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An Announcement

I was going to keep this a secret for a while, but I’m terribly bad at secrets. It’s a proven fact. Especially about “exciting” things, I just can’t keep my flap closed. And since Matt is also having a horrible time keeping this secret, I figured…why not?

That’s right folks, two lines…we’re pregnant! Apparently, I’m Fertile Myrtle.

We decided in December that we were ready to add to our little family, so I finished up my BC cycle and went off it in January. Then we started “trying”. By “trying”, I of course mean we just did it a bunch of times, as per usual, and WHAMBAM. Pregnancy? Matt is going to buy me a Staples “that was easy” button and duct tape it to my belly, because…well, that was easy?

We found out February 5th, 2011. I went to a walk in clinic on Wednesday night and they confirmed it. I’m just two days shy of five weeks, and my estimated due date is October 16th, 2011. I am absolutely excited about having an October baby, and…dare I say it…but I’m hoping the baby will be born on October 21st, my dad’s birthday! I doubt that the doctors would let me go five days past my due date, but it’d be sweet to give him a birthday grandbaby!

I know that most women don’t breathe a word of their pregnancy until they are passed the 12th week point. The doctor at the walk in clinic was kind enough to remind me {every time he opened his mouth} that there is a 1 in 5 chance for miscarriage, and he was kind enough to tell me not to “tell everybody just yet”. Nice huh? Definitely doesn’t help calm my nerves at all about this whole pregnancy thing.  But the way I see it…either way, I’m going to blog about the results. I’m over the fear that telling people will “jinx” my pregnancy – I’m not even high risk for a miscarriage! Stressing about that isn’t good anyway. Besides, I spilled the beans about my pregnancy with Nolan just a mere days after finding out, and I was around 5 weeks then too.

We’ve alerted the troops {family} and some close friends, and now I’m alerting all of you. Deep breath.

I was going to wait until I was a little further along…but frankly? Keeping this a “secret” is pretty damn tiring. It’s happy news, so why not share it?! Not to mention, I’ve already “popped” a bit, and it’s already a little noticeable…

I didn’t look like that until about 20 weeks with Nolan! Crazy huh? I know, with your second you pop quickly so I’m trying not to get too offended by the fact that I can barely see my box when I sit down to pee and I’m only four {nearly five} weeks.

I’m super excited! This is our first “planned” pregnancy, but I feel as clueless as I did with Nolan! Seriously, it’s shocking just how much you forget about being pregnant until you’re pregnant again. I didn’t expect to be so exhausted {hence my lazy last couple of weeks}. I didn’t expect the dreams to start so early, either. I’m eating enough to feed a small village too. Thank goodness the nausea hasn’t set in! Although the smell {and look!} of fish is more than enough to turn my belly completely inside out. Of course, the look and smell of fish has always turned my stomach! Gross!!!

I’m also super impatient. How in the hell was I pregnant before? I’m impatient for my first ultrasound, to hear little bean’s heart beat, and to find out what sex little bean is. Boy or girl, it will most definitely be loved! Although I do have a secret desire for a girl, only because Matt says this is our LAST baby and I would like to have a daughter too. Boys are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m hoping for that little girl – the outfits, the girly things, watching her be daddy’s little girl…so sweet! Plus it’s due time someone on Matt’s side had a girl!!! But if little bean happens to be a boy, then so be it! I’ll be just as happy with two little boys as I would be with a girl and a boy.

So, there you have it! There’s my big secret 😀 our big secret! Nolan’s known for quite some time. He keeps rubbing/tapping my belly and saying “baybeee!” So cute!

I have a feeling the next 9 months are going to fly by.



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It’s someone’s birthday today!

