Sometimes, quitting things is good right? Like quitting smoking. They practically hand you an award if you quit smoking. Or if you quit drinking, you get one for that too.

I highly doubt I’ll get an award, or even a pat on the back, for quitting the gym though. In fact, I can already hear y’all now, trying to convince me not to. But…I just can’t do it.

I went to the gym today, and was all excited about it, then nearly got into a car accident on the way there. Although it wasn’t snowing when I left, the roads were absolute crap and there’s always one person {aka me} who doesn’t know how to drive in snow. Okay, so it wasn’t my fault. The person in front of me clearly had better snow tires and clearly wasn’t thinking about the possibility that I might not have amazing snow tires, so when they tromped on the break and I did too, I didn’t stop as quickly as I thought I would. Luckily, there was no collision. But my heart was still in my damn throat.

Have I mentioned winter driving, and snow, terrifies me?

Anyway. We arrived at the gym and I dropped Nolan off at the daycare, got my stuff in the locker, grabbed my water bottle and iPod and headed out to work out. Only…I couldn’t do it. I tried all of my machines and my body just was not cooperating. I tried over and over again for 20 minutes to make my body cooperate but it wouldn’t and I was frustrated. So I grabbed my stuff, my kid, and I left.

And I want to quit. I am going to quit.

It seems like every time I go, I get worse and worse at it.

I’m not quitting my get fit goal. I’m just going a different route. I’d much rather work out from home, and pay peanuts for peanut results. I’ll be putting all this money into a membership and I can grantee you I won’t be getting the results I want because my body doesn’t work that way. At all. If I buy work out videos and do them in my own home, at least I’ll be more comfortable and I won’t beat myself up if I can’t do something “the right way”.

So, in summary? I suck. And I’m okay with that. Because I don’t want to kill my body. I couldn’t even sit on the damn floor to play Megablocks with Nolan! I haven’t cleaned our apartment since I started working out, because I’ve been so sore and exhausted. It’s absolutely disgusting. Even when my friend Bruce visited, the apartment was not nearly as clean as it normally is for guests. Hells, it wasn’t even as clean as it normally is for us.

I’ll be quitting the gym and buying a couple of workout videos. Suggestions for workout videos are most definitely welcome.

So far, today has been crappy. There’s still time for it to redeem itself though.

I also didn’t go to Winners because now it’s snowing and the roads are a mess and I’m anxious. I really failed today.

Now, I need to go clean this disgustingly messy apartment.



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17 responses to “QUITTER!

  1. i am NOT a gym-type of girl. you might actually (will probably) do better if you’re working out at home. you can do it while nolan naps, or when he’s playing… you don’t need to worry about driving conditions or timelines or any of that bullshit. you do what you can physically handle, and when you’re done, you turn the tv OFF.

    i got a 3 disc jillian michaels boxset. one video is yoga, the other is some legs & butt thing (which i mega need) and the other is the 3 day shred. i recommend the shred only because it’s like, 20 minutes and it’s an intense workout. so you’re not spending forever doing it, but you know what you are doing is working. it also depends on what kind of workouts you like! i really like focusing on arms and i’m really good at ab workouts- whereas (although my legs need it most), the leg workouts are harder for/on me.

    good luck mama! and don’t feel bad about quitting- the gym isn’t for everyone.

  2. Tina

    A workout video a friend of mine and I liked is Carmen Electra’s Striptease. They aren’t stripping or anything, lol, but it’s basically just doing a warm up and then doing a dance (fully clothed but they do show to take off a hoodie and toss it being sassy and whatnot) and it does work your muscles. So that’s my suggestion.

    I think the gym isn’t for everyone. I like the gym but I find it boring sometimes and I prefer doing things at home.

  3. I don’t consider you a “quitter” I just think, you planned ahead. 😉 Why put your body through something that could hurt yourself more? A little workout here and there at home, plus eating healthier will get you in shape in no time. You aren’t going anymore not because you don’t want to, but because your body can’t (at this time) handle working out…right? Is that what I am reading, or did I get this wrong? lol.

    I will love you no matter if your a “quitter” 😀

    • You got it right. And dad brought up that sometimes, when you workout a lot, if you stop you’ll feel everything worse than before and you’ll fall apart.

      In my case, working part time killed me and made my health suffer and made stuff {the wrist, the ankle etc} worsen faster than if I wasn’t working. So if I can’t work even part-time…well the lines are drawn lol.

      I can work out at home, because I don’t have to push myself. I’m 99.9% sure that if I ate better, I’d drop some weight anyway lol. A bag of chips a night basically kinda pushes that number on the scale up ;P

      Besides, I’m comfortable with my weight. Sure, I’d like to be more “toned” and what not, but Matt loves my body as is. He told me we’d have serious problems if I lost my ass lmfao.

  4. Some days, my body just can’t do it, either. On those days, I do what I can and then leave. There’s no sense in trying to force your body to do something it can’t. There’s also no sense in quitting just because you had one bad day, love! Try again tomorrow or the day after, and stick to what’s working for you rather than trying to force yourself to use anything else or go any longer. You can do it! Don’t give up so soon!

    • For the amount of times my body will cooperate {rarely}, I just won’t get my “money’s” worth. I’m better off doing workout videos at home and taking walks with Nolan.

      I’m not giving up on my get fit quest, just going a different route 🙂 we really should be saving for Matt’s finally semester anyway 😦

  5. tierney

    It’s so easy to get frustrated at something and think it’s easier to stop then push through when you haven’t yet set up a work-able routine. You’ve been at it for a week so there’s no doubt you’ll be more sore & tired because this is so new to your body. I really don’t think you should quit just yet. The daycare seemed good for Nolan and the exercising seemed good for you- in time you’d get stronger and not be so exhausted by some cardio. Good luck.

    • Nolan can have fun at the playgroups that I’ve been avoiding to work out lol 🙂 so he doesn’t lose out at all. I’m not going to stop exercising, I just think I need to do it a different, more affordable for our moneys worth way.

      But thank you!

  6. Aww it’s okay. If it makes you feel better, yesterday I was having a hard time doing the moves in my P90X workout and I almost started to cry. It just feels so impossible sometimes! I really want to lose weight but it’s HARD. The whole reason I decided to start working out at home is because getting to the gym has been difficult with the weather for me too.

  7. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. I’m definitely not a gym person either, but I was lucky enough to get a nintendo wii + wii fit for my birthday last year. The wii fit is good for light exercise, stretching and so on, and I use EA Sports Active for a really good workout (it’s amazing how much a video game can make you sweat!!)

    I can imagine workout dvds would have the same effect though, and they’re just a smidge cheaper 😉

    My boyfriend and I also do a lot of walking, bike riding and golfing which is good for the warmer months! Good luck! 🙂

    • I’m considering getting a Wii!! For Matt and my “combined” birthday present {we’re both June babies}. My SIL swears by it. Plus they have a lot of cute animal games for kiddos 🙂

      Thanks love!

      • Ooh cool, you definitely should! I’ve lost a very stubborn 4 kilos over the past couple of months (with Christmas as an obstacle) using predominantly the Wii.. and doing it from home rather than in a crowded gym is definitely the way to go 😉

      • For sure! Half the time when I’ve gone, there’s been NO parking spaces and no available machines that I want lmfao. So I definitely see the appeal of a Wii! Plus, Wii parties are TONS of fun!
        But we’ll be waiting a little bit for that 😉

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