I’m Bored. Again.

I’m bored with this blog, again. It just feels…blah. I don’t know what to do in order to bring it back alive. I’m too lazy to re-do the whole look ~ besides, I like the look. I’m pretty sure it’s just me. My writing feels dry and boring lately. Sorry for that.

There’s a lot of stuff that I’d love to write about, but I feel like I can’t. I have fears that writing these stories would open myself up to opinions and feedback that I frankly don’t want. So I remain hush hush about it, and reframe from writing. About that, anyway.

Winter is boring, and in turn I feel boring. We haven’t gone on any great adventures, we haven’t done anything miraculously fun. We mostly stay home, because it’s too bloody cold to go anywhere fun. Sure, there’s the mall, but it’s totally depressing when you go and don’t buy anything because it’s not in your budget and we’re on a saving rampage, so what’s the point? Our mall doesn’t even have a fun playground, or even a photobooth to waste time in. It’s just stores and a food court. Oh joy.

I long for spring, so that we can go to the park and actually do something fun. I’m totally dying here of cabin fever and boredom and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’d love to be able to jet down to visit family for a bit and just have a change of scenery, but Matt’s in school 5 days a week and I work 4 days a week. My only day off is Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of the week. I suppose I could leave Friday afternoon, and head back up Monday morning, but the drive is always sketchy. We have to go through several storm belts and I’m sure I’ve expressed my fear and anxiety about driving during snow storms of any sort.

If it wasn’t so bloody expensive to take a train, I would, and if it didn’t take all day to bus down, I would.

I’m missing my family and my friends, and I’m bored with everything right now. I’m in a funk that I’m trying to claw my way out of. Nobody willingly wants to be in a funk, it just sort of happens. Am I right?

I know the groundhog didn’t see his shadow and predicted that “spring would be here before we know it“, but I highly doubt that’s true. I wait for spring to be here every minute of the day…but it’s only the beginning of February. We had snow storms in early May last year.

Clearly, Northern living is not for this mama. But I do like this town…when it’s not covered in snow and ice and other winter yuckiness. And I am trying to suck it up. I know people {JD especially, or maybe only} hate when I complain about snow since I live in Northern Ontario. Snow is just a fact of life. And I do deal with it pretty well, for the most part. I like never complain to Matt or my family or anybody except you poor folks. Sorry about that. I know if I complain about how cold and boring it is here, Matt will feel super bad. It’s not his fault I suck at Northern winter living. Northern spring and summer living? Totally rad. There is so much to do here it’s a bit ridiculous. But there’s not really anything fun to do during the winter months, and the winter months drag on and on because of it.

This Saturday, I’m going to take Nolan to the EYC. Even though I find Saturday’s at the EYC to be extremely overwhelming {there are so many people}, I think we need to get out of the house for a little bit. So, I’ll grab a coffee and suck it up. Nolan doesn’t mind crowds, even if I do. And since we don’t have plans for Saturday, why not?!

Blarg. Sorry for being so dry and boring around here. My blog is beginning to resemble my hands! So dry. My hands aren’t boring but winter sure is.

P.S. Did I mention I am not a fan of winter?

P.S.S. I fully expect some hate-comments from JD for this post. But oh well; I’m sure she’s just as tired of trying to navigate snowy, icy sidewalks with a baby stroller. And the bundling up before any outing, no matter how quick.



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11 responses to “I’m Bored. Again.

  1. God I understand how you feel. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I hated winter before babies but at least I could bundle myself up and go. I feel so trapped at home. Landon’s getting restless a lot easier these days. Hannah barely experienced sunshine and fresh air before the winter hit. I could write a whole novel about how much I AM HATING THIS TIME OF YEAR! Ugh! I didn’t like northern Ontario living. I had a friend who always said that northern Ontario has three seasons: cold, fucking cold, and construction.

  2. dude- this time of year is the WORST for depression/being in a funk… don’t feel bad, a million other people feel exactly the same way about snow as you do (i.e. ME!)… i can barely handle ottawa winters- i have NO CLUE how you get through northern winters. to be fair, you can totally stay home if you want to, while i have to lug my ass to work using the BUS SYSTEM every day… but still, i can only imagine that cabin fever is just as bad.

    chin up, little lady. spring WILL be here before you know it and there are SO MANY fun activities you’ll get around to doing. it must be hard, missing your friends and family as much as you do, but soon enough the roads will clear up and it’ll be safer for you to visit them, right?

    again- MOVE HERE! hahah, the winters are way more bearable i’m sure. and in the meantime? stay positive and hope long & hard (that’s what she said) for better weather!



    • Get through them? HAHA. I bitch a lot. And I missed all of December’s winter last year {we moved up here December 31st} so somehow, it “felt” shorter. Plus it was an extremely mild winter, this winter isn’t so mild.

      To be fair, THAT’S why I’m bored LMAO! I’ve got no where to go, nothing to do. 😦 wahhh. Playgroups get super boring and annoying over time. What I’d LOVE is to have you around the corner so we could grab coffee and visit art shops and stuffs. haha.

      When the roads clear up, visits will be happening. But WHEN will that be?!? May? June?! Barg.

      • You know I thought that all of Canada snowed really bad but any snow to me is rad and ALOT because I live in California where it never snows and rains only a few times during winter. Is it so bad in Southern Canada, because Southern Candada borders with North America which is way cold, snowy, and wet? And playgrounds are totally boring especially when you have no one there to connect to. I put Hayden in gym awhile back so that he and I can have some socialization, but I felt even more of an outcast because I really didnt connect with any of the other mommies. I wish I had the money to meet up with all my blog friends and just have a day together. *DREAMS*
        you will totally get through this funk, the weather this year has been bad in America there has been so many snow storms records have been set across America, planes have been grounded, people have been snowed in airports for days on end, this winter has been pretty bad. Where as it rained more last year than this year, it has been way colder this year hitting a low of 30 nights and mornings (remember this is california).

  3. I know it sucks to be trapped at home all day with a little one. They get restless, too. Wish I had some more activities to suggest for you!

    Hopefully, there isn’t too much longer until the weather starts getting nicer for you.

    Maybe you, Matt and Nolan should buy a vacation house in Puerto Rico to live in during the winter. 🙂 It’s on my to-do list… we don’t budget for it though. Haha. :-p

  4. You should just write about what you want, regardless of what others think. It’s your space on the internet, if people don’t like they can simply choose not to come.
    (I hope that didn’t sound harsh, I didn’t mean it that way!)

  5. sarcastictee

    I agree you should write what you wanna write about. You could always just say, you don’t want opinions back about it, please don’t comment negatively on this I just need to get it off my chest. Or just ignore/delete responses that bother you. Your blog.. Your choices 🙂

    and the weather thing… Even Oshawa is getting annoying. i used to love snow… Until I got my car last year and now I can’t wait for winter to leave. i HATE driving in the snow. My car slides around so much. Visiting my friend one day I slid around the corner driving to his place (the roads in his town r awful!) and started bawling I was so scared. Spinning in an intersection = me done with winter!! hopefully we’ll all be done with it soon.

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