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Take THAT, apartment!!!

Over the past little while, I haven’t been on top of my “domestic duties”, so to speak. I know, this confession is shocking coming from me, huh? The one who actually believes in the 50s housewife mindset {to a degree, anyway}. But it’s true! I’ve been slacking, and then some! The soles of my slippers are caked in squished raisins – and that tells you about the cleanliness of my kitchen floor right there.

For the past week, I’ve been super lazy and tired. I think my iron is low – actually I know my iron is low. I don’t get nearly enough red meats, nor do I eat anything else high in iron. So I’ve been lazy, spending most of my afternoons doing nothing but cuddling up my baby boy and reading stories to him. During his nap time, I also nap…or have been, anyway. Our bedroom was a laundry war-zone, piles of dirty scattered about on the floor and baskets of clean stacked high to the ceiling. I was too lazy to fold the clean laundry, and thus didn’t have any baskets for the dirty laundry. Nor did I have any room in the baskets for more clean laundry so I couldn’t just toss it into the washer and dryer to get rid of it. No, that would mean that I would actually have to fold some of the clean clothes. I did manage to stay on top of the dishes, more or less. After all, we don’t have a dish washer and even at my most laziest moments I can’t stand having dirty dishes in my sink. So, go me for that at least!

Yeah, I’ve been the definition of lazy. Even my blogging indicates that, and that’s totally okay. We’re all entitled to moments {er, in my case, weeks} of laziness. I prefer to call it “weeks of rest”, thank you very much.

In any case, I’ve broken out of the fog spell and slapped myself upside the head. I am the one who does the majority of the cleaning {okay, all of it – although hubs does help me tidy up toys in the evening}, because I am the one that gets bothered most by mess and dirty things. I’ve mentioned thousands of times before that Matt does not see messes the way I see them. He’s blind to them. They don’t exist. The man will cook a fantastic dinner, but leave all of the dishes on the counter. I’m lucky if some of them make it into the sink. So, if I’m the only one who does all the majority of the cleaning, you can bet your socks that our apartment needed my love and attention. So this morning, I gave it just that.

A huge chore for me was the recycling under the sink. We have a little blue recycling bin that is supposed to be taken out to our big recycling bin outside when it gets full. However, our big recycling bin is currently buried under tons of snow, I’ve attempted to make Matt dig it out several times before but according to him “it’s frozen to the ground and if he tries to get it out the bottom will come out.” So, we technically don’t have the use of a big recycling bin. I keep forgetting to go to Walmart and pick up a new one {that will we store in Matt’s truck cab}, not to mention Matt missed recycling this week. {He claims it doesn’t matter, because he didn’t have anything to put all the recycling in anyway – since our big bin is, again, buried}. Trust me when I say that the recycling literally piled up to the point where you couldn’t even open the cupboard doors under the sink without tons of it falling out at you. And I kept leaving it, thinking that Matt would deal with it. Pfft, yeah right! Matt deal with a mess?!? Even with my constant bitching about it, it stayed under the sink. He kept saying “oh, I’ll put it all in bags and put it in the back of my truck for now”.

Guess what I did today? I put all of the recycling in bags and then brought it out to Matt’s truck and tossed it in the cab. Now, the cupboard under my sink looks exactly how it’s supposed to…like this:

And Matt’s truck cab is loaded up with bags full of recycling, waiting for the day when we finally get our asses to Walmart to buy a new big recycling bin. Which, if I have anything to do with it, will be happening very soon. I think it looks really trashy {snort, trash…get it!?} and I want that dealt with ASAP. While it brings me such joy to see Matt’s truck cab full of recycling, that joy is dampened by the facts that a) he doesn’t drive his truck during the winter so what kind of punishment is that anyway? and b) as I said, it’s totally trashy and I hate trashy.

So, yeah. That was a huge chore for me this morning. Plus I cleaned the entire kitchen and washed the floors {and picked all the squished raisins off my slippers}. Then I cleaned the bathroom and our bedroom. I’m catching up on laundry {nearly there!} and I’ve vacuumed the livingroom. Our apartment is slowly being restored to it’s original glory, and I love it!

I don’t know why I allow myself to get in lazy moods like that. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does the mood drags on and on and on. Seriously, weeks of laziness? What the hell, me?

