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Take THAT, apartment!!!

Over the past little while, I haven’t been on top of my “domestic duties”, so to speak. I know, this confession is shocking coming from me, huh? The one who actually believes in the 50s housewife mindset {to a degree, anyway}. But it’s true! I’ve been slacking, and then some! The soles of my slippers are caked in squished raisins – and that tells you about the cleanliness of my kitchen floor right there.

For the past week, I’ve been super lazy and tired. I think my iron is low – actually I know my iron is low. I don’t get nearly enough red meats, nor do I eat anything else high in iron. So I’ve been lazy, spending most of my afternoons doing nothing but cuddling up my baby boy and reading stories to him. During his nap time, I also nap…or have been, anyway. Our bedroom was a laundry war-zone, piles of dirty scattered about on the floor and baskets of clean stacked high to the ceiling. I was too lazy to fold the clean laundry, and thus didn’t have any baskets for the dirty laundry. Nor did I have any room in the baskets for more clean laundry so I couldn’t just toss it into the washer and dryer to get rid of it. No, that would mean that I would actually have to fold some of the clean clothes. I did manage to stay on top of the dishes, more or less. After all, we don’t have a dish washer and even at my most laziest moments I can’t stand having dirty dishes in my sink. So, go me for that at least!

Yeah, I’ve been the definition of lazy. Even my blogging indicates that, and that’s totally okay. We’re all entitled to moments {er, in my case, weeks} of laziness. I prefer to call it “weeks of rest”, thank you very much.

In any case, I’ve broken out of the fog spell and slapped myself upside the head. I am the one who does the majority of the cleaning {okay, all of it – although hubs does help me tidy up toys in the evening}, because I am the one that gets bothered most by mess and dirty things. I’ve mentioned thousands of times before that Matt does not see messes the way I see them. He’s blind to them. They don’t exist. The man will cook a fantastic dinner, but leave all of the dishes on the counter. I’m lucky if some of them make it into the sink. So, if I’m the only one who does all the majority of the cleaning, you can bet your socks that our apartment needed my love and attention. So this morning, I gave it just that.

A huge chore for me was the recycling under the sink. We have a little blue recycling bin that is supposed to be taken out to our big recycling bin outside when it gets full. However, our big recycling bin is currently buried under tons of snow, I’ve attempted to make Matt dig it out several times before but according to him “it’s frozen to the ground and if he tries to get it out the bottom will come out.” So, we technically don’t have the use of a big recycling bin. I keep forgetting to go to Walmart and pick up a new one {that will we store in Matt’s truck cab}, not to mention Matt missed recycling this week. {He claims it doesn’t matter, because he didn’t have anything to put all the recycling in anyway – since our big bin is, again, buried}. Trust me when I say that the recycling literally piled up to the point where you couldn’t even open the cupboard doors under the sink without tons of it falling out at you. And I kept leaving it, thinking that Matt would deal with it. Pfft, yeah right! Matt deal with a mess?!? Even with my constant bitching about it, it stayed under the sink. He kept saying “oh, I’ll put it all in bags and put it in the back of my truck for now”.

Guess what I did today? I put all of the recycling in bags and then brought it out to Matt’s truck and tossed it in the cab. Now, the cupboard under my sink looks exactly how it’s supposed to…like this:

And Matt’s truck cab is loaded up with bags full of recycling, waiting for the day when we finally get our asses to Walmart to buy a new big recycling bin. Which, if I have anything to do with it, will be happening very soon. I think it looks really trashy {snort, trash…get it!?} and I want that dealt with ASAP. While it brings me such joy to see Matt’s truck cab full of recycling, that joy is dampened by the facts that a) he doesn’t drive his truck during the winter so what kind of punishment is that anyway? and b) as I said, it’s totally trashy and I hate trashy.

So, yeah. That was a huge chore for me this morning. Plus I cleaned the entire kitchen and washed the floors {and picked all the squished raisins off my slippers}. Then I cleaned the bathroom and our bedroom. I’m catching up on laundry {nearly there!} and I’ve vacuumed the livingroom. Our apartment is slowly being restored to it’s original glory, and I love it!

I don’t know why I allow myself to get in lazy moods like that. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does the mood drags on and on and on. Seriously, weeks of laziness? What the hell, me?

