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An Announcement

I was going to keep this a secret for a while, but I’m terribly bad at secrets. It’s a proven fact. Especially about “exciting” things, I just can’t keep my flap closed. And since Matt is also having a horrible time keeping this secret, I figured…why not?

That’s right folks, two lines…we’re pregnant! Apparently, I’m Fertile Myrtle.

We decided in December that we were ready to add to our little family, so I finished up my BC cycle and went off it in January. Then we started “trying”. By “trying”, I of course mean we just did it a bunch of times, as per usual, and WHAMBAM. Pregnancy? Matt is going to buy me a Staples “that was easy” button and duct tape it to my belly, because…well, that was easy?

We found out February 5th, 2011. I went to a walk in clinic on Wednesday night and they confirmed it. I’m just two days shy of five weeks, and my estimated due date is October 16th, 2011. I am absolutely excited about having an October baby, and…dare I say it…but I’m hoping the baby will be born on October 21st, my dad’s birthday! I doubt that the doctors would let me go five days past my due date, but it’d be sweet to give him a birthday grandbaby!

I know that most women don’t breathe a word of their pregnancy until they are passed the 12th week point. The doctor at the walk in clinic was kind enough to remind me {every time he opened his mouth} that there is a 1 in 5 chance for miscarriage, and he was kind enough to tell me not to “tell everybody just yet”. Nice huh? Definitely doesn’t help calm my nerves at all about this whole pregnancy thing.  But the way I see it…either way, I’m going to blog about the results. I’m over the fear that telling people will “jinx” my pregnancy – I’m not even high risk for a miscarriage! Stressing about that isn’t good anyway. Besides, I spilled the beans about my pregnancy with Nolan just a mere days after finding out, and I was around 5 weeks then too.

We’ve alerted the troops {family} and some close friends, and now I’m alerting all of you. Deep breath.

I was going to wait until I was a little further along…but frankly? Keeping this a “secret” is pretty damn tiring. It’s happy news, so why not share it?! Not to mention, I’ve already “popped” a bit, and it’s already a little noticeable…

I didn’t look like that until about 20 weeks with Nolan! Crazy huh? I know, with your second you pop quickly so I’m trying not to get too offended by the fact that I can barely see my box when I sit down to pee and I’m only four {nearly five} weeks.

I’m super excited! This is our first “planned” pregnancy, but I feel as clueless as I did with Nolan! Seriously, it’s shocking just how much you forget about being pregnant until you’re pregnant again. I didn’t expect to be so exhausted {hence my lazy last couple of weeks}. I didn’t expect the dreams to start so early, either. I’m eating enough to feed a small village too. Thank goodness the nausea hasn’t set in! Although the smell {and look!} of fish is more than enough to turn my belly completely inside out. Of course, the look and smell of fish has always turned my stomach! Gross!!!

I’m also super impatient. How in the hell was I pregnant before? I’m impatient for my first ultrasound, to hear little bean’s heart beat, and to find out what sex little bean is. Boy or girl, it will most definitely be loved! Although I do have a secret desire for a girl, only because Matt says this is our LAST baby and I would like to have a daughter too. Boys are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m hoping for that little girl – the outfits, the girly things, watching her be daddy’s little girl…so sweet! Plus it’s due time someone on Matt’s side had a girl!!! But if little bean happens to be a boy, then so be it! I’ll be just as happy with two little boys as I would be with a girl and a boy.

So, there you have it! There’s my big secret 😀 our big secret! Nolan’s known for quite some time. He keeps rubbing/tapping my belly and saying “baybeee!” So cute!

I have a feeling the next 9 months are going to fly by.



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Cutest Little Cowboy in the West…I mean North

My awesome friend Caitlin and her husband send us a package today, full of goodies for Nolan and I. I’ve only pulled out a few things from the {giant} box, because I got side tracked by these bad boys!

Aren’t they totally rad? Nolan now has his own pair of cowboy boots! He absolutely loves them and has been dancing around in them for the last 20 minutes.

