Nolan’s Nursery Tour

This is Nolan’s 5th bedroom, I honestly cannot believe we’ve moved around that much since he was born, but it’s true. His first bedroom {in our first apartment, back when he was a newborn} was a tiny closet sized bedroom with no window, closet, or vent so he didn’t spend a hell of a lot of time in there. He stayed with us, in our bedroom. His second bedroom was much better, large with a closet, a huge window, and a vent. His third bedroom was a slight downsize but still had a huge window and closet. His fourth bedroom was huge and I put a lot of effort into it.

His 5th bedroom is my favourite though – I know I said that about the fourth bedroom, but this one is by far my favourite, probably because it’s in our own place. It was already painted before we moved in, and it’s not a colour I would have chosen but somehow? It all ties in together perfectly! Nolan loves his bedroom, and I have sort of made it into a playroom too. He plays in his bedroom and our livingroom and is happy as a clam in our new home!

Here are some pictures of Nolan’s bedroom. Sorry that they are blurry! I can’t seem to find my ‘good’ camera’s charger, so it’s dead in my junk drawer right now and I had to use my video camera {which takes awesome videos but always seems to blur the pictures}.

The view into Nolan’s bedroom for the hallway. I love the rug; it matches his bedroom perfectly!

Nolan’s crib, dresser, and my makeshift ‘diaper station’ – high out of his reach. Baby powder on the floors is NOT fun to clean up…

Just a pretty collection of knick knacks. Blue piggy bank was from my Granny & Papa; the ‘someone special’ heart used to be in my bedroom when I was younger. The Beatrix Potter Petter rabbit ‘N’ is one of my favourite little things Nolan has, my Granny – his Great Granny – bought it for him last Christmas. I love Beatrix Potter illustrations! They are the cutest 🙂

Nolan’s bookshelf! I have to put away those books about 50 times a day it seems. Luckily Nolan is starting to help clean up finally. He knows how to, he just prefers to make a mess…lol.

Nolan’s bookshelf, dump truck, and closet door!

Nolan’s change pad table. I used to be able to keep all his diapers, wipes, powders, creams etc on the shelves…but someone discovered how fun it is to open said powders, creams, & wipes and dump them on the floor. And toss the diapers around. It was one not so hot mess.

In order to avoid a mess, I’ve started keeping all of Nolan’s diapers in a cute little basket {that Karen gave to me} and his powders and creams on top of the dresser, where my little man can’t reach them. Also there; a basket full of stuffed animals 🙂

The Ikea floating shelf Matt finally put up for me! On it: a family photograph of the three of us, a tiger stuffed animal, a wooden Zebra {from Vested Interest}, a giraffe stuffed animal, a little music box and a photo I printed off Feed Your Soul.

This rug completes the room and makes it feel warmer; Matt bought it on sale from Walmart. In the corner there is Nolan’s lovely Babies R Us shelving unit, full of all his Mega Blocks. He loves dumping them all over his floor and building tall towers with his daddy!

And there you have it! Nolan’s {5th} bedroom 🙂 I will be adding a few more decorations before it’s complete {one being a large collage picture on the empty wall that his crib headboard is against} but there it is in all it’s glory now 🙂



7 responses to “Nolan’s Nursery Tour

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  2. Awww – I love it! It looks safe, warm and inviting!!

  3. Blaine

    I love it. 🙂 Especially the little heart that used to be in your room growing up. That’s awesome. 🙂

    Really love the carpet, we are going to need one for Eric’s room when we switch him to his ‘big boy room’, since the baby will have to be in the nursery.

    I honestly don’t get the fascination with diapers! And wipes! And tissues, for that matter…

    I have to put them all up, too. lol

  4. Definitely a beautiful room! I too have had to put the diapers, wipes, etc high out of my 20 month old’s reach. With all the toys we get them it’s hard to imagine why things like diapers become so interesting.

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