I’m glad I finally gave our apartment some tender loving and care, since Matt would like to have his college friend, G, and G’s girlfriend over for a “fondue party” tomorrow night. I’m game because chocolate fondue is bomb! And yes, I know, I should have recruited his help because he wants to have the fondue party, but guess what? I’m sure I’ll be making him clean something in preparation for this “fondue party” – our apartment never stays clean for long!

When I say that Matt doesn’t see messes the way that I see them, I mean simply that. He doesn’t see them. If I tell him to clean something, he’ll do it. I know, the recycling was just him being super lazy and probably unable to see how or where we could store all that recycling without pissing off our landlords {he was thinking truck bed, I was thinking truck cab}.

The best thing about being a stay-at-home-mom is that I only have myself to report to. Matt is completely fine with messes. I, on the other hand, not so much. So the only person I piss off when I get lazy is myself. I don’t piss off any managers or bosses, and I don’t loose my job for slacking. So basically, I can be lazy and still “have a job”. It’s awesome. Plus when I’m feeling lazy and not wanting to clean, it just gives me even more time to read stories to Nolan and play with him. We’ve had tons of snuggles this week!

Oh and by the way, I found Nolan’s other snow boot…it was stuck in his snow pants. So Nolan didn’t actually lose it at all. Mom fail? Totally. Oh well, he doesn’t seem bothered by the misguided blame at all 😉



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Holy cow am I ever exhausted right now!! I’m at the holy-hyper part of exhaustion.

I kicked today’s ass, if I do say so myself. I woke up at 7am, got out of bed, got the little man and myself some breakfast and then got us both dressed. Before heading to the gym, I had to run a quick errand to pay our hydro bill. We were at the gym by 9:45am, and I actually found a parking spot up front! Usually, I have to park in the parking lot on the other side of the road – which I was dreading doing because today was freezing and it was my first day bringing Nolan to the gym with me.

I dropped Nolan off at the little daycare inside the gym and went to put my stuff in a locker. I was totally nervous about working out on my own but it wasn’t so bad! The only “bad” parts were not having someone there to distract me with conversation. I kept watching the clock, trying to power through my workout routine. My workout routine is basically 15 minutes on four of the cardio machines. I skipped the upright bike because my ass still hurt from last time and Matt made me promise I’d take it easier on myself. This is, after all, my first time exercising. I listened to my music and just zoned out, trying to get into it and enjoy the whole “working out” thing. As odd as it sounds…I didn’t enjoy it until I started to sweat. I did feel a bit discouraged by the lack of “calories” I was burning {basically 60 per machine, so only 180 calories}.

But at this point, I’m not doing this whole gym/workout thing to burn tons of calories and lose weight. I’m doing it because I want more energy, and I want to feel better about myself. This is only the beginning, after all, and I’m still a novice.

Anyway, so I powered my way though my workout and then went back to the change room. I was going to shower, but honestly? Public showers totally intimate me. I also didn’t have any flip flops. And stuff. So I skipped the shower, got dressed and went to pick up my little man.

The daycare ladies told me that Nolan was such a little sweetheart. He was gentle with the other babies – most of them significantly younger than he is – and didn’t get upset when any of the other babies cried. Most babies get upset when other babies cry, I guess. Not Nolan! He actually went over and tried to help cheer up each crying baby. How sweet!!! I’m so proud of my little bug! I definitely won’t be nervous about leaving him in the daycare anymore 😉 he’s a champ!

I decided to go to Winners and see if I could buy a sports bra. I forgot the reason why I don’t normally go into Winners: I freaking love it. I spent a ridiculously long time in the purse section, the home decor section, and the kitchen section. I found a lamp that I totally fell in love with and really wanted to buy but didn’t because I went in for a sports bra, but if it’s there when we get some extra money I’m going to buy it. It was royal purple with a light purple design on it – it would look great in our bedroom.

I did buy a sports bra, but I couldn’t try it on because I had Nolan with me, so I “guessed” on my size. I always forget when bra shopping that the sizes are based on waist I mean ribcage {I assure you I do not have titties down to my waist…yet, anyway}, not “cup” size. I bought a small sports bra. HAHAHA. I can’t even do up the damn thing. While my “cup” size is small, my waist ribcage size is definitely not. So I have to return it and see if I can get one in a bigger size. In addition to the bra, I bought two reusable water bottles for Matt and I and a plate with two compartments for Nolan.