Howdy Partner! I’m just walking around in my super rad boots!

Need help moving this box, ma’am? I’m a cowboy, you know.

Rootin’ tootin’ cowboy boots!

Care to join me square dancin’ ma’am?

These are so fun!

Little cowboy heartbreaker {those jeans SLAY me! so cute! Also from Caitlin!}

Pleasure dancin’ with ya ma’am!

So, yes…cute overload, am I right?! I absolutely love those jeans on him. They’re from The Children’s Place and I absolutely love the quality. Much better than Nolan’s Walmart jeans…they are thicker and more durable. Plus, the belt loops are large enough for the belt he got for Christmas, should he need it {but he doesn’t because they fit perfectly}.

All he needs now is a little cowboy hat {which we’re keeping our eyes peeled for!}. Matt has decided that we are totally buying Nolan a Woody action figure this weekend, just because we both think he’d love it {since he loves Toy Story and talking to Woody on his Toy Story couch}.

These boots bring back a lot of funny memories for Matt. When he was a little kid, he had a pair of cowboy boots much like these ones {only his were powder blue, if I remember correctly from the pictures Kim – his mom – has} and he was completely obsessed with them. He wore them every where, even when they were much to small for his feet, and wouldn’t accept any “new” cowboy boots as a replacement for the outgrown ones.

I wish I had a picture of little boy Matt wearing his blue cowboy boots, because that’d just be adorable!

So thank you, yet again Caitlin, Matt and your sweet baby boy who has outgrown these awesome boots and clothes!

Note to my readers: See, my apartment isn’t ALWAYS obsessively clean. During the day when Nolan is up and playing, it’s a freakin’ disaster. Especially if Matt was the one playing with him while I slept in. Matt and Nolan = messes of gigantic proportions.

P.S. Today Caitlin’s husband Matt leaves for his deployment, and will be gone for a year. I don’t know how they both do it, but I’m entirely grateful for the sacrifices that Caitlin and her family make. It can’t be easy, in fact I can only imagine how difficult it is. So if you could send some prayers, positive vibes and good juju towards Matt and his fellow soldiers, and strength towards Caitlin {although she has bucket loads of her own}, that’d be greatly appreciated.

And Caitlin, I’m here for ya girly. When you need someone to chat with, or rant with, you know where to find me.




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Notes to Nolan {21 Months}

My beautiful little man;

Today you are 21 months old, which basically means that you will be two in just three months. In three months, I will have a full fledged toddler. I mean, you’re a toddler now – I guess. Technically speaking, since you’re under two you’re still a little baby to the world. You will always be my baby, to me, but to the world you have to grow up out of the baby stage. After all, your mama can’t be changing your bottom when you’re 35, right?

Speaking of changing your bottom…your daddy and I are thinking about starting potty training. Thinking being the operative word here. You already have a potty – a sit down one, but you haven’t peed in it yet and every time you get off it you put it on your head and wear the inside part like a hat. This might pose as a problem when you actually do figure out how to go in it…so I’m kind of concerned and wonder if we should switch to a potty seat, the one that goes on top of the toilet. You have peed in the toilet once and you liked it – it was before you got into the bath one night and Daddy noticed you making your “pee stance” so he picked you up and you peed in the toilet. I missed it, I was at work at the diner that night, but from what I hear you absolutely loved it and thought it was hilarious!

Another thing we’re thinking about doing is purchasing you a toddler bed. Today we went to Walmart to check them out, and you weren’t sure at first but then you had fun climbing in and out of it. Which made Daddy say “let’s hold off for a bit…” LOL! He doesn’t really adore the idea of you being able to get in and out of bed so easily. We’re in no rush to buy the toddler bed, because you are still very content in your crib. You go down so lovely! Sometimes, you put up a fight but it’s never for long. You’ve made no attempts yet to climb out, and hopefully {knock on wood} we still have a few months of no-break outs. I’m also not in any rush to put you in a toddler bed – it’s just another sign that my baby is growing up faster than I can accept.