Today is my best friend JD‘s birthday! She is 22 years old. I’ve known JD for a really long, long time. Like, 8 or so years. I was going to write a post on our friendship and everything, but JD already did that and I don’t want to copy 😉

Instead, I’ll share a few of my favourite memories of JD with you:

  • Going to the sandbanks with JD and my family, while I was {temporarily} in a wheelchair and having her push me down a hill and then hearing her screaming as she chased after me because she thought I was going to land in the creek or something LOL.
  • When we went “fishing” in the creek and my dog Morgan {who was a little iddy bitty puppy at the time} fell in the creek. JD, who is terrified of water, jumped in to save him. He thanked her countless times by humping her pillow whenever she slept over. HAHHA. Nothing says “thanks” like…nevermind.
  • All the times that JD would sleepover at my house to keep me company after surgeries, and we’d spend the entire weekend in the family room watching lame movies, drinking TONS of pop, eating ketchup chips, and going on AOL chats lol.
  • All those lame school dances we went to haha.
  • Grade 8 grad, and “sharing” a date because we sort of “shared” that boyfriend {as in, he courted us both SICKOS. We were far too young to even think of doing the nasty, let alone “share” the dude LMAO!}
  • Our “magickal” phase lmfao.
  • Grade 12 prom 🙂
  • When JD came up to visit me at college, and we got super wasted accidentally.
  • JD’s 19th birthday…and the hilarious festivities that followed haha. I still wish I knew what happened to my then-cell phone…
  • Glow in the dark miniputting {we need to do that again, biotch!}
  • The first time she met my son ❤
  • The text messages, FB chats, and Twitter @’s.
  • The thousands of laughs we’ve shared throughout it all.

Like any relationship, ours has had it’s ups and downs. We’ve been through a lot together, and we’ve had our fair share of drama. BUT, JD is like a sister, and even when we “breakup” we always creep each other because we care legitimately about what’s going on in one another’s life. She has a son now, and I’ve never met him and it breaks my heart that I haven’t. I want to scoop him up in my arms and kiss those chubby baby cheeks! I wish JD and I lived closer to one another, so that we could have sleepovers with the babies. I wish I could just walk down the street and help her out when she needs it, and vice versa.

Even though a lot of distance separates us, I still consider her to be one of my best, closest friends. I tell that bitch everything, even things I shouldn’t {snort}.

So, Happy Birthday, my dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful day. I only wish I was there to take you shopping or to get your nails did or something 😦

Miss you a lot.




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Dreaming of the day…

…that we can buy these lovely things for our home:

Ikea Stornas/Kaustby table & chairs

Ikea Malm 6-drawer Chest {for Nolan’s bedroom}

Ikea Sugar Bowl & Cream Pitcher

Basically, we’re saving like mad for the next 2 months and then we’re going to get all the things on our Ikea wishlist {including the Hemnes dresser and night stand I’ve been eying forever, some toddler dishes, flatware and “training cups”, and finally…those wickedly awesome “smock” bibs that Nolan currently has. He’s growing out of the ones he has fast}.

It’s going to be a super big purchase that will probably cause me a lot of physical and emotional torment, but…we do need {most} of the stuff on our list. Our current table is falling apart, and the chairs belong to Matt’s dad. He’s going to want them back this spring because he’s building a cottage and he wants his chairs there. I really wanted to get a table that we both liked a lot, and that fit us. Then I stumbled across THIS one. I know I said I was going to make a table, but I think I’m going to reserve that for when we have our own house with a huge kitchen. Then I can build a super long table 🙂

And I’ve been holding off, waiting patiently to get my dresser and night table {that matches Matt’s dresser and our bed}. Nolan needs a bigger, more kid/teen like dresser {since his drawers in his current baby dresser are overflowing}. The sugar bowl and cream pitcher are just tossed in there because…why not? I don’t like our current ones, and if we are making a trip to Ikea we might as well make it worth the while.

Basically, this is our birthday presents and Christmas presents to each other for the next bazillion years.

🙂 I can’t wait for April!

{well, I can…because then I’ll have a two-year old but I’m not ready to face that yet, thank you very much}.