I’m glad I finally gave our apartment some tender loving and care, since Matt would like to have his college friend, G, and G’s girlfriend over for a “fondue party” tomorrow night. I’m game because chocolate fondue is bomb! And yes, I know, I should have recruited his help because he wants to have the fondue party, but guess what? I’m sure I’ll be making him clean something in preparation for this “fondue party” – our apartment never stays clean for long!

When I say that Matt doesn’t see messes the way that I see them, I mean simply that. He doesn’t see them. If I tell him to clean something, he’ll do it. I know, the recycling was just him being super lazy and probably unable to see how or where we could store all that recycling without pissing off our landlords {he was thinking truck bed, I was thinking truck cab}.

The best thing about being a stay-at-home-mom is that I only have myself to report to. Matt is completely fine with messes. I, on the other hand, not so much. So the only person I piss off when I get lazy is myself. I don’t piss off any managers or bosses, and I don’t loose my job for slacking. So basically, I can be lazy and still “have a job”. It’s awesome. Plus when I’m feeling lazy and not wanting to clean, it just gives me even more time to read stories to Nolan and play with him. We’ve had tons of snuggles this week!

Oh and by the way, I found Nolan’s other snow boot…it was stuck in his snow pants. So Nolan didn’t actually lose it at all. Mom fail? Totally. Oh well, he doesn’t seem bothered by the misguided blame at all 😉



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What have I gotten myself into now?!

Remember how I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a gym membership? Well, tonight I had a meeting with some dude named Derrek from Goodlife, to discuss the membership my husband forced upon me I was thinking about getting.

Seeing the workout equipment was very overwhelming, and the idea of working out with tons of people that I don’t really know isn’t exactly appealing. But, if I carry on the way I have been carrying on, I’ll end up as a fat tub of lard permanently stuck on my couch. Not cool, not cool at all.

Nolan is becoming more and more mobile {now isn’t that an understatement?}, and I honestly feel like my energy level could use some serious improvement, like 100%. Going outside for 20 minutes to play in the snow exhausts me, and it really shouldn’t. I know winter is hard on everyone, but by the time spring and summer are here I want to be able to chase him around outside, go for long walks, and just do stuff with him without feeling so damn exhausted afterwards.

So, I’ve signed up for the gym. I’m going to go three times a week to work out for at least half an hour each time. I am going to attend Bodyflow classes {yoga, tai chi, pilates} every Wednesday night and RPM classes every Saturday morning. I’m nervous about attending classes with a bunch of people I don’t know, but 2011 is all about going outside my comfort zone and experiencing things. I don’t want to hold back on doing things that I might love just because “I won’t know anybody”. For a few days during the week, I’ll be able to get out and do something for me, and have my entire family benefit {because I’ll have more energy}.

I will attend my first work out this Saturday morning. Matt is going with me, so that I’m not as uncomfortable.

AND; because I referred 10 people {who will probably be irritated with me for giving Goodlife their numbers}, I got a free gym bag and a workout shirt! WEEE! I win?

I’m excited about this. Just think of all the funny material I’ll have, what with me being a natural klutz 😉

I’m also excited about this! That’s right, I am now officially a contributor at The Wifey Blogs as my post is up! The Wifey Blogs is a website written by a bunch of women about all things marriage, started up by my friend Brie. A funny take on the good, the bad, and even….the hanky panky. Please go read my first ever post there and give it some love! Also; check out the other wives; they’re really awesome! You might want to add that blog to your feed reader too 😉

Also: here is a ridiculously cute video of Nolan. Excuse my voice, it was before bacon o’clock.


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But there really IS a 6 pack under these rolls!

Matt has been tossing the “G” word around.


He wants us to get a gym membership. Together. Not because he thinks I’m fat or anything, but because I’ve often expressed my frustration with my post-baby stomach.

Before pregnancy, I had what I like to fondly refer to as “effortless abs”. I didn’t do anything, and I had rock hard abs – despite the fact that I used to stuff my face full of McDonald’s and Dominos cheesy bread on the daily. Yes, hate pre-baby me, I sure as shit do now. Then I got pregnant, and WHAM. Now I have a flabby post-baby belly that I am too lazy to do anything about – other than bitch.

My stomach today.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I have cut a lot of crap out of my diet, and I’m drinking way more water. But I’m not exercising. Winter is making it pretty damn hard to leave my couch. I do get out 4 times a week for sure – when I take J down to her bus stop with T and usually Nolan {except for Tuesdays, when Matt is home in the morning, then Nolan gets to miss out on the walk and sleep in. Lucky kid}.