You have always had a strong, happy, vibrate personality, and for that I’m thankful. One of my fears is that I’d have a boring child. Who wants a boring kid?! You’re so fun, so I never have to worry about that. You constantly make Daddy and I laugh with your crazy antics. Your love for books melts my heart – I’m pretty sure we read about 10 books a day, at the very least, together. I often catch you reading to yourself too, while you’re playing independently.

I honestly love watching your imagination grow. I love how you talk to your stuffies, to the cat, and how you make your little toys talk to one another too. You learned the last part from watching T play, but it’s still super awesome how quickly you picked it up!

Another thing that you’re picking up quickly on is talking, in sentences. You’ve been “ahead” of your age group in a lot of ways. At 18 months, you were able to ask me “Where is Daddy?” and know exactly what you were asking {because you only asked when Daddy was at school or work}. The other day, you said “I’ma gonna bite you” before attempting to chomp down on my arm. While this mama doesn’t enjoy being bite, I certainly appreciated the forewarning and I was blown away by how clear it was. I could understand you perfectly. I’m excited to hear more and more sentences and words from you, and to teach you more words and sentences!

You are also quick to pick up on moods. If I’m upset or anxious about something, you crawl up onto my lap, gently touch my face and say “I love you“. Then you give me a kiss and suddenly whatever I was upset or anxious about seems so minimum. You give amazing hugs and you honestly make me feel like I’m the worlds luckiest mama {probably because I am}!

I can’t wait for the spring; I can’t wait to take you to the zoo for the first time ever, and Daddy wants us to go to the Science Center too. Our spring and summer will be full of great adventures with one another and I just can’t wait! I know you’ll love both the zoo and the Science Center – you absolutely love learning and looking at new things. You also love animals! Sketch is one of your best pals. You chase her all over the apartment, just to give her a hug and a kiss. Yesterday, you dragged a string around on the floor for her to chase. It was so adorable to see you playing together!

Another good friend of yours is T. I think she might be your first love 😉 whom I kidding? Any female is your first love. You are such a flirtatious little man! But really, you love hanging out with T. When she comes over, you light up like it’s Christmas. You constantly hug her and try to kiss her. After naptime, if she’s still asleep on the couch you’ll come over to her and gently kiss her cheek, then fix the blanket. It is so sweet! My little thoughtful man ❤

So, yes. You are amazing. Keep growing, keep loving, keep laughing and keep learning. I know I’m going to miss every day that goes by – because you becoming more of a child and less of a baby, but I love every step we take together.

You’ve made me into a better person, and I thank you for that.

I love you Nolan ❤

Your mama


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New Years Day

Today was…fairly decent. There were moments that sort of sucked {like me breaking my mother-in-law’s homemade, one of a kind sugar bowl, and a silly petty argument} but the good moments far outweighed the sucky ones. Some small insight to our day:

Nolan; snuggling me. He rested on my lap & watched TV for all of…2.5 seconds! heh. Still, I treasure these cuddle moments! Even if they end all too soon!

Laying in my arms. He actually stayed there for 5 minutes! {he was getting tired}

Favourite picture that I took today! Nolan’s super huge grin, and squinty eyes. Nana was offering him some juice when I broke out the camera hehe

Cuddles with his daddy!

Honestly? I am so blessed. I know that, I’m reminded that every moment of every day. My son is simply amazing; his personality is so bright and bold and beautiful. He’s a jokester like his papa, stubborn like his mama and generally just a happy kid. By nature! Even when he’s sick he’s smiling 98% of the time. I love it. Even if he does test waters {um; A LOT}. Didn’t I mention he has his mother’s stubborn personality? Heh.

