Who We Be

Mewe covered that, remember?

Matt/Hubs – my soulmate, my love, the father of my son. He’s amazing, he always kisses me before he leaves for work in the morning and he holds me until we both fall asleep every night. He spoils the hell out of me, and I’m lucky. Sometimes, I rant about him because ::gasp!:: just like everyone else, Hubs has some less desirable traits [note; leaving his FINGERNAIL/TOENAIL clippings all around the house, on the coffee table, the end tables, the DINING ROOM table, and so on and so forth], but I know that as far as men go; I found a great one. [note; now if only I could train him to put fingernail and toenail clippings IN THE GARBAGE…]

Nolan/N – our son. Our beautiful, intelligent son. Born April 23rd, 2009…you can read about his birth story here.

Sketch/Pysco Kitty – the cat. The horrible, horrible, evil cat that has taken to using the house plants as cat boxes. The cat that rarely has a nice moment, and when she does she’s just annoying about it [note; she climbs ALL OVER YOU, demanding attention, when you are in the middle of something else…like feeding the baby, or doing dishes, etc. Cat has THE WORST timing].

Shannon/S – my oldest sister; married and mother to my nephew, Xman

Kate/K – another sister; 13 months older than me.

Josephine/Jo-Jo – my youngest sister, 3 years younger.

JDC – otherwise referred to as “step MIL”; we live with her. She saves us tons of money on rent and other household expenses. She’s also my live-in babysitter should I want to go out [note; this is rare, trust me].

…more to be added, over time.


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