Then I decided to take Nolan out for lunch, since it was already past his regular lunch time and running into naptime. We had A&W at the mall. I know, I’m horrible…I basically “undid” everything I may have achieved at the gym. But it was worth it; I love lunch dates with Nolan. He cracks me up!

After lunch, I quickly jetted to my SMIL’s to pick up some mail, then we headed home. I guess Nolan snoozed for the 10 minute drive, and woke up when we pulled into the drive way. Then he refused to nap – for a second day in a row. I gave it a fair shot too, but all he did was run back and forth in his crib and jump all around in it.

It really sucked, because I was so hoping to get in a nap myself before the girls arrived. But hey, you win some you lose some right? So I went and got my little jumping bean from his crib and we came out into the livingroom. I was so feeling lazy so I turned on the TV and laid down on the couch. Guess who joined me a few moments later?

I must say, these cuddles made up for all the frustration I was feeling for not getting a nap!

So, yeah, that was our day! It was pretty nice. It would have been better if I could have seen JD in person 😦


I’m getting a tattoo on Friday!!!


I’m so totally excited!!!

And no, you can’t hear what it’s going to be because it’s a SECRET until the time of. Except for those people I told already, you can know. Everybody else has to wait for the pictures 🙂


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Keep the Cute!

I have to fight the desire to stay in my PJs on a daily basis. Being a stay at home mom makes it totally easy to get away with it. Because we’ve been so busy with the holidays and just got back home after two weeks of visiting family down South, Nolan and I haven’t been doing our regular routine of coffee group, play group, and play dates. I was going to start our activities up again this week, but Matt has my car for work so, yet again, fun activities are put on the back burner and I’ve had no “reason” to get dressed. I say that with quotations because I actually do have plenty of reasons:

1. It’s nice to come home to a pretty, fresh & clean looking {and feeling!} wife. Poor Matt has to come home to a hot mess wearing his oversized t-shirts.

2. You actually feel better about yourself when you’ve made the attempt to look pretty. Therefore, less grumpy Jess and more happy Jess! A happy Jess is a happy Matt and a happy Nolan 🙂

Okay, so maybe I only have two reasons, but I think they stand solidly on their own…don’t you?!

So today, I put Nolan down for his nap and jumped into the shower. Then I picked out a cute outfit {cardigan a is hand-me-down from my sister-in-law: it’s from La Chateau, and the white v-neck shirt is from Garage} and did my hair and makeup.

INSTANT mood transformation. This morning I was feeling anxious and stressed out, and gross. Now? I’m feel optimistic, happy and fresh. I could feel fresher, but I lost my deodorant so I had to use baby powder on my arm pits. I’m constantly losing my deodorant, only this time it really is gone! Matt couldn’t even find it. If it were anywhere to be found, Matt would have found it. FAIL! So I need to add that to my list of things to buy 🙂

But anyways, where was?

Oh right, on feeling good and stuffs.

I don’t know why it requires so much energy and motivation to simply get dressed [when we have nothing going on, I’m fine otherwise]. I mean, if I feel THIS great after…why would it be so difficult?!

So I’ve made a few small goals for this week:

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Get dressed and do my hair/makeup every day.
  3. No matter how tired I am, always wash my face and moisturize. I am famous for just crawling into bed with my makeup still on. Then I feel totally gross! I’ve been making it a habit to wash my face before bed every night no matter what, and I definitely sleep better knowing that Matt won’t have to wake up to my raccoon eyes!

I also have a couple of long term things I want to do:

  1. Buy more cute outfits. I don’t even have to break the bank on this one!
  2. Invest in some more makeup and nail polish {since I have next to none!}.

I really, really don’t want to be a frumpy mom!

Update: Well, at least I pulled off the cute look from about 11am until…5pm…

Then Nolan decided to crawl up on my lap, knocking my arm while I drank a glass of orange juice. Hopefully that stain comes out…


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Facebook has made me develop a twitch in my left eye.