And my husband is pretty rad too. Sure, we have our moments {doesn’t everybody?} but Matt is very attentive to both Nolan and I, he treats us like gold and he works super hard and loves us to the moon and back and then some. So basically? I hit the family jackpot 😉

After dinner tonight, Nolan was absolutely hilarious. I wish I had taken a video of his antics! I was sitting in the rocking chair, and he kept backing away from me with a huge silly grin on his face and then he’d run into my arms and giggle. After about 5 minutes, he got bored with this game and calmly walked over to me. He looked up at me those big blue eyes and said “baafff???”, then started to take his pants off. He said “baafff?!” again and ran towards the stairs {Nana’s bath tubs are upstairs}. This is the first time he’s actually asked for a bath. Usually, we’ll start getting him ready for his bath and I’ll tell him he’s having one and he’ll repeat “baafff” but, like I said…this is the first time he’s asked for one.

And it completely blew me away. What a beautiful start to a new year! A reminder that my child is learning and growing so much each day. He’s looking more and more like a boy-child and less and less like a boy-baby.

His Nana lives right in front of the train tracks, so every time he hears the train coming he pumps his arm and says “WOO WOO?” and runs to the back sliding door to get a better look at the train. He loves trains. He got a small wooden 3 piece train from his great grandparent’s and when we were watching Chuggington Boxing Day morning, he grabbed the train set from his pile of toys and started playing with it as he watched the show.

Isn’t it funny {and completely sweet} how little things like that can completely blow your mind and leave you in an emotional puddle of your own happy tears? Yeah, my eyes well up every time he learns something new or does something for the first time.

So, yeah…many lovely aspects for today…but I was a complete emotional wreck which just seemed to intensify the not so great parts of today. But oh well!

I’ve got my hopes set on something, and I really hope that we can go. I am dying to go to the 2011 Winterlude. I’ve been dying to visit O-town for quite some time, ever since I got jacked out of my grade 7 trip. Our school canceled the trip because they were worried about tourist attacks, as 9-11 had unfortunately happened at the beginning of 7th grade. {Note: every time I mention 9-11, I pause and take a moment of silence for all the lives that were lost. It still breaks my heart that so many lives were tragically lost 😦 pause with me?}.

Anyways, so no trip for our 7th grade class, and my curiosity of O-town was sparked. I want to visit the museums, sweet cafes and the shops and all the other tourist spots! I even have a tourist guide 😉 hehe.

So I’ve made my wish very clear to the hubs! I think it would be absolutely remarkable to take Nolan to see those ice sculptures. And maybe, just maybe {if we really like it!} we’ll make it a yearly family thing 😀

Added to my list of goals: save enough money for this trip!

{Which reminds me: we need to save up some money to invest in some actual luggage bags}.

Fingers crossed! I SO WANT TO GO!

P.S. Since New Years Day is only for another few hours, I wanted to do this little thing I just saw on Heather’s blog, Being Myself Tonight: she wrote about things she’s leaving in 2010. I think it’s a fabulous idea; and I’d like to say that I am also going to leave the negative behind ~ whether it’s directed at myself or someone else. I’m going to leave behind any resentment I’ve had towards the people in my life, and move forward with those relationships. Basically; ditto what Heather said {except for the weight loss thing, because I haven’t lost any weight haha – although, I’d like to!}.

What are you leaving behind in 2010?


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Highlights from 2010

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? 2010 was full of amazing memories and milestones. There was some bad in there, of course…not a year passes with complete awesome, there is always a price to pay. In this post I want to highlight all the great {and bad} aspects that 2010 brought for me.