Speaking of toddlers and stuff…at the beginning of February we’ve decided to purchase Nolan a toddler bed and “re-do” his bedroom. Don’t worry, we’re not going to break the bank on that one until he’s like 5. I’ve picked out a Disney Cars bedding set that is pretty cute, and more importantly…I know Nolan will adore it. I’m going to save all of the Zanzibar nursery theme…but I don’t want to buy the kids bedding because it’s pretty damn hard to find. Nor do I want to invest in the Robo Bedding from The Land of Nod just yet. After all, it’s for a twin sized bed and Nolan will just be going into a toddler bed. I also want to wait until he’s older so he can have some say in what we pick for his bedroom. For all I know, he might hate the Robo Bedding set and want trains, or cars or footballs.

So, for now…the Cars bed-in-a-bag at Sears will do just fine 🙂


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Pictures of Our Christmas Festivities

A little late, I know, but it’s better to be late than never! I love these pictures!

Nolan watching my sister’s dog, Amiga, outside on Christmas morning.

The two loves of my life! Both tired 😀

And again {I know, your ovaries are aching. SORRY}

My sister Kate and I, showing off our new house coats!

Watching the two babies playing ❤

Amiga: out for yet another pee break, and the babies 😀

I am very sick in this picture, and I look very large. BOO URNS. But my husband is handsome beyond belief 😉

Little man: having his sippy cup of milk ❤

Candid shot: mostly legs, but Shannon & I are shown with our little ones. I am teaching Nolan how to work his new Little People’s Bus! He loves it 😀

Eating yummy layered jello! {so want to try was good and pretty…when it wasn’t smashed all over his tray haha}

I’m really glad that we got to spend so much time with our families down here. I miss them a lot when we’re home. The only thing I would trade about this trip is the fact that Nolan and I were sick for a larger chunk of it 😦 I would have liked to fill that time block of being sick with more visits with the people we love best!

I also wanted to share these photos of my wonderful Granny’s Christmas dinner set up and decorations. Honestly, I idolize this woman…I was completely blown away by all of the tables {there were three of them! and our family is nowhere NEAR finished reproducing haha}. Her tree is always amazing. I hope that one day {if I ever get the balls to, that is} when I host a Christmas dinner, I can make my home look that festive and beautiful.

Isn’t she something else? She did that set up {the tree; obviously} well before we arrived. My Granny is super amazing, just ask Karen ~ we share the same Granny 😉 we’re lucky that way!!

{Also; THAT is the kind of Christmas decor I adore and the look I hope to achieve next year!!}

Another super awesome part to this trip: the “send off” lunch at Shannon’s house 🙂 all my sisters were there and so was my dad. Dad made us sandwiches and bought a New Years cake. It was a really nice visit before we left, and Nolan really enjoyed playing with his cousin. He’s such a ham, I love it!

Nolan has this new “camera face”: he makes it every time I bring out a camera. Isn’t it awesome?? I think so 😉

ANYWHO; this post is seriously exploding with pictures haha! And I’m not really done, there are still a ton of pictures I want to share from the holidays.

Also: I will be taking pictures of my new living room couch and set up 🙂 swiiiiiiing! This will happen after I organize the Christmas presents and clean 😀 {so, it might take a few days…I have a LOT of Christmas presents to take out of the box for Nolan – boy got spoiled!}

PLUS I got a crock pot and I’d really love it if y’all could email me* yummy {fool proof} crock pot recipes, I’d be very thankful because I’d like to try it out tomorrow 😀

*my email can be found in the sidebar under “about” 😀


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The Holidays: According to my BlackBerry

One of my Christmas presents this year was a new BlackBerry Bold 9700! I’ve been dealing with my crappy 8330 Curve and it’s many issues for months now {I’m sure you remember my rantings on Facebook, Twitter, and this blog!}. The damn thing was on it’s last legs, and finally we coaxed Bell into allowing us to take our system upgrade now instead of in August. Anyways, I absolutely love my Bold! It works like a dream and the camera on it is amazing; way better than my current camera!

New BlackBerry, new case! LOVE IT.

I didn’t really take a bunch of pictures over the holidays, since I was feeling under the weather and didn’t want to do much of anything 😦 I know, I suck. But I did click these adorable photos with my handy BlackBerry!