For two weeks now, my friends on Facebook have been unable to comment on or like any of my posts – status updates, links, even photos. They can only write on my wall. No, my account privacy settings haven’t changed – I even played around with them. Bottom line is everything should work like it did last month, but it doesn’t. I’ve tried to contact Facebook’s support department, but they don’t seem to have one. I reported this “bug” several times but never get a response. I found a “support group” called Friends Can’t Like Or Comment which is just full of people experiencing the same weird thing I am. Frankly, it’s annoying. When I post something to Facebook – whether it be a status update, a photo, or a link – I’m doing it because I want the feedback. So friends not being able to comment or like any of the stuff I post really takes the fun out of Facebook.

Apparently, several people [in that group] have been experiencing this bug for weeks now, and nobody seems to be able to get an answer out of Facebook. It’s really irritating. And I know, some of you are wondering why this is such a big deal – and it’s not, not really, but it’s incredibly irritating and frustrating.

So irritating and frustrating, in fact, that I went back to my old Facebook account, the one I decided to delete in January 2009 because I wanted to start fresh. I still have most of my Facebook friends from my old account (and am trying to re-add people I want), so it’s not like starting all over again, again. I didn’t want to do that. I would delete the other account entirely if I didn’t have so many pictures and videos I want to keep. It really sucks that Facebook is a lot like a scrapbook of memories for me, but it is what it is.

I guess the only perk from going back to my old old account is that I’ve found tons of old photos of me, and remembered a lot of fun experiences with friends.

Here are a few of them:

Outside my old house; JD and I were having a photoshoot, because that’s ALL we used to do in our spare time.

JD & I. I have no idea where we are, or what we’re doing. I look drunk though.

With my friend, Katlyn, during a random get together. Probably from early 2008.

Definitely early 2008; just after I got my lip pierced.

2007: the year I graduated high school. I look so young! It was only 3 years ago LOL! So much has changed…

2008: my 19th birthday: first time at a bar. I miss that shirt. A lot.

JD and I: photobooth love at the mall. Probably 2008.

March 2007: at a Blue Jays Game.

So, the flashback has been enjoyable, but I’m frustrated with Facebook still. The lack of help is the most irritating thing of all. The fact that this is still happening after a few weeks is just plain ridiculous. With all the millions Facebook makes, you’d think they’d be able to have a decent help department.

(Although, there is a theory that this is a Facebook “test” of some sorts…in any case, I’m not cool with it!).

After Christmas, I’m going to spend some money on myself and get a Flickr Pro account, then I won’t have to worry about losing all my photo memories. Facebook has shown me just how unreliable it is for what I use it for. So, Flickr Pro account here I come!

Facebook, you suck.

But I still love you.


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Flash Back Friday & healthy baby steps

Those photos were taken what seems like a lifetime ago, but are really only about 2 years old. Pre-baby days, pre-pregnancy days. I can’t even tell you exactly when they were taken, but I know it’s during out “early days”. We hung out basically every day, spending it all having long conversations about anything and everything. We got to know each other quick, because we weren’t affraid to hold back.

I love that we weren’t, I love that we were able to admit early on that we were in love. And I love that we’re still in love, despite all the crazy things we’ve gone through…accidently and unexpectedly getting pregnant, getting engaged, getting married, all before “most people” move in together. And the fact that we don’t even give a rats ass that we didn’t follow the “timeline” we were supposed to is just awesomesauce.

I love us ❤


Today is “day one” of my quest to get in better shape and health. I’ve actually eaten breakfast today: normally I don’t. Eating breakfast is super hard for me to do. I don’t know why, but it’s difficult to eat before 10am. And I know, this is bad. I must eat breakfast almost as soon as I get up. I’m working on a glass of water now, and I’ve had peanut butter toast. Not much, not that healthy either (since I only have white bread here), but hey, it’s a start! Karen said in order to not get frustrated and give up, we have to take baby steps.

My baby steps for this week:

  • Replace all my sugary drinks with water. Usually I’ll have several teas and pops or juice throughout the day. Now any time I am thirsty, I’m simply going to drink a glass of water. I’ll focus on drinking the “proper” amount of water once I’ve learned to replace all sugary drinks with water 🙂
  • Eat breakfast every single morning with Nolan. Usually I just feed him and I don’t eat until after 11. It’s not good. So, even if it’s just a piece of toast with peanut butter, I’ma gonna eat it!
  • Stop bingeing on junk food. In fact, I’m getting rid of all the Halloween candy we have. No more temptation!
  • If I get hungry at night time while watching TV or online, I’m going to eat healthy snacks, like carrot sticks. No more chips or popcorn.
  • I’m going to get out every single day for at least half an hour of activity (like going for a walk with Nolan).