  1. The move up North. This was a terrifying yet liberating move. I have always lived at least 5 minutes away from my immediate family, so I wasn’t sure at all how I would do moving 4.5 hours away. It was scary at first, but I became more independent and self efficient. I still miss being 5 minutes away from my sisters and dad, but we won’t always be this far apart!
  2. My parent’s split. This isn’t one of those “good” highlights of 2010, but rather one of the things that has had a huge impact on me. I truthfully didn’t see it coming, and their split shook the foundation of what I knew and what I thought I knew, but I learned a lot from their experiences and believe that Matt and I grew as a couple from this. I never really blogged about it before; because it wasn’t my story to tell. But I guess it’s “old news now”.
  3. When we became “Debt-Free”. Thanks to our move up North, we were able to work off all of our consumer debt. This is one of those greater parts to 2010! We celebrated by buying a truck for Matt and getting married…which brings me to my next highlight….
  4. Getting married. Even though both of our parents were going through separations, Matt and I choose this year to get married and I’m thankful we did. I waited so long to walk down the aisle into his arms, and it was everything I ever imagined and more! I will always have the fondest of memories when I look back on our wedding day 🙂 it was perfect. The best part? We’re MARRIED! He’s my husband now 😉
  5. Matt starting college. I am so proud of him, he is doing amazing and just flourishing. He is learning something that he loves to do, and I love that he loves it so much. Watching his face light up as he talks about the welding projects he’s doing just makes my heart flutter! We are lucky that he enjoys the profession he has chosen so much!
  6. Moving out…again. At the beginning of 2010, we moved in with Matt’s dad and step-mom to get out of debt. In September, we moved into our first apartment up North. We’ve had two apartments together prior, but that was back when we didn’t know our ass from our elbows and were just “playing house”. Having our own space again is just…amazing. It’s allowed us to grow as a couple, and as a family. Sure, money is a lot tighter, but it’s worth it.

And then, of course, there is the every day things that I am thankful for: each day with my beautiful baby boy and my handsome husband, the food in our cupboards and the clothes on our back. Our home, our family and our friends. The opportunities that we’ve been given, both individually and as a family. I love everything about our lives together. I love the little moments that humble your soul, like when Nolan points at his Nana’s dog Bison and says “GO Bizon!” or when he tells me he loves daddy more.

2010 was amazing; 2010 taught me a lot about family, friends and love. 2010 brought so many beautiful and wonderful memories with my wee family. I just know that 2011 will be just as awesome! In 2011, we have these wonderful things to look forward to:

  • The arrival of several new baby beans! {not us, unfortunately, but hopefully we will be ready soon!}
  • My husband’s graduation from his welding/pipe fitting program!
  • Moving back down south to be closer to where the majority of our family and friends are {um; maybe. I’m back and forth about this. Matt will support me on wherever I want to go, but I love so many people in both towns! It’s a hard decision!}

As well as all the lovely surprises that will surely happen!

And of course, I’ll be blogging about it all 😉

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!!! ❤


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The AWESOME from today!!

I wasn’t in the greatest of moods earlier today, but then…I got a package in the mail! From the beautiful Elle!

She picked out these lovely beautiful vintage apple curtains for my kitchen window!!

Seriously, those curtains are so freakin’ adorable! I love the to death! Not only are they super cute, but they also warm up my kitchen and give us a little more privacy!! WIN WIN WIN! Elle picked them out just for me!

She also bought goodies for Nolan & I:

Bath-time body paints for Nolan (it’s paint soap! He can paint himself and the tub AND get clean at the same time!) & almond oil & avocado Avon Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner for this mama! All three of those products smell SO DELISH! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s bath night, Nolan is going to have a riot with the paint!

Elle also bought me some of her favourite plump and stay lip gloss from Avon! It’s called Plump Peach, and she described it as being the “softest, most feminine shade ever” – and she’s totally right!! I tried to take a few pictures to capture how awesome it is but my camera fails in this lighting. In the first picture I look washed out and sick, and in the second I look totally unhappy (and I’m NOT, I was just tired of trying to get ONE DECENT PICTURE haha). But, never-the-less!

I can’t wait to go out on a date night or out with the girls, wearing my new lip yummies! Plus it’s still on despite the tea I just finished and the chocolate bar I just demoloished…but I guess that’s the point of “plump and stay” lipwear, huh?

Yeah, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. I know!

Anyways, also included in the package was a 2 page letter that made me smile and giggle like a school girl!

I’m not going to share the fine details of her amazing letter, but it totally brightened my day!!!

I, naturally, decided to write her back! Nolan helped, of course!

I can’t wait to mail our letter and hear Elle’s reaction to my silly scribbles!

I really am spoiled, aren’t I!? My friends (and family!) are awesome!!