I think part of my issue is that I don’t know how to exercise. Seriously, I’ve never exercised a day in my life and unfortunately, that is not an exaggeration.

So anyway, back to Matt. He brought home some pamphlets from a gym in town and I was reading up on the classes. I’ve gotta say…I’m deeply interested in taking some classes. I think it would be totally awesome to take a yoga, tai chi, or Pilates class or two. Of course, my social anxiety is a barrier right now. The idea of going to work out classes which a bunch of different people is totally scaring the crap out of me.

But I was all ya! Self improvement FTW! a couple of months ago, so I really don’t want that to be my excuse.

Money could be a factor, but Matt is animate that you can’t pay too much for good health. He also added that they have a dietitian that helps you work out a meal plan to get on the right track with eating healthy – I could totally use that, because I am clueless when it comes to “healthy eating” and everything I cook contains a lot of carbs and other not-so-fantastic stuff.

So…I’m on the fence about this. Especially since I totally want to hoard every last penny we have after bills for my ridiculous Ikea shopping trip in April.

But…I would honestly love to have more energy, and it’s a proven fact that working out and exercising gives you more energy. Maybe not at first, maybe not right away but it eventually does. I love the idea of attending a couple of classes each week to help with my stress levels {I hear yoga is great for that}, and I’d totally love a rockin’ bod for this summer. Toned ass, stomach, and thighs?! YES PLEASE! I’d be hitting up the beach daily, regardless of my scars because people would be all like “look at how toned she is! Her body rocks!”

Erm. So, yes. I’m on the fence about it.

But I think we’re going to do it; since Matt is totally for it. Hold me while I shiver in a corner and cry with fear.

P.S. Here are some cute photos of Nolan from today, because I know that’s what y’all keep coming back for. 😉


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Steppin’ Out Saturday ~ 1.8.11

Nolan: plaid shirt & pants ~ Cheeroke
hat ~ Roots “England”

me: blue jeans ~ Bluenotes
black shirt ~ Garage Clothing
vest ~ Seductions

I’ve seen this fun little meme thing around, and always thought it would be pretty cool to join in. But week after week, I never got around to taking pictures or putting an effort into joining in. This week, I’ve been on a “get dressed and feel pretty” kick, and decided there was no better time like the present!

I absolutely love Nolan’s little outfit. There’s something about a plaid shirt on a baby boy that is just heart melting! My dad bought it for him for Christmas.

My clothes are a little older, of course. The jeans and vest are hand-me-downs from my sister Kate, and the black shirt I bought on sale for $5.

I need to seriously go through my wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes that no longer fit, don’t fit right, aren’t comfy, are stained or are “outdated” and start buying new pieces so that I can feel even better when I go out with my adorable family. I want to fit in, after all!

I’m also going to start doing this regularly, because it was fun 🙂

So there you have it, my first Steppin’ Out Saturday post, with more to come!


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Oh the weather outside is frightful

We’ve been getting pummeled with snow today, it hasn’t let up even a little bit. I have absolutely no desire to leave my house at all today, despite the growing list of errands I need to run and things I need to pick up. It’s just snows heavier every minute that goes by!

Our porch…covered in snow!

Snow covered road & the neighbors drive way. Some of our outdoor decorations (the wreath that is slowly making its way down the railing, lol)

It just occurred to me that we are leaving to visit family in Southern Ontario in less than four days. Four days. I still haven’t finished our Christmas shopping yet, or gotten the winter tires on the car yet (Matt was supposed to do that Friday, but his teacher gave him two more make up assignments so he instead worked on those). The winter tires will be put on the car tomorrow at some point (for sure) and the Christmas present for my brother-in-law will be picked up at the same time.

Then I just have to worry about Karen’s boys, little gifts for our parents and grandparents, and a couple more things for Nolan. I want to get him a few books (since I haven’t yet! GASP!) and a couple of Melissa and Doug toys. He loves puzzles, and stacking toys. He already has a few but you can never have too many puzzles or stacking toys, am I right?