So yes, my baby steps! I am excited to start working out, but I am pacing myself. It’s not good to dive in all at once, and I’d like to focus on getting all the yucky out of my diet and eating habits right now 🙂 then I can start actually eating right (cooking good foods, buying whole wheat pasta, rice etc). I left “stop eating so much cheese” off my list because that one will probably be even more difficult then cutting candy out, believe it or not! I cook with cheese in practically everything, and it’s got to stop!

I’m not sure if I can cut out my condoments just yet either, but that’s okay…it’s not on my “list” so I’m not discouraged. Baby steps, right?!?


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wants; lots of lots of wants.

I have been scouring the internet {particularly etsy} for recipe boxes. Not just any kind of recipe box, but a super cute one to add to my kitchen counter and make it prettier.

from here

I found this one and instantly had to message the creater because I so want it {or one like it, because it was a custom order}, only it’s pretty expensive {for me, at this current time} so I guess all I can do is put it on my “one day soon” wishlist, and hope that it’s soon.

from here

from here

from here

Too bad my wallet only has cobwebs in it…

{I’ll stop with the recipe box pictures now…heh}

To try and curb my I really need a recipe box LIKE NOW urge, I tried to find one at the mall today. I looked everywhere but nobody – not even the dollarstore, seemed to carry them. I was convinced the Dollarstore would at least carry some flimsy plastic ones…but no. How can I be a super pro chief if I don’t have a recipe box to contain my recipes? I’m constantly asking Twitter if they remember the cheddar cheese muffin recipe, and I’ve been avoiding super awesome recipe sites because I would want to write down all the recipes and put them into a cute recipe box that I do not currently have. ::Sadface::

But it’s probably best that I wait, because the beautiful Elle is making us curtains for our kitchen window and laundry nook, and I might be able to find something that compliments them 🙂

Some other pretty things I’ve been looking at on Etsy today;

from here

from here

from here {for the livingroom}

from here {for the kitchen}

from here {would make a cute gift for Matt!}

from here…this is a super want, hehe. You NEED a cake pedestal…don’t cha know 😉

Ok, ok…I’m stepping away from Etsy now, I promise! But I did learn something from all this; I want to get CRAFTY 😉 the first project I have in mind? Marble Magnets! My cousin Karen made them for me once upon the time, and I think they are so adorable and might make some cute gifts for the upcoming holiday season 😉


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House Tour; Our [messy] bedroom…

I was going to hold off on posting pictures of our bedroom, but then decided…why the hell not? I sort of wish to be done with this whole house tour, since I want to blog about other things on my mind, but it just didn’t feel right switching topics before the house tour was finished, yanno? So, our master bedroom…in all it’s messy glory…

Here’s where the magic happens…*winks* yes, I am THAT lame! I bought our bedding on sale at Walmart two years ago {I’m sensing a Walmart inspired theme here…}. Our bed is from Ikea and I freakin’ love it.

Matt’s dresser, tons of pictures, two photo albums of Nolan’s first years, a memory box full of stuff from my pregnancy and Nolan’s birth {I am a freak, I kept EVERYTHING}, and the HIM alarm clock Matt loves with all his heart and soul.

Oh lordy, there are no words for this picture…I have no excuses. Those boxes are jammed packed with things we haven’t unpacked yet because we have NO CLUE where to put them. OR, in some cases, because they should be tossed in the garbage but MATT WON’T LET ME. Also; our closet. 🙂

Doorway; hall and Nolan’s door.

Silly drunk camera. Why must you take the worlds fuzziest pictures?

As you can see, our room still needs a lot of work and tender loving care. Right now? I am too busy making the rest of the house look great, so our bedroom takes a back burner. But Matt and I don’t really care too much, since we only go in there to sleep and…well, yeah.

ANYWHO; thus concludes the entire house tour. I hope it was interesting!

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