I can’t wait to have my morning tea in my kitchen and stare lovingly at my beautiful curtains ❤ weeeeeeeeee!

More awesome stuff from today:

Mah super kitty’s ability to somehow get ON TOP of the top cupboards and scare the shit outta me by pawing at my head when I’m making a tea.

Nolan’s new way of expressing his disgust/dislike…HILARIOUS!

Nolan’s new expressions for “no/disgust/dislike”, plus him saying “S’GETTI!” (towards the end)

My little drummer boy!!

Nolan demonstrating that you don’t need spoons (or hands) to eat your food, if you’re determined anyway!!! [note; I thought I hit “end” before saying “I love you” to Nolan, but I didn’t haha! Oh well, I’m sure it’s not breaking news! I LOVE MY SON, he’s awesome, and I tell him every minute of the day. Even when he’s being a stubborn little boy and getting on my last nerve!!!]

So even though today started out pretty crappy, and had some pretty low moments, all in all it was a pretty awesome day! I finally got some stuff off my chest instead of keeping it to myself, like I’ve been doing for the past little while. I had this…need…to avoid confrontation and drama, because I’m really not the easiest person to talk to when I’m upset about something, but because I let it fester it just built up. I’ve really gotta stop doing that. People don’t know if they’re hurting you or upsetting you if you don’t tell them, right? And you can’t get mad at them for not reading your mind…because unless they are Edward Cullen, they can’t. So, yeah. That’s added to my “Improve Pronto” list!!

Tomorrow, Matt doesn’t have exams — or school for that matter! — so we’re going to do some cool stuff together as a family. If it isn’t too cold out, we’re going to go outside and play in the snow. Maybe build a snow fort or something! If it’s too cold, we’ll bring some snow inside, and make a fort out of blankets and pillows. It’s already been decided 🙂 I think it’d be pretty cool to build a “mini snow man”! Of course, he’d probably melt fast…but still!

I also have to finish [who am I kidding? I mean start] packing and cleaning, since we’re leaving on Friday and I’ve sort of been slacking because I haven’t been feeling the best emotionally. It’s just been one of those weeks. I’m trying not to allow myself to stay in the negativity though, and I’m working towards getting back in the happiness groove! I’m almost there 😉 I’m still sad/mad about some stuff that I can’t change, but I have a lot to be thankful for…and only two more days before we head to Southern Ontario to visit family!!!

I’m going to spend the rest of this fine evening curled up on the couch with a book 🙂 Please don’t judge me that the book in question is Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (hence the Edward Cullen mind reader quote above)…it seems like I always fall back to reading that book when I have baby fever and I have no idea why. Also: I owe the library money so I have to avoid them until after Christmas, and THEN I can pay them back and borrow a few more books 😉

P.S. If you don’t know who Edward Cullen is, or Stephenie Meyer, shame on you. Google it because I’m too lazy to provide links! haha!


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Making up for lost time

I’ve been trying to organize my computer files, you know…get rid of the ones I don’t need, put the ones I want to keep forever in a certain file so I can back them up, that sort of thing. But I haven’t gotten very far in this chore, because I’ve just been watching videos of Nolan over the past little while. It’s been so long since I uploaded a video of Nolan doing something ridiculously cute, so I thought I’d make up for lost time!

Here are a bunch of videos of Nolan! I hope they make you smile, because they certainly make me smile ❤ my little man is a joy, a stubborn joy – but a joy.

Nolan, singing the “Chuggington” theme song.

Nolan, spending some time with his daddy!

You can sort of here some of his sentences here! ❤

Playing with the reindeer that came in the Christmas package from Eddie and Crystal!!

Playing with the reindeer again, only he burps epically 😉

That one is pretty old (and horrible quality, I think I took it with my BlackBerry), but I love his belly laugh and wanted to share it 🙂

I have been having a super serious case of Baby Fever as of late. I know, I know. BAD JESSICA, BAD! But really, he is so amazing and awesome, and I love him so much that I can’t be blamed for this. I blame him; and his awesomeness!


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