Sleepy boy!! Falling asleep during lunch. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks…

He’s deeply amused by my hilarious jokes. CLEARLY.

This is the chair Nolan has claimed at Nana’s house 🙂

Hanging out with the uncles!

Watching Thomas!! Nolan loves train shows!

The iPhone brothers. This is how they spent Christmas Eve…playing Bridge Builder or whatever it’s called.

Cousin love! {taken with JoJo’s BlackBerry!}

Nolan’s stocking WOULD have been stellar if I had done it WEEKS ago and not ON Christmas Eve 😦 it didn’t dry at all.

Christmas morning: Nolan came downstairs and spotted this unwrapped gift from Santa & said “OOO, what’s this?!” T’was priceless.

Christmas at Auntie Shannon’s! PJ party! WOO!

Cousins ❤

Exhausted Daddy & son!

Watching Uncle Kevin and Rocky the puppy in the back yard!

Board games with the sisters during kiddo nap time! ❤

Aww ❤

Auntie Kate & her nephews!

Corningware dishes from Kim & Kent! YAY!

Nolan wearing the England sweater and hat from Aunt Stella & Uncle Dale

KAREN & I! I look deadly ill. Probably cause I am. hah

Nolan was eager for Christmas eats! 😉 {absolutely LOVE this outfit}

It’s a baby in a box!

Tired after all the Christmas festivities 😀

So yeah, I super sucked with pictures but I got quite a few randoms at least 😀

Highlights from the last two weeks:

  • Getting to spend tons of time with my sisters, my dad, and my little nephew.
  • Seeing Nolan’s face Christmas morning.
  • Laughter and jokes with the fam jam.
  • Seeing the babies play together!
  • Watching my dad get to spend time with Nolan 🙂
  • Granny’s turkey dinner!
  • That yummy multi-coloured jello that was amazing. {in fact, I want some now!}
  • Getting a new BlackBerry!
  • Seeing some friends I haven’t seen in a while.
  • Eating my weight in cheesy garlic bread.

So, yeah! Despite the illness: I’m thankful for the memories this holiday has provided me with ❤


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The AWESOME from today!!

I wasn’t in the greatest of moods earlier today, but then…I got a package in the mail! From the beautiful Elle!

She picked out these lovely beautiful vintage apple curtains for my kitchen window!!

Seriously, those curtains are so freakin’ adorable! I love the to death! Not only are they super cute, but they also warm up my kitchen and give us a little more privacy!! WIN WIN WIN! Elle picked them out just for me!

She also bought goodies for Nolan & I:

Bath-time body paints for Nolan (it’s paint soap! He can paint himself and the tub AND get clean at the same time!) & almond oil & avocado Avon Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner for this mama! All three of those products smell SO DELISH! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s bath night, Nolan is going to have a riot with the paint!

Elle also bought me some of her favourite plump and stay lip gloss from Avon! It’s called Plump Peach, and she described it as being the “softest, most feminine shade ever” – and she’s totally right!! I tried to take a few pictures to capture how awesome it is but my camera fails in this lighting. In the first picture I look washed out and sick, and in the second I look totally unhappy (and I’m NOT, I was just tired of trying to get ONE DECENT PICTURE haha). But, never-the-less!

I can’t wait to go out on a date night or out with the girls, wearing my new lip yummies! Plus it’s still on despite the tea I just finished and the chocolate bar I just demoloished…but I guess that’s the point of “plump and stay” lipwear, huh?

Yeah, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. I know!

Anyways, also included in the package was a 2 page letter that made me smile and giggle like a school girl!

I’m not going to share the fine details of her amazing letter, but it totally brightened my day!!!

I, naturally, decided to write her back! Nolan helped, of course!

I can’t wait to mail our letter and hear Elle’s reaction to my silly scribbles!

I really am spoiled, aren’t I!? My friends (and family!) are awesome!!

I can’t wait to have my morning tea in my kitchen and stare lovingly at my beautiful curtains ❤ weeeeeeeeee!

