally fell in love with and really wanted to buy but didn’t because I went in for a sports bra, but if it’s there when we get some extra money I’m going to buy it. It was royal purple with a light purple design on it – it would look great in our bedroom.

I did buy a sports bra, but I couldn’t try it on because I had Nolan with me, so I “guessed” on my size. I always forget when bra shopping that the sizes are based on waist I mean ribcage {I assure you I do not have titties down to my waist…yet, anyway}, not “cup” size. I bought a small sports bra. HAHAHA. I can’t even do up the damn thing. While my “cup” size is small, my waist ribcage size is definitely not. So I have to return it and see if I can get one in a bigger size. In addition to the bra, I bought two reusable water bottles for Matt and I and a plate with two compartments for Nolan.

Then I decided to take Nolan out for lunch, since it was already past his regular lunch time and running into naptime. We had A&W at the mall. I know, I’m horrible…I basically “undid” everything I may have achieved at the gym. But it was worth it; I love lunch dates with Nolan. He cracks me up!

After lunch, I quickly jetted to my SMIL’s to pick up some mail, then we headed home. I guess Nolan snoozed for the 10 minute drive, and woke up when we pulled into the drive way. Then he refused to nap – for a second day in a row. I gave it a fair shot too, but all he did was run back and forth in his crib and jump all around in it.

It really sucked, because I was so hoping to get in a nap myself before the girls arrived. But hey, you win some you lose some right? So I went and got my little jumping bean from his crib and we came out into the livingroom. I was so feeling lazy so I turned on the TV and laid down on the couch. Guess who joined me a few moments later?

I must say, these cuddles made up for all the frustration I was feeling for not getting a nap!

So, yeah, that was our day! It was pretty nice. It would have been better if I could have seen JD in person 😦


I’m getting a tattoo on Friday!!!


I’m so totally excited!!!

And no, you can’t hear what it’s going to be because it’s a SECRET until the time of. Except for those people I told already, you can know. Everybody else has to wait for the pictures 🙂



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11 responses to “WEEEE!!!

  1. WOO! i’m glad today’s gym event went so well! i’m stoked for you.

    GOD, i love winners soooo much. i haven’t been in forever, either. i do have to pick up a few new things for the apartment so i’m looking forward to that trip! i might have to stop in at winners after i go broke over at ikea 😉

    also, you’re sooo lucky to be getting tattooed! it’s been over a year for me, and i NEED to get another soon. i’m super excited for you, though! new tattoos always make me feel like a million bucks.


    • Thanks Elle! So we’re gonna have Ikea, Winners, and some museum dates when I visit? 🙂

      I haven’t gotten a tattoo since July 2008. FOR REALS. I was prego, then had a newborn and was bfing, then just was too broke ass. THREE YEARS! Holy crap eh?

  2. haaa. you said titties 😛

  3. I live in Texas and I’m pretty sure we don’t have Winners here. 😦 Sad day… I’ve heard it has awesome stuff.

    Congrats on getting to the gym. That’s a workout in itself. :-p

  4. duuuuuuuuuude, you KNOW i am stoked to see and hear about this piece you’re getting on friday….


  5. I used to do fifteen to twenty minutes on each machine, but found out from the trainer that you’re supposed to do at least thirty minutes (he said something about it being the point where your heart rate is on target for burning the most calories, or something to that effect). I still had to build up to that, though, because like you I was a first-timer. When I canceled my membership, I was doing thirty minutes on the bike, one-hundred situps, thirty minutes on the treadmill at a brisk pace, and as much time as possible on the elliptical. If I still had my membership I’d be working up to forty minutes right now, that way I’m guaranteed a ten-minute “good” workout. (Except for the elliptical, though; I find that one the hardest and can only do about ten minutes.)

    I miss the gym. I really enjoyed the time to myself. I’m so glad for you though, that it’s going so well!

  6. Keep up the great work at the gym! Landon is super good with little babies too. I was worried about it when I was pregnant with Hannah. Landon is always trying to comfort her as well. He kisses her when she cries. So good boy Nolan!

    Also Winners HERE sucks. But then I checked out the Winners up there (it’s up off Lakeshore right?) I looooooved it. Just like I love the Zellers there and hate the Zellers here. Weird.

    Excited to see the new tattoo!

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