I also wanted to bake goodies for our family members, but I’m not too sure if that’s a feasible idea or not, what with the limited amount of time I have before we leave. In any case I want to try, and I was going to run out to the grocery store today to pick up ingredients I don’t have. However, with this snow, that’s just not going to happen today. Unless I make my husband go when he gets back* from studying with the wolf pack**

This week I still have to pack and finish Christmas shopping – and braving the mall right now is a challenge, what with all the last-minute shoppers. It’s always crowded, especially on weekends. So I’m not really looking forward to that…

Plus I’ll want to super clean my house for when we’re gone. Which means I really need to get on Matt’s back about taking that box to the Salvation Army. Not only is it an eye sore, but it’s taking up TONS of valuable space in our tiny bedroom. SIGH.

Question: does anyone else obsessively clean their house before leaving? I love coming home to a clean house!

So, this week is going to be incredibly busy. I constantly worried that I’ll end up forgetting something, I just hope it isn’t super important. Like the presents. Or the stockings. Or Kevin the bear and the giraffe (if I forget his stuffies, Nolan will NOT SLEEP AT ALL). Obviously, to prevent this from happening I am making a packing list…let’s just hope I don’t forget to look at it before we leave!!

Anyways, here are some web cam pictures of Nolan and I from today; this is how we’re killing time! (please excuse the mess that is my laundry nook…it’s a laundry day***).

He crawled up on the chair behind me so he could point at the laundry shelf & talk about how messy it is haha.

He is just so sweet and funny!


Big Grins!!!

Then I taught Nolan how to take pictures on the web cam!!

He loved it!

Nolan and I don’t have any plans at all for this afternoon, and it’s glorious! I’m going to start dinner in an hour or so, and in the mean time we’re watching Christmas specials and playing with Tupperware!!! WEEE!

*It’s apparently really difficult to study with a toddler in the house, and I’ve been doing laundry all day long too, so poor Matt couldn’t concentrate. Plus I am NO help whatsoever when it comes to blueprint reading and Math!

**The “wolf pack” is Matt’s college group of friends ~ that’s what they call themselves. They’re really great guys, and equally as determined as Matt is to get good grades and graduate – yet they still manage to fit in a little fun. They’re also his work out pals.

***Seems like every day is laundry day in our house. Sigh.


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Little Miss Traditional

Yesterday, my wonderful landlady/neighbor/friend brought over a Christmas present for me, a book called Traditional Christmas: Cooking, Crafts & Gifts. I absolutely love it, I spent all last night going through it and picking out little projects to do. Yes, some of it is a little dated (as it’s an older book), but the best thing about traditional Christmas’ are that they don’t get old. I’ve always loved the look of a traditional Christmas: how warm and cozy it is, how it sets you back to your own childhood.

This year isn’t the year for me to go nuts on decorating, what with my husband in college full-time, so I’ve reigned myself in. A lot. Matt would say otherwise, but he’s in for a shocker next year when I break out the guns super early. Poor Matt: he’s really not into going all nuts with traditional decorations and Christmas related stuff. He’s a bit of a humbug, it’s just not his thing. He doesn’t mind setting up the tree, and doing stockings. He absolutely loves to watch Nolan open his presents on Christmas morning. But…decorating just isn’t his forte. He’d rather I not go nuts. He doesn’t like traditional style because, to him, it’s old. To me, it’s timeless. I love that you can still have homemade ornaments on your traditional Christmas tree because they just fit. In my opinion, a lot of the more modern style Christmas themes would look silly or off with personalized ornaments.

So, somehow, we have to come to a common ground.

Not this year though, this year we’re done decorating (save for the Christmas tree skirt – which I’m going to pick up from the Dollarstore). I’m more or less talking about next year.

I’ve already picked several ideas for next year. I love the look of ribbon in the tree, and next year I’ll find some ribbon that will compliment the traditional look 🙂

I also want to make a centerpiece for our table. I really like the idea of a wreath centerpiece.

I want to make a homemade tree skirt, too!

Of course: to do (most of) the little projects I want to do, I’ll need this:

So that, along with a new camera (anything that works at this point! Mine is dying slowly of old age…poor thing), are the two biggest things I want for Christmas (or Valentine’s Day, or my birthday, or our anniversary, OR next Christmas…).

Matt thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to learn how to sew. He’d be wrong: I so want to learn! I can see myself sewing Nolan’s Halloween costumes, and decorations for Christmas. I can see myself sewing curtains and pillows and all those silly little homely things that I never thought I’d care about, let alone want to make.

Since when did I become so…domesticated?


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Can it be spring yet?!