More awesome stuff from today:

Mah super kitty’s ability to somehow get ON TOP of the top cupboards and scare the shit outta me by pawing at my head when I’m making a tea.

Nolan’s new way of expressing his disgust/dislike…HILARIOUS!

Nolan’s new expressions for “no/disgust/dislike”, plus him saying “S’GETTI!” (towards the end)

My little drummer boy!!

Nolan demonstrating that you don’t need spoons (or hands) to eat your food, if you’re determined anyway!!! [note; I thought I hit “end” before saying “I love you” to Nolan, but I didn’t haha! Oh well, I’m sure it’s not breaking news! I LOVE MY SON, he’s awesome, and I tell him every minute of the day. Even when he’s being a stubborn little boy and getting on my last nerve!!!]

So even though today started out pretty crappy, and had some pretty low moments, all in all it was a pretty awesome day! I finally got some stuff off my chest instead of keeping it to myself, like I’ve been doing for the past little while. I had this…need…to avoid confrontation and drama, because I’m really not the easiest person to talk to when I’m upset about something, but because I let it fester it just built up. I’ve really gotta stop doing that. People don’t know if they’re hurting you or upsetting you if you don’t tell them, right? And you can’t get mad at them for not reading your mind…because unless they are Edward Cullen, they can’t. So, yeah. That’s added to my “Improve Pronto” list!!

Tomorrow, Matt doesn’t have exams — or school for that matter! — so we’re going to do some cool stuff together as a family. If it isn’t too cold out, we’re going to go outside and play in the snow. Maybe build a snow fort or something! If it’s too cold, we’ll bring some snow inside, and make a fort out of blankets and pillows. It’s already been decided 🙂 I think it’d be pretty cool to build a “mini snow man”! Of course, he’d probably melt fast…but still!

I also have to finish [who am I kidding? I mean start] packing and cleaning, since we’re leaving on Friday and I’ve sort of been slacking because I haven’t been feeling the best emotionally. It’s just been one of those weeks. I’m trying not to allow myself to stay in the negativity though, and I’m working towards getting back in the happiness groove! I’m almost there 😉 I’m still sad/mad about some stuff that I can’t change, but I have a lot to be thankful for…and only two more days before we head to Southern Ontario to visit family!!!

I’m going to spend the rest of this fine evening curled up on the couch with a book 🙂 Please don’t judge me that the book in question is Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (hence the Edward Cullen mind reader quote above)…it seems like I always fall back to reading that book when I have baby fever and I have no idea why. Also: I owe the library money so I have to avoid them until after Christmas, and THEN I can pay them back and borrow a few more books 😉

P.S. If you don’t know who Edward Cullen is, or Stephenie Meyer, shame on you. Google it because I’m too lazy to provide links! haha!


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A Lifetime of Happiness

I received the most wonderful package today in the mail, from my good friend Mandy. I eagerly opened up the package and pulled out the little note, grinning like a fool as I read what she had to say (and giggling at her little P.S. Smarties are cooler than Rockets 😛). She made us a beautiful photo book of our special day!

I’m not gonna lie, I was so thrilled with it I started to cry – happy tears, of course! She did such a beautiful job on it!

The photo book with the American Smarties Mandy sent us! (Matt doesn’t get any, cause HE drank all my cherry Dr. Pepper)

The first page!!!

Getting ready 🙂

Getting dressed 🙂

Photos from the ceremony with our vows and my wedding flowers!!

Love it. ALL.

“A Lifetime of Happiness”

Didn’t she do an amazing job? She captivated the entire essence of our wedding. I love this photo book, so much. I’m so spoiled by Mandy; not only did she do a wonderful job as the photographer at our wedding, but she’s gone above and beyond everything I expected! A photo book? I am the luckiest girl in the world 🙂

And the Smarties are pretty fantastic, too 😉

Mandy: you rock. Seriously! I couldn’t ask for a better friend!

(And anybody in the Michigan area looking for a good photographer, I totally suggest Mandy and then some. She’s awesome!!!)

Dear Mandy: why can’t we live closer to each other? 🙂

Photography by Mandy Getschman


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