I know, I know, it’s barely even winter yet! We haven’t even set up the Christmas tree yet, or had snow fall that stuck around for longer than a day. But thanks to a certain somebody I’ve discovered a new website with plans on how to make all sorts of lovely furniture pieces and now I am salivating for spring when we can actually do the projects that I’ve picked out. Yes, that’s right…I’ve finally taken the time and cruised through Ana-White’s website and found tons of projects that I just can’t wait to get started with Matt!

If we had the work space, we’d be doing it asap, like this weekend. But we live in a smallish two bedroom apartment, and the weather is not warm enough to do these kind of projects outside (without your finger tips falling off onto the frozen ground, anyway). So Matt told me to wait until spring. BUT I CAN’T HELP BUT SALIVATE OVER THIS SHIZNESS!

Ten projects I can’t wait to start this spring:

Project #1 on my list: The Modern Farm Square Table.

Matt wants to add a few inches and make it just a little bit bigger, but it would be perfect for our little apartment! And, at $20 (estimated from the site, maybe a bit more in Canadian), you can’t go wrong! I know I could just sand and refinish our current table, but it lacks the character that this table would have. And how cool would it be to eat dinner at a table that you made every night? WAY COOL!

Project # 2: Basic Vintage Crate Toy Boxes

I think these are so cute, and a cheap alternative to the bins I’ve been looking at elsewhere to store some of Nolan’s smaller toys. I think they’d look adorable in Nolan’s bedroom or in our livingroom! (much cuter than the plastic tote he has now!).

Project #3: Parson Style Desk

Even if we don’t really need a desk, I still couldn’t help falling in love with this cute piece. It could go in our livingroom (underneath the floating shelf) or in our bedroom, underneath the window. Either way I can just picture myself sitting there with my laptop and paying bills! I think it would make paying bills a lot more fun! I would love to paint this antique white, and give it a rustic look.

Project #4: The Tryde Coffee Table.

Love love love! So warm and inviting 🙂 we’d probably stain it darker than this. Matt is a huge fan of dark stain; the darker, the better. I still want the wood grain to show through though!

Project #5: Tryde Side Table

Love this for the same reason I love the coffee table 🙂

Project #6: Storage Crate

I think a few of those would look super cute in our bathroom. And they’d make nice holders for random things too!

Project #7: The Cube Tower

I mentioned earlier today that I wanted to buy another bookshelf. Ideally, I’d want one in our bedroom…but I can’t seem to find one that would fit in the limited space we have left. This bookshelf would fit perfectly! I am excited to make it 🙂 we’d probably paint it black, or “rustic” black (you know, a little faded) to match our bedroom furniture and the stuff we will be getting in the not so distant future.

Project #8: Simple Stackable Outdoor Chairs

Come spring/summer, I’m going to want to sit outside more. And we’re probably going to want to entertain a little bit too. So these simple stackable chairs look like an affordable (and adorable) solution for outdoor seating.

Project #9: Open Toy Chest

Even if we’re going to make little bins for his toys, I’d still like to make him an open toy chest, with his name on it. No word of a lie: Nolan has a lot of toys and I’m constantly cramming them into an overflowing plastic bin or on the crowded shelves of his book shelf.

Project #10: Rolling Cubbies

The above image is from Better Homes and Gardens, but Ana White has plans for a knock off version for way less. This is really cute; I love the seating on top of the cubbies too. A little place to sit down and put your shoes on! Plus, this looks way stronger than the current wooden shoe rack we have – I bought it from Walmart and it’s already sagging in the middle. Nolan likes to climb on it, and it can’t support his weight – so obviously, it can’t support my weight. I would probably have Matt alter the plans (make it longer or taller or something) so it could fit more shoes. Never the less, I really love this idea too!

PLEASE NOTE: photos pictured above are taken from the Ana-White website.

I’d also like to thank Ainhoa from A Little Bite of Everything for suggesting the Ana-White website to me. I’ve found enough projects to keep both my husband and I busy from spring on and I couldn’t be more excited! Heck, maybe we’ll see if we could borrow Matt’s brother’s workshop to do a few of these projects sooner rather than later, hehe.

I’d also like to thank Ainhoa for commenting on my blog so I could discover hers! It’s a gem and it’s added to my blogroll and reader because I love the things she posts about; she has great taste! ❤

Let that be a lesson to all you lurkers; COMMENT! I’ll probably love your site, and I can assure you that I’d love to hear from you!!

So, what projects do you have planned over the next little while?


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